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Sex Down South was born out of a desire to create a safe space in the Southeast for people to explore sex and sexuality. Our focus is intentionally broad, catering to a diverse range of attendees: from those who are curious to those who have an advanced education or skill set. An essential part of Sex Down South, is our commitment to diversity. Rooted in the idea of sexual liberation, it is vital to us that we cover a wide range of topics that are led and spearheaded by voices that are often unheard or marginalized. We are dedicated to having a diverse range of presenters and audience members, and are especially committed to highlighting and centering the voices of women of color, trans and gender non-conforming folks, sex workers, queer people, and disabled individuals.



Our mission is to create a sex-positive space for people of all walks of life to come together, explore, connect, and share knowledge and skills. We aim to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter.


We envision a world that sex positive people of all walks of life come together to learn, love, and play. We hope that each individual who attends our conference generates positive sexual narratives for themselves and their community - free of guilt, shame, or stigma.

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