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Anandalila is a Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator and Tantric Hatha yoga teacher with more than a decade of teaching experience. Today ‘Lila brings gentle movement, breath awareness, and energetic experiences to people of all genders, shapes, sizes, and abilities in the metro Atlanta area and beyond. When she is not on the mat, she enjoys making art, bird watching, and, of course, chocolate. Find out more at

Consuela Sarlow is a poly lesbian submissive stud. They are a S4S in a DD/lb D/s dynamic. They have a passion to bring education and awareness to the LGBT/poly community on many topics that include sexual awareness, being polyamorous and BDSM.

Desiree Caro is a sex & consent educator with a background in social work and sexual violence prevention. She has over 10 years experience in youth development and faciliation, working with students, faculty, and parents to bring a community wide approach to sexual health education. She holds a Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia. 

Estee Nena Dillard, a native of Macon, Ga., is a scholar, sexual health educator and spiritualist focusing on bridging the disciplines of theology, sexology and public health. Estee is committed to discovering the ways that theological formation, spiritual care and ritual transform the wellness of African American people. As a black feminist/womanist practitioner, her career foci are spirituality/sexuality, embodiment, expanding the discourse on [Black][Queer] erotic power through a womanist methdology, and spiritual formation.

Frankie Vee is a Cannabis Consultant and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Manager in Washington, DC, with a different approach for every body mentality. Frankie is an advocate for learning what works best for your needs and your body. As a culinary school graduate and cannabis consultant, Frankie leads cannabis culinary courses and takes a hybrid approach when it comes to discussing and preparing cannabis. A huge fan of terpenes, Frankie will break down the way cannabis affects the human body in an easily understandable manner.

Jacob Engelsman is a doula, nanny, and childbirth educator working in Atlanta, GA. He is in the process of becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) where he plans to work with the local queer, trans, and poly communities in their lactation and childbirth needs.

Justyn Hintze is an advocate for breaking binaries, and just breaking stereotypes. She has a Masters in Human Sexuality Education, and is a sexologist, educator, and consultant. By day, Justyn is the Director of Women Who Tech, coaching startup founders on how to pitch to investors, and helping to fund women-led startups globally. Justyn advocates for age-appropriate, medically accurate, pleasure-based comprehensive sex ed. On the Board of Directors for both the Woodhull Freedom Foundation and the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Justyn is passionate about creating safer spaces to foster open, raw conversations using a human rights framework.

Lilith is an Atlanta-based bisexual sex educator who specializes in sex toys and consent dynamics. She has lectured at Georgia State University and other venues about sex toy safety and other ways to make peoples' lives more pleasurable. She uses pop culture to examine cultural views on sexuality and how the stories we come into contact with affect our lives and relationships.

Zach Budd is a self-proclaimed nerd, sex geek and consent junkie. He has been actively polyamorous for ten years and kinky for even longer than that. Zach became interested in consent as a topic more than five years ago as a personal research project. He is currently working towards a Master’s of Social Work degree at the University of Houston to be of even more benefit to his community. Zach lives, works, laughs, and loves in Houston,Texas where he enjoys listening to and playing music, converting from a fat boy to a runner, all things Star Trek, reading, gaming, hockey, cooking and being owned and loved by rescue dogs including a spoiled rotten boxer named Jadzia.

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