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Workshops '16

Abundant Love, Health and Fitness Meets Sex

by Saint Day

Abundant Love explores the intersections of how health and fitness play a vital role in sustainable, healthy sex. All while highlighting the freedom of discovery, transparency, and authentic communication techniques that support thriving relationships. This workshop will also cover YourDay Balance Game. YDBG is a Health and Fitness philosophy that is governed by love and balance and converted into a world-class game that ignites tangible results when played to win!


The Adult Industry for People of Color

by Jasmine Decosta & King Noire

Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire, owners of Royal Fetish Film, share their personal and professional experience with disparities of race in the Adult Entertainment Industry. The duo tackle the gaps in representation, financial compensation and recognition of entertainers in the Adult Industry, a replica of American culture. Participants will engage in an interactive presentation and discussion on how institutional racism holds no bar in a billion dollar industry.


A Gender Agenda

by Yosenio V. Lewis

There are as many theories about the concept of gender as there are genders! Often exposed to those various theories, we don’t often have opportunities to speak to each other about which theories resonate with us personally, which create tension, which impact our pleasure and happiness, which color the various intersections in our lives. How do we reconcile our notions of gender, with all of its personal and political implications, with our personal pleasure profile? Join us as we explore what gender means to us, how we reconcile it to our thoughts and feelings, to our dreams, to our and others’ expectations. Through interactive exercises, share with us your thoughts and feelings about gender and gender expression. Let’s inform each other about what this complex concept means for our lives.


Asians and Sex: How Policies and Media Affect Sexual Stereotypes and Health of Asian Americans

by Sadia Arshad

Virgins till marriage. Being “small.” Strict families. Images that plague the Asian American community, but don’t represent the extent of our diversity and curiosity. Stop by to learn how policies and media that influence these stereotypes and sexual health outcomes of Asian Americans.


BDSM/Poly and the Law

by Lady Steel

What legal dangers are inherent to what it is we do? The simple truth is, legal issues abound when it comes to participating in BDSM and the polyamorous lifestyles. It can affect several areas in our lives, including family, criminal, civil, estate planning, healthcare, and even businesses law. How can you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele presents BDSM/Poly and the Law.


Below the (Bible) Belt: Discovering and Communicating Sexual Ethics in the South

by Caroline Black & Virginia Goss

While sex positivity is not culturally exclusive, for most, the mainstream Southern sexual ethic often engenders shame and a goal-oriented fixation on virginity. It also relies on problematic exegetical interpretations of the Bible’s already inconsistent presentation of sexual ethics (an interpretation that, God knows, is not exclusive to the South!). This workshop will empower participants to gain self-awareness about their personal sexual ethic, and to articulate it in conversation with others using Singleton’s Courageous Conversations model.


Beyond “Who Gets the Check?”: Navigating Mixed-Class Relationships

by Lyndon Cudlitz

If you’ve ever dated or been in a relationship with someone from a different socio-economic class background, you may have felt as though you’re operating in different languages…and you’re right. This interactive workshop examines the vital role class holds in our relationship(s) and how it interplays with dynamics of queerness, race, immigration, gender, non-monogamy, ability, age, and more. We’ll explore our challenges and hopes, and leave with tools we can use for better communication and action to support the health of our mixed-class relationship(s).


Birds, Bees and Wolves: How to use The Talk as a tool to End Child Sexual Abuse

by Ignacio Rivera

At what age do parents discuss this uncomfortable but imperative topic? In a time where sex education in public schools is almost eradicated, how are young people obtaining these vital tools? What is age appropriate? How do we re-construct the social narrative on love, sex and relationships to our children? How do we engage with our children in their personal and social understanding of (acceptable) sex? Come together in understand the power of COMPREHENSIVE sex education for children and youth as a tool of power and a mechanism to combat child sexual abuse. Join this workshop if you have questions, want to share your sex-ed ideas or if you need support in the exciting, complicated but necessary tips on “the talk.”


Black Folks Do!!: Polyamory In Urban Communities

by Nichole Diva

There is a universal statement that has been spoken across the country by Black Moms and Dads since the beginning of modern times. We’ve all heard it. “You better not discuss anything that goes on in this house’. The origins of this statement are oppression, degridation and humiliation from others that did not feel that our intimate and emotional expressions were relevant. Today, we just keep secrets. Unnecessary secrets about who and how we love. But the truth is, Black Folks Love, Lust, Hurt, Heal and Rejoice about Intimacy and Romance and Family. And to the issue of Polyamory; Yes, Black Folks do that too. Black Folks Do will explore the fine nuances of Polyamory in the Black Community and will identify some of the ways that Polyamory, on the general scope, does not speak to Black Poly Couples/Famalies. We will discuss what consensual non monogamy means in the Black Family, How couples process issues such as NRE/ORE and the importance of communication at a level many of us have never been taught.


Black Liberation through Sexual Pleasure

by Dalychia Saah & Rafaella Fiallo

With America’s racialized history, Black bodies have been sexually oppressed and repressed from slavery to current media depictions. It is imperative for sex educators to be knowledgeable and prepared to address how race impacts sexuality with Black clients. This workshop introduces Afrosexology, a pleasured based sex education program from a Black perspective. Come learn strategies and innovative ways to address sexual experiences and exploration as it relates to the Black experience.


Black Men Smile: Broadening the Conversation about Black Masculinity

by Devan Dmarcus and Carlton Mackey

This session will challenge longstanding, normative, and narrowly defined assumptions about Black masculinity and sexuality while openly and honestly addressing some of the roots of such commonly held understandings. Emerging from the foundational work of 50 Shades of Black, a project exploring sexuality and skin tone in the formation of Black identity, the creators of Black Men Smile will discuss the project’s genesis and their desire to create a resistance movement about Black men reclaiming their identities on their own terms and for Black men to celebrate the way they see themselves.


Black Women’s Sexual Empowerment: Liberating Our Bodies & Communities

by Shayla D. Tumbling

This workshop is an informative and interactive conversation-workshop about Black Women’s Sexuality. We will review a broad history of Black women’s sexuality and begin to make connections between the histories of enslavement, colonization, and the impact of those institutions upon Black sexuality. We will discuss the Trauma of Blackness & the Power of female sexuality. We will explore how Black female sexuality has been impacted and the importance of creating spaces for the deconstruction of Black trauma in order to support the healing and liberation of Black Female Sexuality.


Bondage & Meditation

by Orpheus Black

Our Bondage and Meditation class blends the grounding nature of meditation with the erotic and taboo art of Japanese Rope Bondage. This fun and lighthearted class is geared towards those who want not only a holistic approach to alternative love making but, have a desire to bring spirituality into the bedroom. This hands on class is for both sides of the dynamic. No matter who you are, taking the time to connect with the self before an intimate encounter is essential to both the growth and development of the individual and the relationship. When both people loose their ego and can just be in their raw state they are both able to connect on a human level that few ever get to experience. So come and learn how to let go of your inhibitions.
This class will cover:

– Creating trust and rapport between the person tying and the person being tied.
– Establishing safety and basic bondage techniques that anyone can use. (- For those that learn quickly we will be doing a “Forward Prayer Tie “)
– Whole body Anticipatory Touch. (People who wish to participate in the whole body anticipatory touch portion should bring a partner.)
– The person that will be tying, will also be practice guiding their partners into a safe and sensual space.
And more…


Clear Connections, Convulsing Conversations: Phone Sex, Sexting, and Beyond!

by Alicia Ortiz

Workshop explores breaking down self-consciousness related to phone sex, sexting, skype sex, and other forms of sexy talk, as well as offers fun suggestions about what to actually say and how to say it! Techniques include: tone of voice, descriptive language, direct colorful imagery, creative verb usage, “show don’t tell”. Workshop also analyzes the sociopolitical components that lead many people to feel embarrassed, nervous, or shameful about this type of intimacy, and sex in general. Phone sex requires us to have an acute awareness of our desires, our bodies and the sensations we enjoy so that we can express them clearly and openly to another person – and have fun doing so. This can create a sense of intimacy and connection even when we are physically distant from someone. However, our culture – and many others around the world – aims to disconnect us from each other and our own sense of selves. Sex is constantly thrown at us in commercial advertisements and entertainment, but we are made to feel shame about it in our personal lives, from how we dress, how we behave, and how we talk about sex. Breaking through the political barriers that prevent us from living freely in our own bodies/minds/spirits guides us to break down the power structures that oppress our lives in every other way. All experience levels welcome!


Cock Confidence

by Sinclair Sexsmith

In this show-and-tell class, we’ll go over all kinds of strap-on technology—including the different kinds of harnesses, how to best use a double dildo, which are best for packing and playing, and which can cause the most sensation for the wearer and receiver. Which options are best for oral and anal sex? And we’ll delve into strap-on psychology, too: How to increase your own confidence or your lover’s, how to get over “cock shame,” and being aware of “cock mindfulness.” We’ll discuss positions for different body shapes, sizes, and abilities, how to take care of your materials, and which are the best toys to add into your strap-on play. Join strap-on expert Sinclair Sexsmith and come get detailed advice on your dildo & harness needs. No experience necessary, all genders & orientations welcome.


Color Me Fluid: The Effects of a Bisexual Identity on Ethnic Minority Women

by Dr. Kesi Shaw

While studies of lesbian and gay individuals and counseling competencies increase, bisexuality continues to be an area with little research, thus little understanding. During the 1990s, only two articles (in eight major counseling journals) focused on the topic of bisexuality. Historically, studies of sexual orientation focused on heterosexuality and/or homosexuality. The purpose of this workshop is to identify unique factors that influence bisexual identity development among ethnic-minority women due to the stressors they face as a result of their multiple minority statuses. Specifically, the workshop will focus on how the development of a bisexual identity influences an ethnic minority woman’s life.


Date Your Business Model: Building a Career That Thrills You AND Pays The Rent

by Reid Mihalko

Passionate about sex and relationship education? Love helping and seeing people transform their personal lives? Ever thought of becoming an Intimacy, Relationship, Sex, Dating, and/or Life Coach?
Interested in what you need to make a living teaching workshops, creating online products, writing and lecturing, body work sessions, coaching, or mentoring? Wanted to go to Sex Geek Summer Camp but couldn’t? Went to Sex Geek Summer Camp and are ready to dive deeper? Blocked on how to create your brand, or what steps to take first? Have a business, but not sure if your brand and business model is the right one for you? Looking to launch an entirely new brand, branch, product or arm of what you’re already doing, and want a powerfully fresh approach that’ll spare you the frustration and exhaustion you went through the first time? If you have dreams of quitting your day job and doing sex and relationship education as a career, or enhancing your current profession as a sex-positive professional, then please join “America’s favorite sex geek” and creator of and SexGeekSummerCamp, Reid Mihalko, for a humorous and informative work day where Reid will walk you through his personal “Date Your Business Model” system and teach you how to see (and seize) your own potential as an expert in our field. Why? Because the world needs amazing and successful sex and relationship educators now more than ever! Lessen the anxiety of being a “broke sex educator” by revealing a clear vision of how your authentic self-expression and passion can be harnessed to grow a thriving career… Replace your sleepless nights worrying about “making it” with easy to understand business structures and marketing approaches that have allowed Reid to go from broke actor and bartender to paying all of his bills as a respected sex educator in less than 6 years.


Does Yes Always Mean Yes?: Exploring the Nuances of Enthusiastic Consent Through the Lens of Trauma Response

by Camille Zimmerman, Emmy Johnson

Discussions around sexual consent are more common now than ever before. Advocacy groups have been rallying behind alternating cries of “No Means No”, “Silence Doesn’t Equal Consent”, and “Only Yes Means Yes” for years now. But does yes always mean yes? What is the relationship between enthusiastic consent and the myriad of factors that can complicate any sexual encounter? This workshop will explore the variety of ways that rape culture, trauma response, societal expectation, and abuse histories can intersect and complicate consent.

The Erotic Art of Fire Play

by Orpheus Black

The Erotic Art of Fire Play is a class that instructs both men and woman in the erotic use of fire for the sole purpose of sexual arousal.Fire Play, is one of the most unique forms of foreplay because it blends the passion, warmth and erotic illumination of fire with ones own sensual nature. But, the erotic use of fire extends past the sumptuousness of its flame as it can also foster trust and connection between partners. This class will cover:

Basic Fire Safety: Preparing private or public fire play scenes, checking tools, fuel storage and transportation, safety equipment and measures, treating burns.

Preparing your partner: Easing fears, outlining safety protocols, negotiating safe words, phrases and gestures, cultivating the head space.

Technique: Types of torches brushes and their differences, review of basic torching methods and basic cupping, tips and tricks.


Erotic Energy Play

by Anandalila

In this class, participants will learn and practice techniques to open and stimulate the lines of energy (nadis) and energy centers (chakras) that are present in the body, through consensual touch. Enrich the sensual aspects of your sacred encounters through Erotic Energy Play. Singles, couples, and poly families are most welcome. Please note: every effort will be made to match singles to people of their preferred gender, but it cannot be guaranteed. If you have a specific preference, please bring a partner.


Erotic Hypnosis: Sexual Healing through Hypnotherapy

by LadyD

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Learn what hypnosis is and how it can be used. This workshop will teach you about the misconceptions of hypnosis and show you how you can use it to change habits, create healing and experience growth. We all have issues concerning sex whether from negative beliefs, family or religion, etc. Understand that your mind is your most powerful sex organ and you can use it to take control of your life. Use hypnosis to achieve a healthy sex life. By learning to heal ourselves, we will ultimately experience greater pleasure with our partners and a greater peace and happiness within us.


Exploring the Landscape of your Sexuality Through Art

by Christopher K. Belous, Annai Lopez-Tavira, Danielle M. Tidwell

How well do you know your sexuality? You may be surprised at what lies beneath the surface of your thoughts related to sex when you begin the process of self-exploration through art and other expressive mediums. Sculptures, paintings, poetry, drawings, music, and stories have long been a part of the erotic history of our species; telling the stories of who, how, and what we do sexually. Art has provided an outlet for many people to express emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that were unable to be explored or were not understood well enough to be articulated. From ancient civilizations to Nicki Minaj, a brief history and exploration of how sex and sexuality has influenced artistic expression will be provided. In this limited space/participant workshop, participants will learn about the process of introspective self-exploration of their sexual selves – particularly through artistic expression. This hands-on workshop will include the creation of a selected art project from a personal perspective for the participant. No prior artistic experience or talent/skills needed, however a good sense of humor, care, non-judgment, and ability to be vulnerable are helpful.


Flying High Under the Thud – An Introduction to Impact Play

by Mademoiselle Ceci

This 101 class will focus on getting ready for your first impact play scene. Whether giving or receiving, This class will cover the basics of safety, how to choose the right implement for you and your play partner, as well as offer hands on experience with our demo bottoms. Come with your toys and questions. This is an active participation class. Not only can you try some things out on us, but we can help you find the right technique for you and your partner, so bring them along and let’s all play together.


Gender Free Genitals:  Exploring Eroticism Without Expectations

by Sir Claire Black

A hands on exploration of genitals: what happens when we drop the stereotypes and expectations around different shapes of genitals and simply explore them as the wonderful unique fleshy things they are? This workshop will start with a brief look at anatomy, focusing on similarities rather than differences. After a quick talk about safer sex and boundaries, we will work in pairs, exploring different sensations in a safe environment with no pressure for results, simply poking, prodding and seeing how things feel. This is a hands-on, undies-off workshop for people of all genders, so please come with someone you feel safe and comfortable do this with, and bring a towel or something similar to lie down on. **Pairs only workshop**


Get Your Play On! The 101 of Sex and Play Parties

by The Sexual Liberation Collective

Would you like to know more about consent-based, sex-positive play parties? Have you ever thought about hosting your own? Come to this 101 workshop to learn the basics of attending and hosting sex parties and leave with a practical tool kit of best practices from the Sexual Liberation Collective to get you started. This workshop aims to get folks trained up on how to be sexy & safe as attendees and hosts of play parties, and reduce isolation by creating more people in the South with the knowledge to gather queer and kinky folks for responsible play. We will discuss how our identities impact our experiences at play parties and what it takes to create safer sex spaces both physically and emotionally.


G Spot and Squirting

by Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

Looking for your G-spot? Ken Melvoin-Berg & Sunny Megatron will teach you all about this 8th wonder of the world. Learn tips and techniques you won’t find anywhere else! In this class you’ll learn how to find the g-spot, ways to manipulate it, and how to combine g-spot play with other types of stimulation. We’ll dispel the myths about squirting and teach you which techniques and tools are most likely to turn you and/or your partner into Old Faithful. If you are able to squirt, we will increase your chances of achieving uberwetness. This class is open to givers and receivers of all genders and sexual orientations. It’s great to attend either alone or as a couple.


Healing Sexual Trauma through Tantra

by Maisha Najuma Aza

In this confidential, sacred erotic space, we will expand our bodies and minds beyond our trauma, and beyond the confines of our wounds, by looking at our sexual selves through the lens of tantra. While doing healing work often comes with moments of discomfort and emotional challenges, this advanced level healing sexual trauma class, invites you to discover that healing your sexual wounds can also be enjoyable, sexy, embodied, and connected. Through embodied, tantric experiments with yourself and other participants, you will have the opportunity to explore your own connection to your body, to sex, to spirit and to erotic energy. This interactive, experiential, workshop is a sensual answer to healing sexual trauma.

Intimacy Improv (it’s not what you say, it’s how you play!) *Brown Bag Session*

by Cameryn Moore

Want to learn how to talk nasty and get wild with your partner(s)? Here’s a tip from a veteran phone sex operator: THERE ARE NO SCRIPTS FOR THIS SHIT. And if you aren’t naturally a potty mouth, you aren’t going to be able to change that overnight. But in Intimacy Improv, anyone can pick up a few basic skills that help bring lovers more authentically and playfully together, whether face to face or over the phone. Instructor Cameryn Moore has distilled Intimacy Improv from years of phone sex work and theatrical performance to get some good guidelines, games, and communications practices that everyone can use to go where they want to go in sex, whether that’s deeper, dirtier, or just downright fun.

In Intimacy Improv, you’ll learn about:

– saying yes and adding on
– active listening
– looking silly to get sexy
– making a scene, in a good way

This workshop involves group and partnered games, with everyone all shuffled together. All genders and orientations welcome. Wear comfortable clothes and bring an open mind!


Intro to BDSM and Kink

by Mistress Orchid

Curious about BDSM? Curious about Master/slave relationships? Want to learn where to start or how to use the toys? Come to this class! Mistress Orchid will be teaching on the basics of BDSM and Master/ slave dynamics. The class will cover basic use and care of toys, as well as give attendees a chance to use toys. If you have toys, feel free to bring them! Have questions? Bring those too! Mistress Orchid will open the class to a round table of questions as well. This is the perfect class for beginners all the way to intermediate BDSM players.


Kink: Let’s get Visual

by Samuel Brinton, Jessica Ratchford, Greer Williams, Jules Seabright, Tesha Davis

Zip up your boots and grab your ball gag, we’re going on an adventure! This workshop establishes necessary ground rules about safety and consent in advanced kink practices, with a fun twist. We will feature some kinky demonstrations! This demonstration will feature predetermined participants, but you’ll be able to experience every knot and every swing of the paddle from the comfort of your seat. As we tie and spank, we will discuss roles and communication. The demonstration portion will include bondage, impact play, and more! Attendees will also be able get the perspectives from the submissives in the workshop.


Knuckle Up!: Fisting & Manual Sex

by  Andre Shakti

Discover why one hand is better than none, and two hands are better than one! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers! In this class we’ll cover internal and external anatomy, negotiation and communication, as well as a multitude of variations and techniques. You’ll never look at hands the same way again!


Let’s Cuddle! Eliminating Stress & Building Connection

by Shayla D. Tumbling

This is an interactive workshop where participants learn about the art of cuddling. We will discuss the importance of human connection and platonic touch. Attendees will learn about the benefits of cuddling and engage in a few activities and a mini-cuddle party.


Lights, Camera, Action! The Art of Erotic Expression in Film

by Onyx Keesha and Dr. Vertna Bradley

Through this hands on workshop, participants will learn how to write, produce, and direct a short erotica film. Participants will discuss the beauty of positive sexual expression on the screen. How to make space for queer positive, body positive and sex positive work in a world that tells us we should not. There will be focus on giving a sexual voice to women of color as well as how to show it all on screen without “doing it all”.  We will conclude with a viewing of the work created in class. We will discuss the importance of those creating work that represents sexual expression and experience in a full well rounded way.


Lip Service: Guided Kissing Games

by Dr. Ruthie

Grab your sweetie/s as you are guided through kissing games for all couples and groups where participation is strongly encouraged! Practice new ways to tease and please your partner through kissing. You’ll leave with new skills for slowing it down and heating it up in ways you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Arrive with one or more partners, or come a few minutes early to find others looking to meet someone new.

Living a Juicy and Orgasmic Life

by Brion and Karen Craig

Life and relationships can become very routine, very quickly. We empower couples and singles with the tools to achieve juicy and orgasmic lives through owning their authenticity and living their truth. This workshop is interactive and includes breathing exercises, tantric practices, and an array of other practices to empower audience members to embrace their pleasure and own their right to live juicy!


Love the Whore You’re With: Open to Sex Workers, Allies, & Partners

by  Andre Shakti

Each sex worker has their own understanding of both the “Sex” and the “Work”aspects of their job. We use many tools for our trade, and since these tools often include sharing parts of our bodies, our brains, and our hearts with clients, we also face many challenges in our “off-the-clock” relationships. Join professional slut Andre Shakti to discuss how we can work to strengthen our sexual and loving relationships, and how those who love us and fuck us can work to be excellent partners. We’ll be discussing what tools we can borrow from models of non-monogamy and kink negotiations (addressing jealousy, asserting and accepting desires and boundaries), but also emphasizing the ways that work relations differ from other kinds of intimacy (navigating STIs, plus all those pesky feelings!). This workshop is for roommates who don’t judge, for friends who remind us of the difference between our real selves and our personas, for partners who do the work of understanding the difference between what we share with clients and what we share with you, and for anyone who is curious about how workers would like to be humanized and respected.


Lovingly Objectified: Advanced Dirty Talk Techniques

by Dr. Ruthie

Verbal objectification doesn’t need to be humiliating or degrading! Learn to use your sharp tongue and creative mind to make your partners feel simultaneously submissive and cherished. Watch live demos and follow-along in small groups as Dr. Ruthie guides you through plotting out how to treat your lovers to nurturing kindness that can be both difficult and intimate to receive. Attendees will leave having watched (or tried!) three different techniques, all rooted in an approach for loving verbal objectification that can be used in a myriad of ways.


Making Consent Sexy

by Tal Peretz

“Consent is Sexy” is a catchphrase in sex-positive communities, and it’s totally true – but it’s also more difficult than it sounds, especially with no guidance and no practice. In this workshop we will discuss real-life definitions of consent, some of the difficulties and problems many of us have in living the “consent is sexy” motto, and most importantly, we will provide a workshop space for you to actually practice communicating about consent in ways that are comfortable, clear, and sexy!


Making Open Relationships Work

by Tristan Taormino

Do open relationships really work? How do people create nontraditional partnerships that are loving and lasting? Tristan Taormino, relationship expert and author of Opening Up, shares some of the key principles that can help your open relationship(s) succeed. She’ll discuss common issues and problems-from “new relationship energy” and time management to jealousy and agreement violations-and ways to address and resolve them. Tristan will offer tips on communication, negotiation, and boundary setting, as well as how to cope with change. Learn how to get to the root of jealous feelings and transform them by embracing the concept of compersion. Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran to the world beyond monogamy, come discover strategies to help you nurture and grow your open relationships.


Megasexual: Demystifying and Destigmatizing the Slut

by Rebecca Hiles

The implications of being called a slut are far reaching and often negative, even within sex-positive communities. While sex-positivity leaves room for the enjoyment of sex, casual or otherwise, it also champions the idea that “slut”, even as a positive and empowering term, is inherently negative. Because of the heavy discussion of sluts, and the behaviors therein, there is not much space or discussion for those who do not feel an emotional bond unless they form a strong sexual connection with someone. Enter the concept of the megasexual; the antithesis and complement to the demisexual. This panel explores the idea that there is a concrete counterbalance in the sexuality and desire spectrums, and full comprehension of the depth of human sexuality will not be reached until the respective sides are understood.


FILM SCREENING: Moods & Moments

by Onyx Keesha & Xen Shinobii

MOODS AND MOMENTS at the Onyx Hotel is a collection of four short films that explore, sex, fetishes, lust and love centered around lesbian women of color. With Sex positive and body positive content, this film is HOT! Not for the prudish, Moods and Moments, bares in all. Onyx Keesha is proud to premiere Moods and Moments at this years Sex Down South conference.


Naked Yoga for Every Body

by Anandalila

Stretch your mind and free your body with a Tantric Hatha yoga practice that is suitable for every body. This is a gentle class that is suitable for Absolute Beginners as well as those with More Experience in a safe, nurturing environment. It’s clothing optional, so you can get as naked as you want to be. Bring your yoga mat or a beach towel to practice on. People of all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities are most welcome. Together we will explore the mind-body connection from the inside out.


Non-Phallocentric Views of Sex

by Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke

The definition of sex does not need to revolve around a penis. Sex does not have to be limited by phallocentrism, gynocentrism, clitocentrism, and anthropocentrism. Sex does not even need to involve a penis or a vagina. Sex does not have to be limited to involving other humans. Conceptualizing sex as a whole body experience is key to expanding eroticism beyond the genitals. Genitals are not the only sex organs available to make love with. When one is open to beauty and pleasure in diverse forms, embodied knowledge can be the source of sensual experiences. For example, ecosexuals can experience sex without humans or the involvement of genitals. This workshop seeks to increase awareness of non-phallocentric views of sex through Ọ̀ṣunality, a sex-positive, African-centered paradigm that affirms the normality of sexual pleasure and erotic diversity. Ọ̀ṣunality provides a non-phallocentric narrative of “the devouring vagina” which assigns agency to the vagina and reminds us that sex does not have to be confined to Westocentric definitions.


Nothing But Juices and Berries, and Plenty of It: Polyamorous People of Color Chat

by Holiday Simmons & Che J. Long

The guided discussion will explore topics of what it means to be polyamorous and non-monogamous for people of color. Participants will have the opportunity to hear about various structures of poly relationships, and the intersections of race and ethnicity. This is a safe space for people of color.


Oshun Did It: Ancient Africa’s Sex-Positive Spirituality

by Ama McKinley

This presentation will view the spiritual foundations of sexuality through the lens of Yoruba/Ifa, a spiritual system originating in West Africa, and surviving the African Diaspora. The goals for this presentation are to add an indigenous, African perspective of sexuality that is not taboo nor homophobic and to provide a healing balm for people of African descent who originated from spiritual backgrounds that required God and sex be placed in different rooms.


Permission to Receive Pleasure – Achieve a Pleasure Based Lifestyle from the Neck Down

by Desiree N. Robinson

Permission to Receive Pleasure is an interactive workshop designed to evaluate and re-imprint how we view and access pleasure – especially for individuals who do not see themselves as a part of mainstream culture (POC, Plus Size, Cultural/Religious Minority, Gender Non-conforming). Participants will be invited to explore both external & internal obstacles in regards to accessing pleasure in various life domains – especially within sexuality. Based on concepts from Tantra, Hypnosis and Dance Therapy, time will be spent learning how to utilize mindfulness and self-hypnosis to integrate concepts of self-love, self-fulfilling prophecies into a healthy lifestyle. As a bonus, we will also review some dance based therapies and learn how to allow these conscious and sub-conscious imprints relate to our everyday movement – both in and out of the boudoir.


Pleasure Principles

by Tyomi Morgan

Who are you as a sexual being and what does it take to get you to a level of complete ecstasy? Learn the art of not only giving pleasure to your partner but receiving pleasure! In this workshop, attendees will learn about the common hangups with receiving and giving pleasure and solutions for those issues. Walk away with a new awareness of what brings you pleasure and confidence in how to give that same pleasure in return.


Prostate Massage for Beginners

by Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

These pipes are clean! Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron guide you through the act of prostate massage for fun and good health. Although this class is for everyone, we’ll focus on cis men with apprehension about anal play. Of course, we will address anatomy, biological processes, relaxation, arousal, and ejaculation. If you have a prostate, this act will not only double your orgasms, it can also reduce your rate of prostate cancer. This class is open to givers and receivers of all genders and sexual orientation. It is also a lot of fun to attend as a couple.


The Pursuit of Pleasure: Dirty talk, pleasure, and healing from sexual trauma

by Cassandra Corrado

After sexual violence, our desires and behaviors often shift. These changes can be confusing and frustrating, particularly when paired with the array of feelings that may appear after we experience trauma. In this workshop, we will discuss the ways in which trauma can affect our sex lives and how we can work with our experiences, not against them. Through understanding how our desires and experiences of pleasure can shift after trauma and other life changes, we can work toward building positive playtime frameworks for ourselves and our partners. In this workshop, we will discuss dirty talk, kink, sex, and radical self-acceptance can help build a path in recovery. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of sexual trauma and how it affects our desires, mental health, and perceptions of pleasure. Participants will leave with concrete tools for supporting partners who have experienced sexual violence, as well as tools to help support themselves in their own recovery.


Queer & Trans Sexual Health

by Andy Duran

Body and sex positivity can be tricky landscapes to navigate and especially intense for queer and trans identified folks. So much emphasis can be put on gender identity and presentation, but what happens when the lights go down or doctor appointments come up? Join sex educators Andy Duran and Jack Rednour-Bruckman as they present a fun and informative workshop for queer and trans identified folk and the people who love and care for them. This workshop and discussion will focus on sexual health for queer & trans communities, and promote a more embodied, empowered, and authentic sexual experience for anyone struggling. Health care and sexual wellness are critical, yet so many queer and trans people don’t feel safe enough to access them. Dealing with pap smears, breast exams, prostate health, or a new lover can create fear and isolation. This workshop will help create a welcoming body positive space that is beyond the cis binary. Join us!


FILM SCREENING: Queer Moxie Documentary

by Heather Provoncha, Leo Hollen, Jr.; Panel: Treah Caldwell Sutphin, Coco Devereaux, James Darling, Caitlin Childs

Screening of documentary “Queer Moxie” followed by a panel of artists/activists featured in the film. We could also include live performances or a show featuring burlesque, drag, comedy, and spoken word artists featured in the film.


Radical Sex Positive Parenting

by The Sexual Liberation Collective

Join this conversation and skill share as we talk about how to create sex-positive families and communities as queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming parents and caregivers of young people. Facilitated by the members of the Sexual Liberators’ Collective, we will gather our collective wisdom and share some of our strategies and best practices. This workshop is for parents and care-givers of young folk to feel empowered to have more sex-positive, more affirming homes, and aims to reduce isolation for queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming parents and caregivers.


Rape Play for Queer and Trans Feminists

by Ignacio Rivera

There are dark desires that live within the depth of our minds only to come out in brevity to satisfy self pleasure. Uneasiness, guilt and a search for meaning in fantasy we have wanted so badly to pursue but something stops us. We struggle with our upbringings, politics, marginalization or identities, that clash when wanting to explore the taboo realm of rape play. Lets dig into the fantasy, unearth it, get dirty and maintain ourselves in the midst of it all.


Reality Bites: When Kink turns Silver

by Lady D

This is a class about recognizing the needs of elders and the elderly in the community. We will discuss the decline of elder participation and what we can do to improve that so we are not losing generations of experiences and stories. We will discuss the realities of being a senior and how that affects the community as a whole. What can we do to bring back the elder participation so that groups can benefit from their wisdom and expertise and those who have gone before us….before they’re gone.


Reclaiming the Words Used Against Us

by Maggie Heatley

How do we reclaim the words that were previously used against us negatively? Is one group able to claim those words more easily than another? Is the Slutwalk movement still powerful? Are you a queer? Dyke? Are you all of them? There will be an intro presentation on the origin and etymology of words in our communities and how their meaning both inside and out has changed. Then a guided discussion on how we are affected by these words whether they are embraced or not. How do they empower or disarm you?


Reflexology for Lovers

by Anandalila

A nourishing, nurturing technique to build warmth and affection between partners through touch. No experience is necessary to acquire the skills to give and receive a foot massage that can soothe the nervous system and stimulate the sex drive in people of all genders. This class can be especially helpful for anyone who is searching for ways to connect with significant others in a more sensuous, spiritual way. Singles, couples, and poly families/groups are always welcome. **Please note: if you are single you will be matched up with another person at the event. It cannot be guaranteed that they will be of your preferred gender. If you are concerned, please plan to bring along a partner you will feel comfortable touching.


Religion and the Politics of Sex

by Drew Konow

What we do with our bodies—with whom, to what end, and under what circumstances—is a long-standing political obsession. To say that religion is central to political conversations about sexuality is perhaps unsurprising today. Indeed, during the U.S. culture wars, religious contentions over sexuality were firmly ensconced in the American political landscape. This workshop explores the historical moments before the culture wars (e.g. turn of the century religion-based censorship of Ida Craddock, Margaret Sanger’s engagement with Protestant clergy, MLK’s relationship advice column in Ebony Magazine, and the Southern Baptist church’s support for legal abortion) to analyze how the politics of religion and sexuality operated before the culture wars. Second, drawing on Ann Pellegrini and Janet Jakobsen’s book “Love the Sin: Sexual Regulation and the Limits of Religious Tolerance,” this presentation will explore the relationship between sexual freedom and religious freedom in light recent attempts to use religious freedom to curtail sexual freedom. Finally, this presentation will cultivation conversations about how and to what extent religion can be engaged to further sexual freedom.


Savvy Strap-On Seduction

by Andre Shakti

Harnesses and dildos are sold to women who fuck women, men who fuck men, women who fuck men, men who fuck women and not to mention transgender folks of all orientations and expressions. People strap it on for a variety of reasons, some of which are: because it feels good, because playing with power dynamics is sexy, for double penetration, for variety in gender expression, for variety in cock size, shape, and color possibilities, because it looks hot, to have a permanent hard-on, and because watching your partner bob their head up and down on your cock is pretty awesome no matter what sex organs you were born with! Andre Shakti is the queen of cock confidence, and whether you’re a strap-on novice or a longtime aficionado, she’s ready to up your erotic ante!


Sensual Energetic BDSM

by Cazembe Abena/Lord Vesper

Sensual Energetic BDSM is a method of BDSM created by Cazembe Abena (aka Lord Vesper). Sensual Energetic BDSM is a more sensual, energetic, and intimate form of the art of BDSM than typically seen, and involves more healing, connecting, and energetic stimulation. In this intro to intermediate class, Lord Vesper will instruct you on how to run your own scene. Some of the topics covered will be – Trust, Control, and Vulnerability – The Importance of Pacing &

Sensuality – Emotional Healing, Chakra & Stimulation Points – The Art of The Caress, and more…


Sex Ed Without the Sex

by Cavanaugh Quick

How does systemic racism affect prophylaxis and disease-prevention? What role does class play in the development of gender presentation? As activists and organizers, questions like these often become basic parts of our dialogue — so why aren’t they reflected in advocacy for “comprehensive” sexual health education in classrooms? It’s not enough to encourage a move from teaching abstinence-only education, or inclusion of queer and trans identities and health needs. Truly comprehensive sex ed requires discussions of systematic oppression in the United States. What conversations do we need to have with young people before we ever begin talking about the sex? What support does new curricula offer to students who actually do want to choose abstinence? How do we aid teachers and facilitators in leading these conversations? Finally, how might these changes be beneficial in schools that are unwilling to stray from abstinence-only models? In this session we will explore practical tools for engaging these systems in our own sex ed curricula, and strategize ways to effectively introduce these modules to school administrators and teachers.


Sex, HIV and The New Millennium Woman – HIV Prevention For The Next Generation

by Nichole Diva

We are DEFINITELY not having our Grandmother’s Sex. Good, Bad or Otherwise … We must accept that Sex, Sexual Health, Sexual Pleasure and Personal Empowerment are very important pieces of a woman’s over all happiness. When there are issues of trauma, ignorance, fear or shame attached to any one of these aspects, making healthy sexual health decisions becomes challenging. A lack of personal and social agency, for many women, has contributed to the 30+ year old public health crisis; HIV. But we know that HIV is 100% preventable and PrEP is the first and only tool, for women, which can be used without the knowledge or permission of their partner. Our Bodies…Our Protection! Sex, PrEP and The New Millennium Woman will address our current sexual health and HIV/STI prevention tool box and introduce our newest HIV prevention tool; Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP, a Pill A Day prevention option, was approved in 2012 by the FDA and is approved for use by adult Men and Women. This presentation Woman will address the challenges of getting the word out to the Women’s Community, Cost and Access and the overall safety of using a pill to prevent HIV.


Sex Mechanics 101

by Tyomi Morgan

Foreplay, sex positions, erogenous zones, there is so much to know about sex! Learn about the basics of sex mechanics and how they apply to different body types, health concerns and even genital sizes. Attendees can expect to learn the basics of sexual technique and how to determine what works best for their uniqueness. Learn the basics and improve your sexual experiences.


Sexualizing Cancer

by Ericka Hart

This workshop will explore the intersections of Breast Cancer and Sexuality. Breast Cancer patients are often plagued as ‘inspirational porn’ showing their scars to inform others to get mammograms and do self-exams, all the while stripping them of their sexuality. This workshop explores how the speaker has personally healed through her experience with breast cancer through kink and sexualizing her scars, rather than viewing them as sources of inspiration. The workshop will challenge the audience members to view chronic illnesses and disability beyond a traumatic experience.


Steel and Stilettos Fitness™

by Jasmine Johnson-DeCosta

Steel and Stilettos Fitness workout is a balance of body weight strength training, low impact cardio exercises, and sexy movements; with an added emphasis on confidence building. Steel and Stilettos Fitness™ aims to enhance physical fitness using a common desirable accessory and utilize empowerment techniques to increase self confidence & overall well-being to participants.


Storytime with Monet Magnolia and Friends *Brown Bag Session*

by Monet Magnolia

In 2015, Monet Magnolia produced her first Storytime with Monet Magnolia and Friends (formerly Naked Lady Reading Room) to celebrate her love of reading, books and being an extremely shy exhibitionist. So what exactly is SWMMF? Strip down, adjorn yourself in all your naked finery and be prepared to read to fellow nude enthusiasts and supporters. Each participant should be prepared to read for 8-10 mins. Must be comfortable being nude in front of others.


Straight Talk: Hetero Mono Dialogues

by Stacey Herrera

There is a lack of conscious communication in monogamous relationships, particularly hetero-mono. This absence of conscious communication often creates discontentment and mistrust. This workshop is all about introducing the concept of transparency, the kind that is encouraged and cultivated in alternative (i.e. polyamorous and non-monogamous) relationships, into a heterosexual monogamous setting.

We will explore the following:
– The #1 reason that most hetero-mono relationships fail.
– Why hetero-mono couples avoid talking about money.
– The reasons that sexual expectations and boundaries are often ignored.
– Using conscious communication to prevent uncoupling.


Transgressive Sex – Awareness, Power, and Pleasure

by Madame Estrella

Many of the practices that we engage in when we are part of the alternative sexual community mimic illegal, immoral, or legally questionable activities. Resistance play can look like assault. Rough sex can appear the same as rape. Age play resembles pedophilia. We sometimes use existing power structures such as those in corporate America, the military, the prison-industrial complex, and dysfunctional families to create scenes that arouse us. What is our responsibility to ourselves, our communities, and society at large to interrogate our desires? Is it ever necessary or appropriate to modify our sexual expression? As players dedicated to responsible and honest communication, as well as to hot, transgressive sex, how can we strike a balance? This class will explore those ideas in a climate of confidentiality and acceptance.


Transitioning and the Erotica: A Transgender journey to pleasure

by Holiday Simmons

This guided discussion will engage participants around the issues of sex, sexuality and desire as it relates to gender transitions. Open to people who identify as trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, other related identities, and our allies.


Trans-Queering Your Sex

by Ignacio Rivera

Interested in a Trans person, gender queer person or gender non-conforming person? Wanna have fun and be respectful. Wanna experience “non-traditional” sex and desire that is not based on stereotypes? Well this is the workshop for you. Open to all sexual orientations and genders.


Trigger Warning: Staying Cool, Calm, & Collected in a Seriously Fucked-Up World

by Sinclair Sexsmith

One or more of your identities are invisible to others. You want to negotiate safer sex but you are (or your partner is) tongue-tied. You’re healing from trauma and everything is overstimulating and hard. You are in a kinky relationship, but you’re not sure if it’s healthy or abusive. You feel the effects of sexism and devaluing of femininity everywhere, even in places you thought were safe. … Does this sound familiar? As we become more aware of the intersectional kyriarchy and how race, class, ability, sexuality, gender, and other hierarchical social constructs effect us, it is increasingly frustrating to make our way in the world safely. But there are real-world, practical, varying strategies for these situations. Come strategize ways to solidify your boundaries, take care of yourself, and support each other when the world is a hostile and seriously f-ed up place. This workshop is aimed toward sensitive social change makers, artists, queers, and other radical outlaws.


When Sex is Scary: Discussing Sexual Abuse in Intimate Partner Relationships

by Dr. Natasha Watson Mack

Domestic violence (DV) is not a new phenomenon. Individuals are generally aware that when one person in an intimate relationship uses tactics to control the other partner in the relationship (physical abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, stalking, etc.), it is considered DV or intimate partner violence (IPV). However, when people think of sexual abuse they typically think of a vulnerable child being violated. Sometimes they think of a predator jumping out of the bushes and assaulting an unsuspecting victim. They rarely think about sexual abuse within the confines of an intimate relationship. But sexual abuse by intimate partners is far more prevalent than most people realize. It can be a tactic used as a means to gain and exert power and control in a relationship that is already unhealthy and experiencing domestic violence.


White People Serving as Allies for POC in AltSex Communities: Using White Privilege Against Itself

by Elisabeth Sheff

In this session, Elisabeth Sheff introduces the concept of white privilege, explains some of its various expressions, and uses some examples of white privilege from her own life to explore the insidious and invisible nature of white privilege. Next, Sheff uses data from studies on consensual non-monogamy and kink/BDSM to explain the overwhelming whiteness of AltSex environments in the US and elsewhere, and provide some reasons for the scarcity of POC in mainstream AltSex culture. Finally, Sheff provides some examples of the ways that white participants can use their privileges to advocate on behalf of POC in their environments and challenge racism in daily life.


Who We Fuck Is Political: Desire Mapping & Decolonizing Beauty Standards

by Ashleigh Shackelford

In understanding the politics of our desire and attraction, mapping who and what we seek in relationships, intimacies, and love are constructed by our environments, identities, navigation, and access to power. This workshop will allow for us to individually explore and further dissect our desire for others and our navigation in being desired by others. Using interactive exercises, pop culture/ media, and bringing our internalized beauty mythologies and desire politics forth – participants will walk away with the understanding of how their desire may have been constructed through pervasive beauty standards, marginalization of their own identities, and internalization of hierarchies of worthiness. Desire mapping will look at how race, gender, sexuality, class, size, ability, accessibility, environment, presentation, and performance all play a part in who we seek to engage with romantically, sexually, or intimately.


Written In The Flesh Erotic Readings *Brown Bag Session*

by Yoseñio V Lewis

Written In The Flesh (WITF) is an annual event to bring together those warm minds, hot thoughts and steamy words in a chill and relaxing environment. Though focused on providing opportunities for People of Color to express their sexuality creatively, WITF is open to all. Written In The Flesh celebrates the passion that simmers in our thoughts and our loins. As we always say, “We want what turns you on to get us off!”

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