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We are hoping to meet in person this year, so with that said, we are planning on a hybrid conference for those of you who choose to stay home and for folks to have accessibility to some of the conference.  

Our Theme: Healing & Restoration

As we hope that the COVID-19 pandemic slows its roll, we are taking note as a lot of us have had to deal with mourning the deaths of our loved ones, recovering from COVID-19, and moving into a whole new world full of countless possibilities. As we're moving on the tail of The Great Resignation and into The Great Reimagination, we know that we can't move forward without healing ourselves and restoring our bodies and our work so that we can see the Sexual Revolution as we see fit.  This year is about coming together in love (like always) and giving each other the love, healing, and encouragement needed to feel full. Come play with us, be restored and brand new again!

We will also be doing a hybrid con!!!  If you are attending in person, your virtual con ticket is included.

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