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Welcome to our 9th annual conference!

This conference would be in-person and we will not be doing a hybrid conference. However, we will be recording some sessions to be available on our site after the con. 

Our Theme: Body Love

“Radical self-love summons us to be our most expansive selves, knowing that the more unflinchingly powerful we allow ourselves to be, the more unflinchingly powerful others feel capable of being. Our unapologetic embrace of our bodies gives others permission to unapologetically embrace theirs.” – Sonya Renee Taylor


Inspired by #SDSCon22’s naked parade through the halls and all the lovely beautiful bodies that we saw, we found it perfectly fitting that #SDSCon23’s theme encompass all the body love. Black bodies, non-Black bodies, queer bodies, trans bodies, big bodies, small bodies, fat bodies, thin bodies, common bodies, uncommon bodies, disabled bodies, non-disabled bodies, athletic bodies, couch bodies, servicing bodies, surviving bodies, thriving bodies, powerful bodies, spiritual bodies, and any other kind of body you can think of, we want it!


How do we love ourselves when the white cisheteropatriarchy capitalizes on our perceived flaws? What does it mean to radically love ourselves, moving through the world unapologetically, inspiring ourselves and the people around us? How do we stay as active human beings and step into the unknown, despite our fear and reluctance?


One way to do this is to do it together. All of us coming from all walks of life, sharing ourselves and our knowledge with one another.


Join us in 2023 as we move forward in our sexual liberation together and really, truly, embody body love.

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