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Anal Sex for Everyone w/ Tristan Taormino
Welcome to the wonderful world of anal pleasure! In this funny, educational class, Tristan covers a wide variety of topics, including: myths about anal sex; anal anatomy, the G-spot, and the prostate; basic preparation and hygiene; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex; anal penetration for beginners, and much more! Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure and get all your questions answered.

"And you all know about each other?":

Trust, Transparency, & Poly Loving in the South

w/ Nayazha Coleman Featuring Dr. Justin Clardy & Dani Constable

In this workshop participants will explore West African concepts of relationships while diving deep into what it means to be poly from a Queer, Black perspective. We will center women in this conversation and look at the ways colonialism and heteronormativity influences our views on queer relationship structures. We will bust some myths, put the stereotypes down, and spread open our perspective on love. This workshop will also include an intimate panel where participants will have an opportunity to ask any burning questions and get down to the nitty gritty about non-monogamous living.



Art of Dirty Talk w/ Marla Renee Stewart, MA

Are you a little shy when it comes to expressing yourself in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re good in bed, but you want to bring your sexual life to new level? Whatever it is, this workshop will help you to speak up in bed, as well as get you and your partner to a more sexually arousing state. Practicing words, power, intonation and intention, we will help you to magnify your sexual potential. We will use our creative imaginations to guide us in imagery that enhances our sexual energy and also learn ways to stimulate our hormones to achieve our sexual goals. Get ready to experience just how dirty you can get!

The Art of Erotic Dance: Lapdancing 101 w/ Andre Shakti

When we find ourselves thoroughly infatuated with a new partner, often we're so excited to get to the main action that we tragically overlook an opportunity for a little old-school seduction. Likewise, if your seasoned relationship has begun to feel stale, you may be scrambling to once again rev up your partner’s engine. Do you wish you could gracefully navigate and elongate those moments between being fully dressed and completely nude? Has a partner suggested you “dance” for them, and you were confused by what they meant? Never fear - this is the class for you!

The Art of Sexual Imagery: Manifesting Desire through the Imagination w/ Shadeen Francis

From our identities to our experiences, sex is a non-linear path. Although the past may be already be written, we are not bound by it; every moment in our lives is open to greater possibilities and new interpretations. What does that mean for how we envision our sexual futures? How can we use the transformative power of imagination to manifest greater pleasure, peace, and connection? In this interactive workshop, we will deeply explore our desires in order to (re)imagine our sexual futures. Drawing on ancestral, magical, and communal knowledge, attendees will each leave with their own tangible guide to manifesting their visions. This workshop will provide opportunity for exploration through various creative media, including art-making, music, and dialogue.


Babe is Bisexual! Now what is NEXT!! w/ Dee & Laydee Vee

What happens next after opening up to your mate that you are bisexual? How do you deal with the emotional Bi Rollercoaster that follows? Join Sexperts Dee H Black & Laydee Vee as they delve into being married & bisexual. This seminar will focus on how to have open communication with your mate about your bisexuality and how you express it while maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

Backroom Revolutionaries: How Sex Shop Workers Became the Gatekeepers of the Sexual Revolution w/ Dirty Lola & Hunter Riley

In the workshop we’ll discuss common questions sex shop customers have for educators, ways you can connect with sex shops to create mutually beneficial relationships, and the role sex shops play in helping “newbies” find their sexual identity and communities to support them. Most importantly we’ll explore why it’s important to work with and support the sex shops you know and trust. 


Bedroom Bondage w/ JonGunnar

In this class, we will cover how to tie a nice open chest harness and other ties. Bring your own rope (2x30ft and 2x15ft) or you can buy Happy Kitten Rope in in the class. Topics covered in the class: Chest harness, Texas handcuffs, Single column tie, Double column tie.  We will put into practical application the ties at the end of the class. All are welcome including beginner skill level.  For this class you will need 2x15ft and 2x30ft of rope. Happy Kitten Rope will be for sale in the class.

The Biochemistry and Neurology of Subspace w/ Sir Phoenix Black

& Princess Shadow

In this moderator lead discussion we will discuss the biochemistry, hormones and altered mental states behind subspace, topspace and drop. Tips on how to manipulate it, enjoy it and survive it. Also how you may want to alter your play and or aftercare based on pre-existing conditions in your bottom. This class is for nerdy D-types and geeky s-types who want to know the chemistry behind the reaction. 


Black Woman Wild Heart w/ Casey Johnson-Aksoy

Black women have rarely had images reflect their humanity, let alone their divinity. We never see images of black women in their softness, tenderness, sensuality, or powerfully owning their sexuality. Society has given us archetypes, (The Mammy, The Jezebel, The Welfare Queen, The Sapphire) that narrowly define the depth and breath of our self-expression, our spirits, and our way of being. But, what if we had new archetypes? Created for us and by us, that allowed us to embody the totality of who we are in all our glory. These new archetypes could create space for us to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually. It’s time for a reclamation. A reclamation of how we see ourselves, and how we see one another.


Bondage For Disabilities w/ Ignixia

If you've ever heard the phrase "you're too ___ for bondage" this class is probably for you. We'll cover a variety of bondage methods that can be used for different ability statuses in a fluid class structure so we can address individual concerns as they arise. Be sure to bring your favorite bondage tools whether it's rope, straps, plastic wrap, or something else entirely, so we can show practical application during roundtable-style problem-solving and troubleshooting.

Business Planning and Group Coaching Session — For Sexuality Professionals w/ Dr. Jess O'Reilly

This session will be outcome-focused and interactive. We’ll explore opportunities in the field of human sexuality and explore solutions to common challenges in the industry. You will be provided with two pre-session worksheets to complete and you will collaborate in small groups (threesomes!) along with the facilitator to accomplish the following: 

1. Plan and schedule specific action items to meet a business-related goal (e.g. product creation, project launch)

2. Identify openings and sources of support within your own network as well as within the extended networks of the participants and facilitator.

3. Collaborate to improve accountability and follow-through 

You will need to send business-related questions and challenges in advance HERE.

Confronting Whiteness and Racism in Sex Ed and Beyond w/ Tristan Taormino
Are you a white person who’s ready to get their shit together but doesn’t know where to begin? Come to this workshop on individual and systemic anti-racist work. We will examine concepts like microaggressions, white fragility, colorblindness and how racist norms intersect with gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, and other identity markers. Let’s identify the big and small ways that we do harm to people of color and reinforce white supremacist values (regardless of intention). We will support one another as we look inward to explore where racism shows up in our lives, how we acknowledge our privilege, and what we can do when we are called in/out. First learn how to do the personal work of seeing how we internalize the values of and benefit from white supremacy. Then develop practices in our sex ed and our personal lives to interrupt and subvert racial oppression and uplift the voices of marginalized folx. Ultimately, we must develop tools to shift out of a place of defensiveness and shame and into one where we can be thoughtful, self-aware, resilient allies and co-conspirators with people of color. Note: this will be an all-white space—not to further segregate, but to allow white people to take on the labor of educating ourselves and each other. It’s a space where we can ask “stupid” questions, make mistakes, and support each other to learn and grow. This workshop utilizes the White Anti-Racist Culture Building Toolkit created by Alliance of Anti-Racists Everywhere LA (AWARE-LA), an affiliate of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).


Consciously Condomless: Pleasure Without Barriers w/ Justyn Hintze

As educators, activists, parents, and advocates, many of us have listed (again and again) all of the reasons to use condoms, dental dams, and saran wrap. And then, we don't always practice what we preach. This interactive workshop will be an honest, raw conversation about bodily fluids, pleasure, desire, and asking for what we want while respecting partners' needs.

Cucumber Foreplay: Let’s Get Juicy w/ Gigi Robinson

Join Gigi Robinson, The Yoni Cucumber Cleansing Lady, as she not only teach you the holistic benefits of the cucumber, but also how to shape and use it during foreplay to get those vaginal juices pumping! This class includes a 3 min 101 Demo, displaying the proper use of the Cucumber during foreplay.

Dirty Computer: Selling Sex Online in the Shadow of SESTA/FOSTA

w/ Amina Peterson

Censorship has gone mainstream, is your computer dirty? Join Goddess Amina of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra and learn tips and techniques for sex workers, educators and advocates to access and reach your target market on major social media networks as well as offline. Learn how to screen without reviews, how to brand yourself, and how to keep from being shadowbanned, blocked and deleted.

Disability & Chronic Illness in Kink w/ Sacara & Asha Leong

Round table for kinksters dealing with disabilities, conditions and illnesses while trying to have active dynamics and play. Let's unload and troubleshoot!  Take some time to connect and discuss life with other folks trying to enjoy kink and BDSM with health challenges.

Discarding Our Sexual Scripts w/ Dr. J'aime Grant

All of us have overarching narratives of who we are and what we are ‘allowed’ to want given our identities.  Are we hot, hungry sluts with secret attachments?  Are we monogamous nesters hiding our many lusts?  Are we poly champions who deflect and disavow our jealousy?  Are we Olympiads in the sack with needs we never express?  How can we get past the stories we tell ourselves to have better sex and more satisfying intimacy?  How does telling the truth to ourselves and our sex partners strengthen our relationships and our lives beyond the bedroom?    

Divided We Fall: Community, Activism, & Empowerment Within the Sex Industry w/ Andre Shakti

Sex workers remain one of the most victimized, criminalized, and dehumanized marginalized populations in mainstream society. We’re routinely underestimated, our skillsets underutilized, and our value reduced to ornamental and temporary. Without our work being universally recognized as legitimate labor, we suffer from a lack of benefits and protections that could combat how vulnerable so many of us are. Despite all of this, we persevere as members of the world’s oldest healing profession. This is a discussion-based workshop restricted to folks that have been - or are currently active in - the sex industry.


Explore the Art of Tantra: Expanding your Orgasmic Pleasure

w/ Brion & Karen Craig

Learn how to harness the power Authentic Tantra to explore and expand your orgasmic potential. We will teach you Tantric pleasure practices and techniques that you will be able to use to take your self-pleasure to the next level and/or to please your partner in ways never before imagined. This class is for both male and female bodied individuals as well as couples.

"Fast Black Girls" (Shame & Sexuality):The Black Woman's Journey to Sexual Empowerment w/ Shayla Tumbling

This session will cover the topic of shame and how it impacts our sexuality. we will take an exploration into the different areas of shame. We will examine the concept of shame. We will explore how shame impacts our sexuality, sexual expression, and our ability to be sexually liberated & empowered. We will discuss solutions for becoming sexually empowered.



Fat Fuckers w/ Ruthie & sarah

Soft, luscious, rolling, expansive, fat bodies are overflowing with unique opportunities to be bodies of sexual abundance, pleasure, and joy. Ready to tap into the full potential of larger bodies? Join Dr. Ruthie and Sarah Meng for an experiential celebration and exploration of many ways in which we can draw out the pleasures of our hearts, brains, and ample flesh. All bodies are wanted, welcome, and enough here. Participants are welcome to join us in gentle hands-on activities, or to watch and help hold affirming energy with us. This workshop will focus on queer sex, however straight and cis-gender allies are warmly welcomed to join. 

Fetish Fitness: Fortifying Your Body For Play w/ Candace "Coach Felyne" Liger

How can you better use your body in your pleasure seeking? Combining beginners-based workouts, holistic health & wellness tips, and erotic dance fitness with D/s protocol and KINK, Felyne Fetish Fitness class plays on the natural exercise domination in trainer/client relationships to help push you towards better overall health and pleasure. Our goal is to develop a deeper connectivity to our bodies through movement, nutrition, hydration, and fitness to manipulate use our natural physiological responses to enhance full body stimulation. Make your submission count - increase your energy, have MORE pleasure, learn about incorporating healthy habits to enhance your erotic lifestyle, and have the luxury of serving an animated, powerful Mistress as a perk. Yes Coach Felyne!


How to Have Good Sex: Talking to Youth About Pleasure

w/ Haylin Belay & Desiree Caro

Young people deserve the information they need to have happy, healthy, responsible sex lives - and that means sex education must go beyond condoms on bananas and pictures of STIs. Come learn about the importance of discussing pleasure in the sex ed classroom and gain practical, developmentally-appropriate skills for talking to youth about how to have good sex.

Fuck It Up Without Fucking It Up: Ethical and Sexy Non-Monogamy

w/ Ruthie & sarah

Bring your open hearts and open thighs to this slut-loving workshop! Consensual Non-Monogamy can challenge systems of oppression as we engage in healthy, respectful, and sexy dynamics that recognize social and relational power complexities. Join us in exploring how to experience more ethical, liberatory, and nurturing non-monogamy in your own life. Learn new considerations and strategies for dating in which your communication is an open as your sex life, and sex feels as good for your heart as it does for your bits. Designed for couples who want a more open relationship, as well as for individuals who play with people in established relationships, this workshop includes tools you can use immediately as well as room for discussion and exploration. 

Get Made and Get Paid: How to make money with your brilliant content w/ Jean
This workshop will help you explore how you can hone in on your brand voice, find the right channels to distribute that message, determine the value for your content and then get paid to share your unique knowledge and experience! By the end of this workshop you will know: - How to establish your personal brand and craft your unique message - How to attract the right audience with the right products through the right distribution channel - How to create and promote an effective Call to Action - How to engage a loyal community around you - How to monetize the different types of content you create.

Give the Gift of Nudes w/ The Pleasure Chest

Want to give your partner the gift that keeps on giving? This workshop will share tips and tricks on taking the best nudes, as well as work-arounds if you're too shy to share the whole shebang!

How to Create Amazing Scenes w/ Midori

Learn the subtle but powerful art to creating mind-blowing scenes… the sort of experience that leave you and your partner in a state of bliss and pleasure. So much of being confident in play and sex has to do with how we set up the experience, understand what you and your partner really want, and becoming fully present. Have you felt like you might be missing the mark on full satisfaction with your play? Do you feel like you’re often hesitating or doubtful during play? Have you felt misunderstood or that you mis understood them? Midori shares with you her revolutionary, compassionate, hot, humanistic and naturally flowing method for setting up your next amazing scene! Come to this class to find out what's between the lines and under the skin. There's so much more to amazing scenes than just knowing how to use the tools. Whether you are a seasoned top, experienced bottom, novice to topping or new to bottoming, this class will share with you what you can do before the scene to maximize scene success and increase confidence. Learn about the essential questions the person topping should ask. Find out the questions the person bottoming should ask to prepare for a great scene. Bring note-taking material and your questions! For all levels of experience. All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.

Identifying and Defending Against Manipulative Behavior

w/ Alexandra Tyler, LCSW, CCH

This class will explain unintended manipulative behavior and intentional manipulative behavior and some of the warning signs. We will also discuss how to establish boundaries kindly and compassionately, and how to know when to defend boundaries more assertively and how to do that. We will discuss the emotional discomfort that often interferes with defending boundaries and how to overcome that discomfort.

Inducing Lactation and Co-nursing for Queer, Trans, and Poly Families

w/ Jacob Engelsman

In this workshop I will discuss safe and effective methods of inducing lactation for people who are interested in feeding an infant. We will also discuss ways to talk to your partners and other family members about your decision.


Inducing Lactation for Kinksters w/ Jacob Engelsman

In this workshop I will discuss safe ways for anyone to try to induce lactation for sexual gratification or BDSM fun. We will also discuss why people might be interested in this and things you can do with your milk should you make a significant amount.

Interdependence or Codependence? w/ Alexandra Tyler, LCSW, CCH

This class explores the foundational ingredients for healthy relationships. We will discuss individual rights and personal boundaries, responsibilities to yourself and your relationships, negotiating expectations, accepting unpleasant realities, honoring informed consent, emotion regulation skills and why they are important to healthy relationships, identifying controlling behaviors in yourself and in others.

Introduction to Sex Magick w/ Koko Kitten

This workshop is an introduction to different forms of sex magick from basic tantric techniques to arcane occult rituals. By adding some sex into your magick or some magick into your sex, you can design your own sex magick rituals through combining various sex and magick tips and techniques whether solo or partnered. No matter your belief system, you can discover the magic of self-empowerment and energy healing that’s possible through sexual spiritual exploration.

Knuckle Up!: Vaginal and Anal Fisting w/ Andre Shakti

Attention All Size Kings and Queens! Fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have only seen it on their computer screens, yet it's one of the most intimately connective, revolutionary sex acts you can engage in! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers!

Licking Honey off the Thorn: How to Navigate Trauma through Pleasure and Resilience w/ Jamila Dawson

Sexual pleasure and trauma are opposite somatic experiences but both affect how we think, feel, and show up in our sexual lives and in our relationships. For people who have experienced or who are experiencing trauma, there can be considerable confusion, anger, shame, and deep distress as they navigate their sexual lives. Traditional sex therapy tends to address sexual trauma from an individualistic, acontexual, function/dysfunction model. But what if we looked at the mindful cultivation of individual and communal pleasure as a potential antidote to trauma? During this presentation, we will discuss how new findings in neuroscience and the concepts of pleasure, resilience, and play can offer an alternative that brings us closer to relational sexual wellness.

The Misconception of Lesbian Masculinity w/ Consuela Sarlow

In the black masculine lesbian community identities are not clear cut. The preformed notion of being masculine of center hinders many from being open to what they like inside and outside the bedroom. Many different lovestyles and relationships choices to choose from Stud4 Stud poly, BDSM and being asexual. Being masculine has nothing to do with sex. The freedom to express our love for each other is a freedom of choice that is still looked down upon in our community . To believe that there is one way to be a certain label can be a hindrance for one to live a fulfilled life and having self acceptance. The spectrum of being a masculine lesbian woman of color is broad from soft studs to the hardest of them all. At the end of the day love conquers all.


More Fats, More Fems: Body Confidence in The Bedroom w/ Carly Steif

Are you just as tired as we are of seeing "no fats, no fems" on dating profiles? I'll share my tips for protecting yourself from societal negativity, and how to be the most confident person you can be! I'll also show you some of my favorite toys and hacks for bigger bodies for play and beyond! Open to anyone who wants to be more confident or wants to help their lover be more confident.

#MouthMasterclass w/ Samia Burton

#MouthMasterclass is a class for women to learn the art of performing oral sex on males. This is a hands on course where each participant received a dildo to participate so that they leave the course having tried everything demonstrated and asking any questions that they might have.


Naked Yoga for Every Body w/ Anandalila

Stretch your mind and free your body in this gentle, all-levels, weight-neutral class for people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This is a clothing optional practice, so you can be as naked as you want to be. Please bring a yoga mat or beach towel to practice on, a small towel for hygiene if you plan to disrobe fully, and a bottle of water with a lid to stay hydrated. Suitable for Absolute Beginners as well as those with More Experience.

Orgasm as a Healing Modality w/ Nikki Morgan

Orgasm's purpose expanded. I wish to share my findings on how the malleability of sexual energy and the potency of being in an orgasmic space can be used to balance uncontrollable cravings, heal from old hurts, enhance intimacy, telepathy and creativity. I will connect how these acknowledgements or lack thereof can affect cultural survival through the effects colonization.

Orgasmic Breathwork Circle w/ Evanye Lawson, LPC, CH.t

This presentation will start with teaching on the power of the breath and how to use it for daily orgasmic pleasure and how to heal trauma/depression/anxiety. I will guide the participants in how to breathe during the breathwork process. Then the participants will experience a full breathwork process which is an active meditation with semi-fast inhales and exhales. Music and hypnosis will be used in the breathwork process.

Pervertibles: An Intro into the World of BDSM w/ Casey Carter

Are you new to BDSM and don’t know what to buy or too embarrassed to go to the toy store? Or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran looking for something new to add to your repertoire. This workshop teaches you how to use items laying around your house, what to buy at the local hardware store or dollar store and how to create impromptu kink moments at the drop of a dime.

Pillow Talk: How to Explore [Good] Porn with your Partner w/ Alisha Fisher

We see it plastered all over the headlines: There’s a Porn Crisis and it’s Ruining Your Relationship! But is it really porn that we should be worried about? Porn is a sexual taboo. It’s also a multi-billion-dollar industry, garnering 100 million daily visits (one site). In this session Alisha Fisher will explore the impacts of pornography on intimate relationships and re-define how we watch it and talk about sexual satisfaction. Alisha will also cover how to access ethical porn; the impact cultural silence has on sexual exploration, consent, kink, sexuality, and gender; and how open communication can improve our sexual wellbeing and connections.

Polyamory & The Sexuality Spectrum w/ Q & Talloolah Love

This open discussion workshop dealing with the intersections of poly relationships with partners who aren't on the same spectrum sexually, be it asexuality, gender transitions, etc and how these relationship dynamics work in a non-monogamous relationship model.

Pregnant Pause: Sexuality in the Childbearing Year w/ Lucky Tomaszek

The childbearing year can be a real wild ride for birthing parents of all genders. When sexual problems arise during those 12-ish months, it can be difficult to know the source. Is this a physiological issue, resulting from the typical changes of pregnancy or birth? Or is this an emotional issue, just another complication of the radical hormone shifts that often present in pregnant and postpartum people? We’ll talk about the typical (and fascinating!) anatomical and hormonal changes that take place throughout those 12-ish months, and their potential impact on sexual health and function.

Radical Sex Positive Parenting w/ Asha Leong, Alba Onofrio, Roan Coughtry

Join this conversation and skill share as we talk about how to create sex-positive families and communities as queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming parents and caregivers of young people. Facilitated by the members of the Sexual Liberation Collective, we will gather our collective wisdom and share some of our strategies and best practices. This workshop is for parents and caregivers of young people to feel empowered to have sex-positive, affirming families homes, and aims to reduce isolation for queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming/polyamorous/non-mnogomous parents and caregivers.

Radical Twerk: Reclaiming Your Black Body w/ Afrosexology
This workshop explores a new perspective on twerk, one that places this dance in its historical and global context and as one strategy to liberating and reclaiming our Black bodies and sexuality. Together we will:
- Learn about women centered cultural dances from around the globe
- Openly discuss current and personal connections to twerking
- Develop your own radical twerk practice


Resiliency & Support for Trans Patients Talking with Healthcare Providers

w/ Von DeWitt & Bobbi Gass

Trans folks have the right to informed, competent and affirming sexual healthcare. In this workshop we will offer some tools and resources to equip you for a range of sexual health care conversations: how to talk about your body and the sex you have with your provider, combatting homophobia and transphobia, STIs and what tests are most needed, fertility and sexual functioning, sexual assault and intimate partner violence, kink, sex work, and more. By practicing these skills in session, we’ll guide folks through how to set themselves up for more empowering healthcare experiences. We believe we as trans folks can work to combat stigma and transphobia and demand healthy and supportive sexual health care that truly serves us. By reclaiming our own sexual narratives we can demand more than "good enough" services-- but excellent, affirming, and effective healthcare.


Reverend Sex & the Gospel of the Erotic: Reclaiming Our Sacred Desire

w/ Reverend Sex

​In the legacy of Audre Lorde's work on the deep transformative power of the erotic, Reverend Sex accompanies Queer & Trans family in ​the process​es​ of naming and honoring ​authentic personal desires in the face of spiritual domination in order to thwart the systems of power that seek to control our minds and bodies through shame, coercion, violence​, and fear​. Desire is the most powerful gift from the Divine that we each possess. Because it so deeply connects us to our knowing of ourselves, of each other, and the Divine, it is deeply dangerous to systems of domination that seek to control our bodies through guilt and shame, through coercion and violence. So how do we ​break through these messages and live into our most authentic sexual selves? How do we ​name and claim our desires in the face of spiritual domination and build our practice of noncompliance to evil?​ ​Join us as we explore these topics together!

Rope Bondage: Control and Control Moves w/ Midori

Learn effective rope moves to enhance control. Whatever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity of your scenes. In this hands-on class, you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides. Whether you enjoy Kinbaku, Shibari, Westen, Predicament, Damsel in Distress, Take-downs or Confrontational play, these techniques will integrate well into your fun! No experience necessary. Pair attendance is encouraged, but solos are welcome as well. If you come solo, you’ll be paired with other solos for practice. Throughout the class, Midori will help attendees with skill growth. Each exercise has purpose and philosophy behind it to deepen your play, whether you cast or receive rope, or enjoy all sides of the rope in your private play. Everyone is expected to do all the exercises. This will enhance your personal play!

Wear: Comfortable clothing. Shoes with good floor grip or good yoga socks.

Bring: One or two lengths of rope that you usually play with. If you’re not sure, bring one or two lengths of 20 to 30 feet of ropes. If you don't have rope, there will be some available to borrow.

Sex As Healing:Better Sex & Better Self Care w/ Charlie Trotman

The Sex As Healing workshop is an experience of self care through the lens and topic of sex. Using self care methods of guided meditation, visualization and touch exercises participants dive deeply into how sexual experiences manifest healing on all levels. The workshop is designed to aid peoples across sexual identities and experiences including survivors of sexual assault in moving through the healing process. Who says sex can't be a reflecting, healing and grounding experience?

Sex & Religion: Reaching The Church w/ ShaRonda Parker

The church is an untapped market that the sex industry is missing out on. By attending this work shop I will give you the tools that I used to reach the church and to help them open up concerning the topic of sex. This workshop will explain why you can be saved, sexy, and sex positive.

Sex Work: Everything You're Scared to Ask w/ Andre Shakti

With all of the misinformation - or downright lack of information! - out there about those who work within the sex industry, it’s no wonder folks have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the exchange of fantasy for money between consenting adults. As we all can logically agree upon, education is one of the most effective means by which to combat stigma, stereotype, and fear. But where does the average person turn to learn about sex work? Andre Shakti is a veteran sex worker who has successfully operated within a multitude of industry genres, including - but not limited to - stripping, professional domination, webcam modeling, and porn performance. In “Sex Work: Everything You’re Scared to Ask!”, Andre will facilitate a forum that acts as a safe space for ALL of your burning questions, no matter how “stupid” or “silly”!

Shame & Sexuality w/ Rahim Thawer

As talking about mental health becomes more normalized, people are increasingly talking about depression and anxiety. But what about the more nuanced experiences such as envy, disgust, and shame? This workshop will delve into the concept of shame in particular and its many dimensions. We'll explore where our shame originates, the internalized messages we carry with us, and we'll consider how shame permeates our execution of desire and motivation for partner-seeking.

S[KIN] w/ Dalychia & Shayla

Skin Hunger is the reaction to a lack of meaningful physical connection with another human being(s). We live in a society that sexualizes all forms of touch, limiting the amount of platonic touch we are allowed to experience. Various studies have proven the healing power of touch and highlight what it means to be in a touch-deprived society (as well as how this deprivation can impact sociability, communication skills, emotion regulation, personal development, etc.). Such an environment exacerbates the difficulty in understanding and embracing consent in a society that is based on non-consensual settler-colonialist thought/behavior. This makes it difficult for us to ask for what we want, receive rejection, explore our experiences and narratives with touch, etc. Tackling all these issues, this workshop addresses various concerns, culminating with participants voluntarily partaking in a safe space for people of color to come and hug, cuddle and practice developing platonic intimacy. Everyone must provide consent to participate and everyone may opt out during any portion of the event. Join us to learn about Skin Hunger, how it manifests in our lives and how S[KIN]TM can help in beginning the healing process.


Southern Baptist Sex Positivity w/ Estee N. Dillard

In the Black Church there are many structures systems and theological presuppositions that oppose both sex positivity and being queer. This workshop will address biblical interpretations, Womanist theological teachings and sociology-cultural supportive resources for living fully into the identities; black, southern, queer, Christian, sex positive. The workshop will be part lecture part activity and part ritual to engage attendees in the practical spiritual worksheet Christian tradition can offer to facilitate healing and sexual liberation.

Squirtshop w/ The Pleasure Chest

Ever heard of home field advantage? Every body has it! Expand your understanding of the spongy spots we call "G" and "P" to achieve your wettest and wildest dreams when we go deep on anatomy and technique. Come see what all the gushing is about! Whether you have a g-spot, a p-spot, or you're not sure what's up with spongeplay, you're sure to take away some hand skills in this informative class.

Strap On, Get Off w/ The Pleasure Chest

Become acquainted with the arousing possibilities of strap-on sex. Our Sex Specialists will show you that strap-on sex can be fun for everyone! Among the subjects covered will be how to choose the best harness and dildo for you, enhancing mutual satisfaction, owning your strap-on cock, and why and how strap-ons can be worn by everyone.


Super Minority: Seeing, Honoring and Loving the Polyamorous Black Male

w/ Zach Budd

The presenter will draw from historical understandings, some research, and his own personal experiences as a Black American man who identifies as polyamorous to share the story of “where we came from and how we got here.” This deeply personal discussion will attempt to shed some light on the reality of being Black and polyamorous. It will also give insights into ways to having difficult conversations around race and where they intersect with relationships and polyamory. Also included will be some suggested ways of being a supportive partner to a Black, polyamorous individual. This workshop would be of benefit to anyone who wants to understand the uniqueness of the Black and Poly experience.

Take My Breath Away: Intro to Erotic Asphyxiation w/ Andre Shakti

Erotic asphyxiation - or breath control play- is the consensual restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal, and is a controversial topic even WITHIN the BDSM/Kink community. Curious about how to safely, intentionally, and intimately explore breath play from an informed place? Instructor Andre Shakti has seven years of personal and professional erotic asphyxiation experience.

Taking Pleasure to a Higher Level: The Basics of Sex & Cannabis

w/ Justyn Hintze, Frankie Vee

Whether you only partake at parties, or you’re an avid smoker, this interactive workshop will walk you through the basics of mixing sex and pleasure with cannabis. Finding the right strains and methods of consumption for your body can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Along with stress relief, pain management, and the facilitation of relaxation, cannabis can also enhance sexual experiences and pleasure by increasing sensations and heightening arousal.

Tantric Wonders: Unlocking Facets of Male Sexuality w/ Machel Hunt

Although often synonymous with sex, tantra is really about connection — whether that’s with yourself or between you and a partner.  In practice, tantra is about enlightenment: to transcend both the sexual and spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative, spontaneous, and intimate sex. When you learn and practice tantra, you become more in-tune with your body, what gives it pleasure, and the way it feels pleasure.  Machel’s Tantric sessions are curated specifically to engage the male psyche, to be more open, to be more in tuned and to elevate men’s sexuality.


Trauma Sensitive Tantra w/ Anandalila

For many of us living with the effects of trauma, both incidental and complex/relational, connecting with others on a sensual plane may be an emotional challenge. This workshop is designed to offer opportunities for people who have experienced trauma of any kind to participate in tantric activities that promote connection to self, others, and the Universe at large in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. Modalities will include group discussion as well as hands-on/non-sexual touch experiences. Supportive partners, friends, and allies are most welcome to attend.

The Triangle of Consent: A New Model of Affirmative Consent w/ Crystal Farmer

Consent is the process of creating an agreement between two people about how to move forward in a sexual relationship. While it’s easy to assume that these conversations should be easy, American society has never created a space for people to learn about consent in a straightforward way. What appears to be a simple issue of “yes” and “no” to sex often turns into a “he said, she said” when someone makes an accusation of sexual assault. This workshop offers a practical way to address consent in multiple situations by looking at power, agency, and communication.

The Ups & Downs of Multiples in Power Exchange Relationships

w/ Master Inferno, Lady Steele, Sir Odin

Lady Steele is collared to Master Inferno and serves Sir Odin as a part of their polyamorous leather household. All three members of the household have been asked at different points "how does it work with two Tops and one bottom"?  Serving more than one Top is simple, though it can be challenging at times. Please join this trio as they show how protocols and the 3 C's (calendaring, compersion and communication) keep their relationship a well-oiled, loving, caring machine.

The Uses Of The Erotic In The Time Of Resistance w/ M'Kali-Hashiki

To paraphrase Audre Lorde: to perpetuate itself, oppression requires the repression of the erotic because the erotic is a source of power that would allow the oppressed to rise up & overthrow their oppression. We must be fluid & flexible in understanding & using all the power at our disposal in order to sustain ourselves in the current struggles for justice. Using Lorde's seminal essay "The Uses Of The Erotic: The Erotic As Power" as a jumping off point, we will use the breath to access this potent force for collective & individual liberation that lies within each & every one of us.

Vulnerability through the Art of Burlesque w/ La Reina

This workshop explores the truth that every body is beautiful through the playful dance and art of burlesque. This dance can be used in every aspect of our lives, not just on a stage as a way of exploring the healing space it can provide and allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and exulted. In this workshop we will experience how movement and meditation can release insecurities that block the flow of sensuality and being comfortable in our own beautiful bodies.

When Consent Gets Complicated: Navigating Consent and Intoxicants w/ Lilith

This workshop is a nuanced discussion on the dynamics of consent and intoxicants. Most of us have heard the line, "One drink means you can't consent", which isn't always a realistic or practical scenario. You'll learn a new framework to evaluate the context for consent when intoxicants are involved, whether it's someone you just met or a partner of several years, so that everyone involved has a safe, enthusiastic, & pleasurable time!

When in Doubt, Refer Out: Building Bridges Between Sex Professions

w/ Lauren Hind & Marika Maypop

Despite discrimination, stigmatization, and criminalization, sex workers have continued to provide irreplaceably valuable experiences for folks seeking emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical care. This workshop advocates for sex workers to be seen, and called upon, as colleagues within the many fields of client-centered work. What do we all have in common? How can we support our colleagues who do similar work to what we do and especially distinctly different work than what we offer? What are the politics involved? What do we agree with and disagree with that our colleagues do? How does our working together benefit our clients, and ultimately, us all? What scares us about doing that?

Yoga for Sluts: Sex-Positive Movement w/ Haylin Belay

Self-identified sluts, freaks, bitches, and hoes: come for an energetic movement practice focused on healing, opening, and connecting to the groin and hips. This beginner-friendly flow, set to the music of hip-hops most unabashed sluts, will be followed with a guided visualization and close with a healing circle to reject slut-shaming and whorephobia. Folks of all gender identities and abilities welcome; no previous experience with yoga required and modifications will be made available.

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