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Media Presenters

A Sunday Hike by ScumTrust Productions

An afternoon walk takes a hiker deep into unknown woods and unknown magic. 13-minute silent short film.

Conversations and Cocktales (a sex POTcast for your listening pleasures) w/ blunt. (The Podcast)

Structured open discussion, mixer/social. Will have everyone anonymously submit questions/topics each submission will be picked randomly by audience member (creating a very engaging and interactive space).

Love Thy Body + Being Comfortable Nude on Camera w/ Sky Wind

This class is to help people of all shapes and sizes feel more comfortable in the skin they are in and preps them to be around people or pose on camera. It is our hope through this class people will break free of social stigmas, body positive issues, and psychological self doubt. Posing nude or being nude on camera, in class or in front of people can be challenging and intimidating. Discover new techniques that help you be more confident naked and more creative in the process. Ideal for: naturalist, amateur/professional models, sex workers, dancers, transitioning people, recovering trauma victims, self esteem booster, body positive people, art enthusiast of all types. 

Pass Me The Mic: A BIPOC Sex Podcaster Workshop w/ Cameron Glover

There's no shortage of sex podcasts, but when it comes to shows hosted by BIPOC, there are far and few in between... so we're going to change that. This workshop is for BIPOC that are curious about stepping into the world of sex podcasting, but doesn't know where to start. We'll go through the key elements you'll need to host a sexuality podcast you can be proud of, including:
*Why podcasting works for sex educators
*Finding your niche (beyond your identity)
*Equipment and software
*Finding guests & building community...and more!


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