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PreCons & PostCons

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Sept. 6 & 7
The Betty Dodson “Rock ‘n Roll” Method and More
Sept. 6, 5-9pm; Sept 7, 12-6p

That’s right!  Bodysex is coming to Sex Down South!  Join facilitator Jennifer Rahner, who trained with Betty herself, to learn masturbation and orgasm techniques featured on episode 3 of Netflix’s Goop Labs (


Bodysex is so much more than a masturbation workshop, though.  It’s connection, with participants often forging friendships that last long after our closing share.  It’s community, with ongoing relationships spanning the globe via a weekly invitation to share erotic recess with Bodysex devotees everywhere. It’s ten hours, over two days, of self-acceptance, loving the skin we’re in (or starting to), and bonding about all the ways we’re alike despite our differences.  We tend to come away from Bodysex changed, in so many wonderful ways.


Please be aware that the workshop is done in the nude, and the Betty Dodson Method of masturbation involves both external and internal stimulation.  If you are nervous or have any questions at all, book a 30-minute call with Jenn to discuss them (


We’re offering a special rate for Sex Down South of $797 (normally $997).  If you are able and want to help someone else attend, we ask that you pay the non-discounted rate, and if you want to attend but need assistance to do so, please use our rate of $597.


Everything you need will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your favorite vibrator.  You’ll receive:

  • the barbell designed by Dodson specifically for her masturbation method ($150 retail value)

  • an invitation to the weekly Bodysex erotic recess call

  • tools to aid you in achieving orgasm and receiving pleasure

  • an unforgettable experience


This workshop is limited to vulva-owners* and a total of 12 participants.  


A non-refundable deposit of $197 is due when booking to secure your spot.  


For more information and to reserve your spot, please contact Jennifer Rahner at


*The workshop is limited to vulva-owners.  It is open to those of any gender expression with the understanding that experiencing pleasure via your vulva is the focus of the work.  If you are comfortable embracing your vulva inside and out, the pleasure it can provide you, and attending the workshop in the nude, you are welcome in Bodysex.  If you’d like to do this work but you are not comfortable with these things in a group space, book a call with me to discuss a private, virtual workshop. Please see my diversity & inclusion statement (


Building the Team: Sex Therapists and Sex Surrogates Collaborate w/ Nick Marzo & Goddess Amina


Sunday 10a to 2p

Cost: $200

AASECT CE Provided: CKA A and C

In this four hour workshop Amina and Nick will use a lens of decolonization framework to answer the question, how and when should Sex Therapists and Sex Surrogates collaborate. This workshop will cover methods for collaboration between Sex Therapists and Sex Surrogates, beginning with outlining the role of the therapist vs the role of the surrogate, moving beyond the triadic model, how and when to make ethical referrals, how to network and partner, and determining risks and rewards for your practice and your client.


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