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Goddess Koco Meow

Goddess KoCo Meow Is a kinky feline, solo poly seductress, and sensual Domme. She created her unique style within kink as a fetish esthetician to combine beauty treatments with BDSM. Her journey led her to bloom within pleasure activism doing grassroots work with sex KiKi in Chicago. As the host of The sex KiKi podcast, she shares spiritually anchored perspective as a sex pos edutainer.

Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo is a Daddy Dom, Erotic Hypnotist, indulging in BDSM for the last 13 years. Holding a Bachelor's degree in dirty talk, a Master’s degree in masturbation, and a Doctorate in Face Fucking, he enjoys exploring a long list of kinks and giving aftercare. Oh yeah, also a 2x TEDx speaker with multiple degrees with his business & tech ‘professional’ life.

Master Mastiff & Naughty Girl

Master Mastiff is an experienced dominant with over 30 years in the scene who has trained bottoms and submissives, mentored dominants and tops, and introduced many couples to the lifestyle. He has lectured to standing room only crowds at FetishCon, DomCon, Frolicon, and Sex Down South, discussing such topics as impact play, scene safety and subspace and BDSM and the law. An experienced trainer in the vanilla world, Master Mastiff brings his entertaining lecture style to the fetish community with his engaging demos and beautiful assistant.