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In a field as diverse and impactful as the sex industry, truly recognizing and honoring its incredible contributors can seem an impossible task. That’s why we created The Dandie Awards—a dedicated awards show that celebrates the outstanding individuals and organizations making waves in the world of sexuality.  Join us on Friday, September 5, 2024 to honor the best of the best in our industry.


Sex Worker

Honoring those who provide essential services and advocate for the rights of sex workers.

SDS Cheerleader

Recognizing unwavering support and enthusiasm within the community.


Celebrating innovative thinkers who push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Acknowledging those who guide and inspire others to achieve greatness.

Best Performance

Rewarding extraordinary talent and skill in sexual performance.

Sexuality Advocate

Paying tribute to those who champion sexual rights and education.


Recognizing professionals who provide healing and support through their work.

Sex and Disabilities

Highlighting contributions that make sexuality more inclusive for those with disabilities.

Educator of the Year

Honoring exceptional educators who empower others through knowledge.

Best Sex on Film

Awarding top-tier cinematic representations of sex and sexuality.

What To Wear:

Sex Down South meets the Met Gala

The Dandie Awards is a

Black Suit & Lace Panty

type of awards show.  


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