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COVID Policies

Because we will all be coming from different parts of the country and from the world, the SDS crew thought it would be best to implement COVID Compliance Guidelines, despite Georgia opening up and making masks optional.  Here are our guidelines for the conference.



  • MASKS. Masks are now optional in all common areas.  We will have masks available on site if you do not have your own. Also, you can get a 15% discount at Julie's Dirty Mask Etsy Shop by putting in the code DOWNSOUTH.

  • BRACELET PROTOCOL. We will be implementing a bracelet protocol.  Bracelets will be given to those who are vaccinated, boosted, and/or who have tested negative for COVID within 3 days of the conference.

  • POD SPACING.  We will be implementing pod spacing in the classrooms, with a minimum of two.  You can move chairs if you like, if you have a pod that is more than 2.  Pods will be six (6) feet apart.  


  • THE LABYRINTH. Masks are recommended, but not required if you are doing a scene with someone in the dungeon.  We trust that you will make the best decisions for you and your play partner(s).  We will also sanitize between scenes on equipment. As always we will have plenty of supplies to keep you safe in all sorts of ways.

  • SANITIZING. We will have hand sanitizer for you to use at your discretion.  We also recommend washing your hands often.  We will also have wipes available.

  • HEALING ROOM. Use your discretion when engaging with healers who are doing bodywork.  


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