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What To Expect

Because we have such a wide range of incredible presenters, the topics that we explore also contain the same amount of variety.  Almost every workshop that we have had has had incredible feedback, and our presenters come back again and again to present new and interesting topics.


We make sure that our vendors have nothing but the best.  From sex toys to food and beverage products, to nuances in the sexuality industry, our vendors come with dynamic and useful products for all of the folks that attend the conference!

Knowledgeable Presenters

The Sex Down South Crew just doesn't pick just anyone!  Although we do a blind test when it comes to picking workshops, we always make sure that the presenters are of high quality.  In addition, we highlight our Sex Celebs who have delivered amazing content each year.

Healing Space

Throughout the weekend, we offer a Healing Space where attendees can relax, take a break, and consult with one of our local healers on staff. We will have herbalists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, energy workers, and licensed counselors on call. If you need to check in about something or just need to pause, come relax in our Healing Space.

Nightly Entertainment

The Crew loves balance, so we make sure that we compliment your learning with extraordinary night time activities.  Thursday night, there's the Little Bang, a small show, Friday night, we mingle, and Saturday night, we end the conference with the Big Bang!  It's a show you don't want to miss!


As part of our commitment to many different realms within sexuality, we invite artists, directors, and performers to showcase films that are sexuality-related.  Watch, analyze, and ask questions to the folks who inviting you to their wonderful creations!

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