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SDS Pre-Cons

We are so excited to bring you two Pre-Cons this year! 

Come early if you can to check them out!


This is a TWO DAY Professional Development Training 

September 4-5, 2018


                             Only 20 spaces!



Who can attend?

The People of Color centered Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (POCc SAR) is open to all who are interested in and seeking a justice-rooted and expansive training experience that does not erase people and communities of color as afterthoughts, instead sees us as the guiding piece of this experience. We welcome people at all stages of their learning on these topics!


What is a SAR and how is this one unique?

A Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) is an intensive workshop experience to support participants in their growth and expansion regarding human sexual behavior, experiences, and activities. While participants will come away with knowledge, the primary purpose of a SAR is to help members evaluate their biases, values, attitudes, and feelings regarding a variety of sexuality topics. This can help people identify what areas they need further training in, discover new issues they feel strongly about, recognize triggering topics they may need support around, and more—all with the goal of self-knowledge and application into work and social contexts. SARs can be extremely useful for the work we are doing in our communities and to become more comfortable discussing sexuality topics and experiences. While they are required for educators, counselors, and therapists seeking AASECT certification, all types of sexuality professionals (and those in roles that intersect with these topics) can greatly benefit from this training.


POCc SAR, created by Bianca I Laureano, MA, CSE—foundress of WOCSHN, The LatiNegrxs Project, and ANTE UP! Virtual Freedom Professional Development School—is interdisciplinary, complementary to a variety of learning styles, and centered on reflexive activities and discussions. While there are a handful of SARs being offered that use a diversity or intersectional framework (all led by people of color at this time), this SAR is unlike any other. In it, we explicitly prioritize analyzing how racism, elitism, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression and power-over others impact our sexual lives and experiences. We recognize racism as the oppression, fetish, stimulant, violence, and curiosity that impacts us all. Furthermore, the SAR is a multisensory experience that doesn’t shy away from exploring our embodied selves, so don’t expect to sit and watch explicit videos the entire time! Media is not used for shock value. It is used for learning, unlearning, and exploration.


While the content may be intense, the purpose of this experience is not to needlessly provoke people. The sign of a good SAR is one that pushes participants to grow, challenges their beliefs, and promotes deep thought—not one that simply deals in triggers and shock tactics. Thus, through multimedia strategies, this POCc SAR will offer participants an opportunity to examine a variety of topics which include but are not limited to: personal values and beliefs, body image, fantasy,  gender, STIs and HIV, aging bodies, impact of racism and elitism, myths and stereotypes of masculinity and femininity, kink, non-monogamy, sexual ritualistic practices, bodies of size, disability, and culture.

Embedded in the POCc SAR is an intersectional praxis to focus on our most impacted populations of -isms, communities often excluded in SARs in North America. This POCc SAR will focus on the US and its colonization impacts with some aspects of international discussions. Partnering with The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians (ABSC), ANTE UP! Is excited to offer participants 10 AASECT CEUs for the completion of the workshop. AASECT CEUs may be applied to the American Psychological Association as well.






The facilitator:

Bianca I Laureano, MA, CSE









Bianca I Laureano is an award-wining educator, curriculum writer, and sexologist. She is  Foundress of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN), The LatiNegrxs Project, ANTE UP! Virtual Freedom Professional Development School for Justice Workers, and hosts She has written several curricula that focus on communities of color: What’s the REAL DEAL about Love and Solidarity? (2015), Communication MixTape: Speak On It Vol 1. (2017), wrote the sexual and reproductive justice discussion guide for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene published in 2018, and wrote the forward to Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls (2018). Bianca has been on the board of CLAGS, the LGBTQ Center at CUNY, and The Black Girl Project. She currently resides in Oakland, CA. Find out more about Bianca at her website

By the end of the POCc SAR participants will be able to:

  • Explain personal beliefs and values related to a variety of sexual experiences and behaviors

  • Evaluate cultural rituals and phenomena from a cultural relativist perspective

  • Expand personal and social understanding of systems of oppression and how they impact sexual experiences and behaviors

  • Analyze levels of comfort in discussing sexuality related topics

  • Integrate referrals when their personal limits are reached

  • Evaluate principles of pleasure, bliss, and body autonomy

  • Describe the ways bodies require touch and intimacy across the life span

  • Employ an understanding of consensual non-consent and power exchange

  • Demonstrate understanding of gender, gender identity, and gender expression

  • Review personal philosophy of inclusion

  • Use media literacy skills for various types of media (film, advertisements, music)

  • Write an assessment about their own sexual growth

  • Recall the various forms of language regarding sexual orientation and identities

  • Explain various types of relationships beyond heteronormative monogamy

  • List the ways misogyny and oppression impact sexual pleasure for all bodies

  • Create a practice in personal and professional settings that utilizes a strategic use of privilege

Just Sex: Mapping Your Desire

This is a day-long event

September 5, 2018; 10a-5pm

In 1978, Audre Lorde famously wrote — the erotic is power. Lorde understood that authentic sexuality was not a superficial ‘aside’ in our movements for freedom and justice but was in fact the thing our ‘enemies’ feared the most. Building upon Lorde, Black gay prophet Joseph Beam declared in his groundbreaking anthology, In the Life in 1986: Black men loving Black men is a revolutionary act.


Desire Mapping is an inheritor of the Black queer and trans tradition of throwing off racist, sexist and classist constrictions of ‘normative’ sexuality, and ‘legitimate’ masculinities to claim our personal and collective power. Desire Mapping hinges on the idea that until we discover and build upon our authentic desires — and stop submitting to or impersonating the ‘wants’ that others have designed and approved for us — we cannot seek connection, love ourselves fully, nor build our families and our movements in the revolutionary ways that we must. In fact, the more we bury and deny our erotic truths, the more our vision for vibrant lives worth living -- and our collective liberation -- falters.


Come get your sexy-on with some of the most passionate sexual liberators among us, including Ignacio G. Rivera, Ashleigh Shackelford, Jaime M. Grant, and Jack Harrison-Quintana, Marla Renee Stewart and Tia.  We will Map our Desire, and Map our way to liberation, together. 


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