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Activism For Introverts w/ Yoseñio V. Lewis & Shadeen Francis, MFT

Activists for Sexual Liberation come from all walks of life, from all ideologies, and all temperaments. For those of us that identify as Introverts, the cost of the social labor inherent in justice work may make activism inaccessible or unsustainable. This proves especially problematic when tied with other intersections in our worlds. In-group shaming and misunderstanding often keep introverted activists from practicing effective self-care or seeking support in their communities. This workshop aims to acknowledge the meaningful role of Introverts, encourage their continued presence in activist circles, and grow their ability to nurture themselves so they can sustain their fight for justice. 

Advertising Sex w/ Amina Peterson

How do we share the sex we have and get the sex we need in the digital age? Everyone from sex educators to sex workers to kinksters are tiptoeing through social media, walking a fine line between doing what we do and violating community standards. 5 Star YELP rated Sacred Sex Worker Amina discusses a variety of platforms and how we can be sexy enough on them to not get banned and to reach who we want to reach. 

The Art of Erotic Dance: Introductory Lap-Dancing w/ Andre Shakti

When we find ourselves thoroughly infatuated with a new partner, often we're so excited to get to the main action that we tragically overlook an opportunity for a little old-school seduction. Likewise, if your seasoned relationship has begun to feel stale, you may be scrambling to once again rev up your partner’s engine. Do you wish you could gracefully navigate and elongate those moments between being fully dressed and completely nude? Has a partner suggested you “dance” for them, and you were confused by what they meant? Did you scratch your head through “Showgirls” or “Flashdance” wondering how they make stripping look so effortless? Never fear - this is the class for you! 

The Baby Mama Bounce Back: Black Women Redefining Their Sexuality After Motherhood w/ Takeallah S. Rivera

Per the media, it is safe to say that black mothers' sexuality are not their own and that the only acceptable depictions of black mothers' sexuality are defined and controlled by every one except for Black mothers. "The Baby Mama Bounce Back" will discuss the policing of black mothers' sexuality and the respectability politics surrounding black mothers' bodily autonomy (particularly single mothers and sex workers).

Bedroom Bondage w/ JonGunnar

In this class, we will cover how to tie a nice open chest harness and other ties. Bring your own rope (2x30ft and 2x15ft) or you can buy Happy Kitten Rope in in the class. Topics covered in the class: Chest harness, Texas handcuffs, Single column tie, Double column tie.  We will put into practical application the ties at the end of the class. All are welcome including beginner skill level.  For this class you will need 2x15ft and 2x30ft of rope. Happy Kitten Rope will be for sale in the class.

Be Mine: Dimensions of Coercion & Control in Mononormative Culture w/ Dr. Liz Powell & Heather Elizabeth

While recent years have brought a welcome focus on consent in sex and relationships, we are also unfortunately steeped in a culture that encourages all sorts of insidious forms of coercion and control. Whether it’s rape culture themes that tell people to pester and stalk someone into dating them, popular ideas about what constitutes cheating, or pushing a partner for sex in long term relationships, mononormative culture often removes consent and disempowers those raised in it. When definitions of “cheating” can include fantasies, emotional support, and even finding a celebrity attractive, who among us is not cheating? Who actually owns our sexuality if our private thoughts are infidelities? When a partner can use guilt or pressured expectations about sexual duties to get the sex they want, where does that person and their sexuality stand outside of the relationship? Unfortunately, these cultural messages about coercion and control can be difficult to shake and even therapists and sex educators can find themselves perpetuating messages of disempowerment. In this class, we’ll discuss how to differentiate between boundaries, agreements, and rules and how different levels of empowerment vs. control tend to be present in each. We’ll also help unpack blind spots about control and coercion and identify ways to create greater consent and empowerment in relationships.

Best Practices in Sex Therapy w/ Christopher K. Belous, PhD & Samantha E. Heuwagen, MFT

This workshop will be designed for mental health practitioners to gain an understanding of current and cutting edge best practices within the field of sex therapy. This will include evidence-based approaches and contemporary theoretical constructs as well as interventions and programs that have shown research evidence for efficacy. Participants will walk away from this workshop with a more nuanced understanding of the process of sex therapy, and the best way to ethically treat concerns of a sexual nature. Social justice methodology and feminist pedagogical procedures will encourage participants to explore their own biases. 

Beyond Romance: Loving Our Friends Better w/ Roan Coughtry, MSW

Why do we place so much value in romantic relationships? Is romantic love hurting our friendships? Do we love our friends as much? In this workshop, we'll unpack the scripts that tell us how we're supposed to treat friends vs. lovers, and how they can keep our love stifled, limited, and set up for disappointment. Participants will explore the possibilities that can emerge when we queer these scripts, and what's possible when we place value in intimate friendships and are intentional with all of our relationships.

Beyond Who's Got the Check: Navigating Sexuality in Mixed-Class Relationships w/ Lyndon Cudlitz & Cavanaugh Quick

"Dating, loving, or fucking someone from a different socio-economic background can sometimes feel as if you’re operating in different languages – because you are. Class interacts with all of our identities, and shapes everything from the way we make decisions to whose opinions we are willing to trust.  In this workshop we will closely examine the specific ways that class interacts with sex and sexuality. Together we will identify and explore our values and desires for ourselves and our relationships; participants will leave with tools for communication and reflection in order to support health, equity, and transparency in mixed-class relationships. 

Black Non-Binary Love: Decolonizing Love, Desire, & Sex w/ Tyrell Cooper

This workshop serves as a platform to address the oppressive and oftentimes emotionally and mentally violent ways that black non-binary bodies are viewed in society; specifically, in relation to love, desire, and sex. This workshop content will help participants parse through the societal norms that are often held by the mainstream culture and address how these norms are imposed on black non-binary bodies and how that shows up in access to love, desire, and sex. Through this discussion and critique, several ideas for self-care are offered to deal with the substantial emotional and mental weight of the impact of the manifestation of these oppressive societal norms.  *QUEER & TRANS/GNC PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY* 

Blowjobs and Beyond:
Tips and Tricks for the Cocksucking Connoisseur w/ Bex Caputo

This isn’t Cosmo’s blowjob class! We’re going to take things to the next level: it’s time to make cocksucking kinkier, queerer, and a whole lot more fun. We’ll touch on beginner skills, then move on to cover facefucking, power dynamics, and strap-on blowjobs. We’ll also discuss flaccid cocksucking, AFAB cocksucking, and how to blow someone with a friend! This is a class for the true cocksucking enthusiast and is designed to explore the myriad of possibilities when it comes to sucking cock.

Brutal Affection: An Introduction to the Heat & Consent of Rough Sex w/ Felice Shays & Moose Stevens

Sweat, bite, need, kiss, laugh, pound, power and respect. With levity, respect, joy, and straight talk, Felice Shays will teach and demonstrate provocative Rough Sex physical and verbal techniques: slap, spank, restrain (or have those things done to you!); find + express your desires; push through your fears; rough up what you do + bring new thrilling dynamics to your sex. This is an (optional) interactive class for all genders, ages, bodies, physical abilities, and levels of experience.

Challenges of Raising a Sexually Abuse Child w/ Angelique Luna & John Luna

There are some dirty secrets no parents share between one another; whether it being ashamed to admit that they failed to protect their loved one to denial that it ever happened. Communication and trust will be your worst and best friend when it comes to dealing with your loved one. Patience and understanding come in handy when dealing with PTSD and other mental illness caused by Sexual Abuse. It is an ongoing emotional wrestling match, but there are a few moves you can learn that will help you survive.

Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease: Exploring Sexuality Through Colorism & Texturism w/ Dr. Donna Oriowo

While we may talk and learn about sex and sexuality in a variety of forums, it is still not common to learn about it through the lens of PoC. In this workshop, we will learn about the role of colorism and texturism in sex(uality) on a general and personal level. *PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY*


Communication & Negotiation for Nerds & Pervs w/ Bex Caputo

Have you ever been in the middle of a scene when something you thought was obvious becomes less clear? What happens when your partner thinks watersports involves a jet ski? And how do you tell if they’re submissive or just shy? Anyone who’s spent time in the scene could explain to you the importance of communication, but how much time do we actually spend practicing these skills? Whether you’re negotiating a single scene, or an entire dynamic - from light spanking to edge play - Bex will teach you the tools you need to walk into your scenes confident that you and your partner(s) are on the same page. Participants will leave with an understanding of linguistic precision, an upgrade to their Yes/No/Maybe lists, and tools to better understand their partners’ desires that they can implement TONIGHT!

Couples Pleasure Mapping Workshop w/ RebaTheDiva

This 2-hour workshop is geared toward couples of all sexual orientations and provides an interactive experience for participants to learn their partner's unique pleasure preferences. Couples will have a safe space to explore their passion and increase intimacy by making physical pleasure models adapted from The Graphic Sex Project ( Participants will also learn the "science of sex" and the human sexual response cycle while taking their own sexual inventory and brainstorming new sexual activities to try together. All couples will receive a gift bag with products and ideas to try at home.

The Cunning Linguist & The Art of Pussy Pleasing w/ Marla Renee Stewart, MA

Do you think you know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to pussy pleasing? Are you someone who just wants to learn some fancy new techniques? Or are you just orally challenged? Any way you look at it, there’s always something to learn when it comes to pleasing the vulva. Whether it’s with your long-term partner or brief lover or somebody in-between, you can use these step-by-step techniques to earn your lover’s admirability.

Current Advances in Sex Education for Adults w/ Christopher K. Belous, PhD & Samantha E. Heuwagen, MFT

This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to learn more about the process of designing and conducting adult sex education workshops, classes, or symposia. We will cover many modalities of instruction and for different types of learners, including: (1) traditional academic course design and instruction for universities and colleges, (2) community based learning strategies, (3) agency specified or government limited/required programming, (4) and private practice/educational strategies for those who own and operate their own educational companies. Current and cutting edge pedagogical methods will be introduced and discussed, as well as learning strategies, tips, techniques, and experiential models of engagement. Participants will leave the workshop with a working knowledge of how to design and conduct adult-focused sex education events. Additionally, resources will be provided to help participants develop marketing and business strategies to be successful and gain student-learners. 

The Digital Future of Consent: Online Call-Outs, Accountability & Social Media Healing Spaces w/ Zoë Ligon 

For many of us, the #metoo movement has dredged up memories of harassment, abuse and rape -- but we never signed up to be confronting these traumas AGAIN, right now. Rape culture isn’t new, but it’s being talked about with nuance for the first time. This session aims to address the contradictory, painful emotions that arise through online outings which can bring up our traumas, and how we can wield the internet and online communities to heal, protect, and move forward.

Divided We Fall: Community-Building, Activism, & Empowerment Within the Sex Industry w/ Andre Shakti

Sex workers remain one of the most victimized, criminalized, and dehumanized marginalized populations in mainstream society. We’re routinely underestimated, our skillsets underutilized, and our value reduced to ornamental and temporary. Without our work being universally recognized as legitimate labor, we suffer from a lack of benefits and protections that could combat how vulnerable so many of us are. Despite all of this, we persevere as members of the world’s oldest healing profession. We are therapists, concierges, custodians, stylists, coaches, babysitters, orators, athletes, academics, artists, caretakers, and mind-readers. We are GIFTS, and we deserve to be routinely reminded of our worth as well as rewarded for our service. *PAST/CURRENT SEX WORKERS ONLY*

Ethical, Nurturing, and Sexy Non-Monogamy w/ Dr. Ruthie

Consensual Non-Monogamy can work in healthy, respectful, and sexy ways! Join us in exploring how to experience more ethical and nurturing non-monogamy in your own life. Learn new considerations and strategies for dates and dating in which your communication is an open as your sex life, and sex feels as good for your heart as your bits. Designed for couples who want a more open relationship, as well as for individuals who play with people in established relationships, this workshop includes tools you can use immediately as well as room for discussion and exploration. 

Facesitting 101 w/ Dee H Black & Laydee Vee/ DVpassion 

Have you ever wanted to get on top of your mate’s face but, wasn’t confident in your skills?
Well this one is for you!!! Learn how to successfully and sexual pleasure your mate through facesitting, how to find comfortable techniques to position you and your partner, how to build up your confidence for the occasion, how to establish “SAFE WORD” movements while riding. (It’s hard to use your voice if your mouth is occupied), and last but not least, learn how to create space for leverage so everyone is
comfortable. It's your time to shine, baby.

First Base Plus Party w/ Dr. Ruthie 

Meet new friends and make out with them! Join us for rousing games of Spin The Bottle merged with Seven Minutes In Heaven, as well as creative twists on Truth Or Dare. If you thought these games sounded fun as a teenager, just wait until you see how Dr. Ruthie does it! Their unique facilitation and ground rules help to co-create a supportive, welcoming, and very steamy party without the trappings of social pressure and coercion that used to ruin the fun. We’ll cheer you on while you and your eagerly consenting dates explore hot questions, kiss, canoodle, get kinky, or whatever else your hearts (and bits) desire.

From Book to Brand w/ Casey Carter

From Book to Brand isn’t just another writer workshop. Its an actionable gameplan for writing success. Erotica author Casey Carter will walk you through a simple strategy for writing an erotic novel, short story or poem. So now that you’ve got your story, what do you do? Where do you get it edited, formatted, published and marketed? Casey will provide you with a list of resources for getting your story ready for distribution but more importantly, how to create a brand people want to follow. With the advent of self publishing, competition is steep. The only way to stand out from the sea of writers is to create a trackable action plan and be flexible enough to adjust as you receive feedback. From Book to Brand will not only demystify how to publish a book but it will share the secrets of how to be found and sought after on social media. It will also tell you the pitfalls to avoid. You'll leave the workshop with an outlined story idea, resources for writing, to editing, to publication prep and finally to distribution. You'll create a social media strategy complete with goals for growing and interacting with followers. And finally, you'll craft a plan for developing your brand to grow your presence and influence. This workshop will have you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about successful publishing.

Fruit of My Loins [Roundtable Discussion] w/ Ignacio Rivera 

This roundtable is a caregiver think tank on raising sexually liberated kids. Open to ALL parents, guardians, caregivers and family members connected to children and youth. The think tank will be on the politics, accountability and cultural shift from fear based sex (ed) to holistic sex(uality) information. We will work to identifying what resources are needed by families to understand, move from theory to practice and actively prevent child sexual abuse. 

Fuckstrology: Sex Languages According to the Stars w/ Gigi Robinson

Everyone loves repping their signs especially when bragging about sex. But, did you know that your Sun sign has nothing to do with your sexual language? The planet Mars & Venus is the ruler of the Fuckstrology playground. Learn your sexual aspects of Mars and Venus and how they speak your love language in the bedroom.

Get Your Head in the Game: Having Great Sex with a Noisy Brain w/ Rachael Rose

Everyone has experienced having a "noisy brain" during sex at one point or another, and for some, it's a constant challenge, especially for those who have ADHD or anxiety. For some people staying in the moment during sex isn't as simple as just trying harder to focus, and the usual suggestions of mindfulness and meditation don't work for everyone. We spend most of our days working on our ability to multitask, and when we can't turn that off during sex we consider it a problem at best and a personal failure at worst. This presentation will cover a bit about how a bit about how ADHD, anxious, and noisy brains work and how they can impact sex. We'll discuss some specific challenges noisy brains can pose during sex and, most importantly, practical tips for having great sex no matter how noisy your brain is. Audience interaction will also be encouraged, but not required, through an open discussion of what participants often find distracting during sex, what other tips and tricks work for them, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Helping Survivors Craft a Trigger Calm Down Strategy w/ Selima Harleston Lust

When you’ve experienced sexual violence you can be triggered in a myriad of ways, from scents and sounds, to certain types of touch or interactions. While triggers are never comfortable and always occur at the wrong time, they are excellent indicators of areas in our lives where we need to continue doing the work of personal healing. In this workshop, you’ll learn the key components of and how to craft your own Trigger Calm Down Strategy, which is a spiritual self-care tool that with practice and time, can become your balanced, default response to emotionally heightened situations. Your personal Trigger Calm Down Strategy is your step-by-step empowerment process of assessing yourself, your emotional state and your situation. By using it in professional, social and intimate settings, you’ll remain engaged, return to your center, use your voice and reclaim your wholeness. *SURVIVORS ONLY*

Hotter Sex & More Passionate Relationships: The Science & Technique w/ Dr. Jessica O'Reilly

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore the science of love, passion and S-E-X. We will also consider practical approaches to apply scientific findings to our daily lives. From better communication and deeper connection to heightened intimacy and more intense orgasms, we’ll talk, laugh and even practice a few moves on our edible props. 

In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

-Inject passion into relationships and eroticize daily interactions
-Engage in meaningful conversations about intimate and sexual topics
-Approach sex with confidence using creative techniques
-Identify personal erotic scripts to boost sexual desire and pleasure 

How to Take Sexy Photos w/ JonGunnar

This will be a general lecture from a professional photographer on how to take sexy photos, involving posing, settings, filters and conditions.  Check out his website for ideas of the photos we are going to be talking about in the class.

Human Sexuality within Communities of Color in the South w/ Renee Burwell, LCSW, CST

This workshop will explore barriers for communities of color in exploring and obtaining help around sexuality and sexual health. We will explore how White Supremacy Culture, religion, and learned helplessness impact sexuality in communities of color in the South, and practices to help with healing and destigmatization. 

In Search of a Cure for "Yellow Fever": Deconstructing Sexual Fetishization of Asian Femmes w/ Koko Kitten

In this presentation we will uncover the parameters, stereotypes, and commodification of the sexual fetishization of Asian femmes. We will examine the ways that its history is tied to war, colonialism, and systemic oppression and how it continues today. Through lecture and discussion, we will also deconstruct its inextricable ties to race, gender, and class, and how it influences portrayal and representation in mass media and identify its effects on the sex industry. Please note that this presentation is geared towards Asian femmes and sex workers in particular, but all are more than welcome to attend. 

Inside the Temple: Pussy Worship w/ Amina Peterson

Everything we experience originated in the yoni. In Sanskrit, yoni means “source,” “origin,” or “birthplace.” Puja means “worship.” Yoni puja, or pussy worship, is a ritual that honors Shakti. It is a sacred and revered spiritual practice practiced by tantrics. You can't worship that which you don't know. This 2 hour workshop will help you get familiar with the yoni, develop a deeper understanding of the inner and outer parts of the pussy and become a master of the art of worshiping creation.

Knuckle Up!: Vaginal & Anal Fisting w/ Andre Shakti

Attention All Size Kings and Queens! Fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have only seen it on their computer screens, yet it's one of the most intimately connective, revolutionary sex acts you can engage in! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers! You’ll never look at hands the same way again...

The Intersection of Race & Polyamory w/ Kevin Patterson

While polyamory and polyamorists are often viewed as a very welcome bunch, far too often, our communities and representation appear very limited. While we can be loud and proud when it comes to feminism and LGBT issues, sometimes we are suspiciously silent in regards to race. Beyond that, we sometimes, and often unknowingly, foster a standoffish, stressful or downright unwelcoming atmosphere around people of color. This presentation is a discussion about why diversity is important to our movement. We will tackle ways that we can proactively promote an inclusive environment in our lives, in our communities, and at our events. Most importantly, we will go over what we can do to maintain that diversity.

Law Isn't Sexy: How the State Constrains Sex & How We Can Push Back w/ MK Anderson & Elise Wander

How does the state impose limiting concepts of sex (the act and the "biological" category) onto our lives and how do those concepts hurt us? This workshop examines how the state uses, creates, and replicates sex categories in ways which make our lives smaller - the implications ranging from denying us essential benefits to criminalizing those of us living with HIV. This workshop not only seeks to disseminate information regarding state oppression along sex axes - it also seeks to provide a space for participants to share strategies of fighting against state oppression.

Look At What My Pussy Can Do w/ Parish Blair

In this workshop, we will discuss harmonizing sensuality, sexuality & spirituality, connecting with God in the Orgasm through Orgasmic Gratitude Meditation.  We will do some intention setting, illuminating breathwork and will work with Holographic Sensual Synergy.  There will be a live demonstration on how to manifest with masturbation and show you how you can create a manifesting lifestyle.

Making Open Relationships Work w/ Tristan Taormino

Do open relationships really work? How do people create nontraditional partnerships that are loving, satisfying, and sustainable? Tristan Taormino, relationship expert and author of Opening Up, shares some of the key principles that can help your open relationships succeed. She’ll discuss common issues and problems and strategies to address and resolve them including new relationship energy, time management, jealousy, agreement violations, and how systems of oppression affect our relationships. Tristan will offer tips on communication, negotiation, and boundary setting, as well as how to cope with change. Learn how to get to the root of jealous feelings and transform them by embracing the concept of compersion. Whether you’re a newcomer or veteran to the world beyond monogamy, come discover strategies to help you nurture and grow your open relationships.

Making Money in Sex Ed w/ Dr. Jessica O'Reilly 

This session will shed light on the business of sex education and provide creative strategies for income generation at multiple stages of business development. Whether you’re considering a career change or looking to increase streams of income, Jess will provide practical outcome-based approaches and facilitate group discussions to address your questions and business goals. 

In this session, we will cover:

-The landscape of sex education from a financial perspective
-Multiple approaches to sex education as a career
-How to build specific revenue streams and how they align with specific skill sets
-Key questions to consider before launching a sex education career (or project)
-Successful strategies for generating ongoing revenue 

Microaggressions of Desire w/ Yoseñio V. Lewis

Words matter. “And you’re just so articulate” to a black or brown body (“how could you possibly be so eloquent when you’re not white?”). Actions matter. That “I smell something funny” look when a woman walks by (“She must be on her period. Why doesn’t she stay home?”). Seemingly “innocent” actions have major consequences, especially when they are inflicted repeatedly.  To this awareness we bring the notion of the Microaggressions of Desire and how they can teach us to be ashamed of that which turns us on. We’ll acknowledge the smirks, the looks, the avoidance, the turn aways, the one word responses and how they all can lead us to deny, diminish and delete our desires. When we have clarity on what we’re dealing with, we can then empower ourselves to move past the Microaggressions to experience the exhilarating heights of sexual health. Join us as we discover how to navigate the Microaggressions, overcome them and claim a sexuality that is rightfully ours!

Mirrors, Magic, & Masturbation w/ Afrosexology

What would it mean to create a sacred ritual and relationship between the mirror and your body? In front of our mirrors, we come face to face with our whole selves. The parts of ourselves we hide from others and the parts we hide from ourselves. The parts we love and the parts that bring up negative self talk. Affirmations can be used to intentionally create space, time, and energy needed to transform your mirror into a portal for body worship and self pleasure. Together we will create your love spell and form a ritual practice that uses the power of magic, mirrors, and masturbation. *PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY*

Naked Yoga For Every Body w/ Anandalila

Stretch your mind and free your body in this all-levels clothing-optional Tantric Hatha yoga class for people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities. We will explore yoga asana and breathwork as a tool for sensual self discovery and body awareness and acceptance, incorporating slow, flowing movement and longer holds throughout the practice. Absolute Beginners as well as those with More Experience are invited to attend. Please bring a yoga mat or beach towel to practice on and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Naturism for Justice: Self Love, Self Acceptance & Intimacy In Community Through Nudity w/ Jasmine Burnett

Self Acceptance, Self Love and Intimacy In Community Through Nudity, is an opportunity to experience naturism, and an invitation to those who are interested in exploring naturist opportunities. Nudity is required in the workshop and will be held as a non-sexual, but intimate community space. The sharing will come through self exploration, understanding your intuition, taking inventory on the inside out, not the outside in.The facilitator is invested in holding spaces for healing, intimacy, creativity and exploration with those to whom these freedom spaces are denied. Please bring a towel or fabric that inspires you to participate in this experience.

Non-Monogamy Mis-Match: When One Partner Wants Consensual Non-Monogamy & Another Does Not w/ Elisabeth Sheff, PhD

As consensual non-monogamy (CNM) has become increasingly popular, more people are realizing that they have a mismatch in their desire for non-monogamy. In this workshop Dr. Eli Sheff briefly introduces six types of CNM, explains mono/poly relationships and when they work or not, and explores the options for people with a mismatch in their desire for CNM. The session closes with group discussion and questions. 

A Place for Me: Black Women's Healing Circle w/ Shayla Tumbling, MS

In this workshop we will co-create a space for Black women to connect, express & release challenges found in the space of their Blackness, womanhood, and sexuality. *BLACK WOMEN ONLY*

Pleasure Principle for Prevention w/ Renee Burwell, LCSW, CST

This workshop will discuss the role pleasure has in sexual assault prevention. Many sexual assault prevention workshops focus on problematic sexual interactions and how to avoid and escape harm. We will discuss how to help individuals decide what they would like from their relationships and sexual encounters, rather than focusing only on what they should avoid. Participants will explore the gap and disconnect in educating in consent without including a discussion on pleasure. Consensual sex education must include teaching that consent is about valuing all parties desires, learning what feels good, and recognizing and respecting mutual desire. 

Porn & Parents: Sex-Positive Parenting w/ Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire

No matter what age your children are they can make sex seem like one of the more dispensable task on your to-do list. Sex Positive Parents, Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire, share their experience with parenting and maintaining intimacy in a household with children, how to have sex while expecting and what gives when you have new partners to consider. Yes, it is Sex Ed all over again but this time with a new edition, keeping it lit with kids! 

Power Dynamics in Long Distance Relationships w/ Bex Caputo

We’ve all kissed that collared cutie at ComicCon, or fallen hard for that switch from kink camp, only to find that they’re flying home to a very different place than you are. Long distance relationships are hard enough as it is, but how are you supposed to serve a partner that lives half a world away? How do you own someone in a different time zone? From sexting and Skype to travel and care packages, Bex has the tips and tricks to keep your relationship feeling sexy and connected. We’ll discuss how to adapt your kinks for solo or long distance play, how to use protocol as a tool for connection, and how to take your nudes to the next level. Because as everybody knows, the foundation of a solid long distance relationship, is communication...and a good butt selfie.

Punany Politics: Rethinking Black Female Desire w/ Ty Shaw

In this workshop we will explore tools and technologies for black women to live and perform their desire with a focus on sacred sexuality, liberation and empowerment.  By the end of this session participants will leave with an intellectual and tangible tool kit for expressing and actualizing their desire. 

Queering Sex Ed: Using Ethical Communication as a Framework for Radically Inclusive Sex Ed w/ Sara Connell

When we think about "comprehensive" sexual education for middle and high school students, we usually mean sex ed that discusses LGBTQ people, safe barrier methods, and accurate information without shame, but what if we dreamed bigger? What if we included social and emotional health in our conversations of sex? What if we gave youth the tools to accurately communicate about sex and relationships? What if our sexual health was radically inclusive of trans and queer bodies, polyamorous relationships, and kink? What if we didn't say "men and women" as a code for "penis and vulva"?

Race and Desire Roundtable w/ Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Aida Manduley, M’kali-Hashiki, Kevin Patterson, moderated by Tristan Taormino

What roles does race play in our desires, and why does it matter? How do we effectively decolonize our sexuality, and not just metaphorically? In this panel, we will explore how desirability and whiteness intertwine, as well as how to challenge this dynamic even when white people aren't directly involved. We’ll discuss how people of color may divest from the trappings of whiteness in their relationships and how these dynamics shift in monogamous vs. non-monogamous contexts. Join us to learn how we navigate power dynamics,  bodily autonomy, and building chosen families under white supremacy and contemplate where “wokeness” and activism come into play. 

Reclaiming Our Desire Through Spiritual Discipline & the Gospel of the Erotic w/ Reverend Sex

Desire is the most powerful gift from the Divine that we each possess. Because it so deeply connects us to our knowing of ourselves, of each other, and the Divine, it is deeply dangerous to systems of domination that seek to control our bodies through guilt and shame, through coercion and violence. So how do we name and claim our desires in the face of spiritual domination? Reverend Sex will facilitate this workshop on understanding the practice of spiritual discipline -- forging and fortifying our authentic selves to align with our ethics and politics so as to keep our spirits and desires from being dominated by fear, shame, and guilt. *QUEER, TRANS, AND/OR PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY*

Sex During Your Cycle w/ Tania Moatan

Sex during flow time can be amazingly sensual and intimate.  So why do we feel like intercourse is off-limits during this time?  This workshop explores the emotional and mental blocks preventing us from enjoying ourselves and our partners’ bodies during menstruation.  Using these elements to respect limitations in order to find comfort and explore sensation. *This is a Pleasure Chest lunch and learn mini-workshop*

Sex-Positive Parenting w/ Reverend Sex & Asha Leong

Join this conversation and skill share as we talk about how to create sex-positive families and communities as queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming parents and caregivers of young people. Facilitated by the members of the Sexual Liberators’ Collective, we will gather our collective wisdom and share some of our strategies and best practices. This workshop is for parents and caregivers of young folk to feel empowered to have more sex-positive, more affirming homes, and aims to reduce isolation for queer/kinky/non-monogamous/gender non-conforming parents and caregivers.

Good Vibrations presents Sex-Positivity: What It is & What It Is Not w/ Andy Duran

Most people today think of Sex Positivity to mean "enthusiasm about sex," but the way Sex Positive originated has nothing to do with how sexually adventurous you are. In this session we will discuss how its popular understanding may not only miss the mark in our work but can also become quite problematic--especially when we are looking to add an in-depth embrace of diversity to our activist work. Join Educator Andy as he unpacks the concept, from its history to its usefulness as a tool to support the many needs we have as organizers and educators. 

Sex Talk: Investigating the Sexual Development & Sexual Attitudes of African-American Women w/ Chanel Jaali Marshall

This highly engaging session will begin with a brief historical overview of the sexuality of African and African descendant women. The presentation will then move into the myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes surrounding the sexuality of Black women. Attention will be given to the ways we learn about sex, and with that information, how we interpret sex and sexuality through our behaviors. This session is intended to be highly interactive with key discussion questions and videos positioned throughout with the intent of examining the aforementioned subjects. The speaker will also include personal stories collected from interviews in order to engage a cross cultural perspective with the audience.

The Sexual Side of the Bible (& How it can Revolutionize Theology & Sexology) w/ LeKeisha Jones

The fundamental belief of sex in Christianity is to wait until you get married and anything outside of this system is immoral. This workshop will unveil some of the misrepresentations and misinterpretations of sexuality in the Bible and how it has created sexual suppression in our society. The presentation will then re-present a radical view with Biblical and historical evidence of sexual acceptance and tolerance that is often missed, overlooked, and many times ignored. This presentation may potentially alter how faith based organizations address sexuality among their parishioners and the public with the intricate details included.

Sexy Survivor w/ Ignacio Rivera

Join us for a creative and interactive dialogue around survivors of sexual abuse and how they have navigated safe, empowering sexually healthy lives. It is also a forum for partners and allies of survivors to gain tools in supporting sexy survivors. All too often, sex is altered, damaged and or complicated for survivors of sexual abuse. It takes time, patience and trial and error to figure out what works for us. This workshop is not a therapy session but a more of skill and strategy share.  We hope to encourage success building and future dreaming dialogue as we all share stories and ideas of what has worked for sexy survivors.

Spanking for Lovers - Your Ass or Mine? Ann Ass-piring Seminar on the Culture, Anatomy & Positions of Spanking w/ Taylor Sparks

Ever wonder why you like slapping your woman on the behind as she walks by, as she's doing the dishes, as she gets out of bed, and during may be a spankophile! If taking a strap or paddle to your man's naked behind and chastising him for not 'doing as he was told' makes your juices may be a spankophile! In this fun, interactive seminar based on the popular book, Spanking for Lovers, we cover the culture, anatomy and positions of spanking! Yes, its BYOB (bring your own behind)!

Spreading VagEsteem in a World That Tells You to Hate Yourself! w/ Vanessa Geffrard

About 40% of folks with vaginas said that they are not confident in the appearance and size of their vulvas. Society often makes folks with vaginas feel that there is something wrong with the look, appearance and even the smell of their bodies.This fun and interactive workshop explores the ins and outs of everything you've ever wanted to know about the "V" and empowers participants to build their VagEsteem everyday! Through the use of props, small group activities, trivia, and open discussion, Vanessa will lead participants in a series of activities that will leave you empowered, intrigued, and ready to explore! *FOLKS W/ VULVAS/VAGINAS ONLY*

Squirtshop w/ Ryan DiMartino

Ever heard of home field advantage? Every body has it! Expand your understanding of of the spongy spots we call "g" and "p" to achieve your wettest and wildest dreams when we go deep on anatomy and technique. Come see what all the gushing is about! Whether you have a g-spot, a p-spot, or you're not sure what's up with spongeplay, you're sure to takeaway some handy skills in this informative class. *This is a Pleasure Chest lunch and learn mini-workshop*

Survival Strategies for Sex Addicts w/ Sean Saifa Wall

What is sex to a "sex addict"? Sex is joyous and wonderful, but what does that mean for people who identify as sex addicts or who feel compulsive around sex? The goal of this workshop is to bring together people who have had issues with sexual addiction and compulsion and create a new way together. What has worked for you? What hasn't? Stepping away from destigmatizing language and pathology and embracing sexual liberation, how do we incorporate different models of healing (12-step, harm reduction, somatic therapy, EMDR, trauma release etc.) so that we can have vibrant, dynamic sexual lives? Bring your experiences, but also your vulnerabilities and curiosities!

Swing Into A Relationship w/ Diana Ryan & Keiland McClanahan 

How you incorporate “swinging” into a relationship and still maintain a healthy connection with each other and those you swing with. Constant communication and checking in with each other’s comfort level help but navigating those sticky situations take time, effort, and understanding.

Take My Breath Away: Intro to Erotic Asphyxiation Play w/ Andre Shakti

Erotic asphyxiation - or breath control play- is the consensual restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal, and is a controversial topic even WITHIN the BDSM/Kink community. Curious about how to safely, intentionally, and intimately explore breath play from an informed place? Instructor Andre Shakti has seven years of personal and professional erotic asphyxiation experience. 

Tantra Beyond the Binary: Sacred Sexuality For All w/ Alex S. Morgan

Have you ever had a longing for the spiritual depths of Tantra but felt unwelcome on that path? Have you ever been in a Tantra workshop and felt that the exercises didn't apply to you? Is there language you can't relate to? Would you love to get the root of sacred sexuality? Join us on the front line of welcoming in a non-binary view of Tantra! Help us blow the lid off of this movement with inclusivity, awareness and compassion. Alex S. Morgan is a genderqueer sacred intimate and expert in the fields of Tantra & gender fluidity. They are are passionate about merging sacred sexuality and queer consciousness. We've got 2 juicy hours to weave together cutting edge practices, meditations, and experientials drawing from deep traditional teachings and contemporary viewpoints. We'll cover both theory and practice, integrating the powerful histories of Tantra and queer erotic embodiment with energetic experiential exercises that let you experience a non-binary, queered view of this non-dualistic path... tracing gender fluidity in Tantra back to its roots and breaking free of binary gender constructs to fully embrace a modern take on sacred sexuality. You'll understand, experience, and play with sexual energy on a deeper level that isn't bound to heteronormative ideas of masculine or feminine. Discover the living archetypes of gender-blending sacred sexuality that you can bring into your energetic practice.

Tease If You Please: Burlesque Basics w/ Lola Love

Tease If You Please: Burlesque Basics is an empowering experience with a focus on self-love. This class introduces burlesque movement with an emphasis on harnessing your sexual power. Learn how to use your power to control the audiences gaze with energy and eye contact in addition to movement. Students will learn bumps & grinds, shimmies, and striptease fundamentals. No experience is necessary. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, bare feet or heels with a strap (no pumps!) and a robe or button up shirt to strip out of. 

Trauma & Triggers w/ Anna Baxter, LPC

What things should you be aware of when playing with someone who has trauma in their background? Are there special things to consider during negotiations? What does being triggered really mean? (Hint: most people on the net use it to mean something that makes them uncomfortable. That’s not being triggered.) What are ways to handle the situation if the person you’re playing with becomes triggered during a session? Anna Baxter, LPC answers these questions and other sensitive topics surrounding Triggers and Trauma within the lifestyle.

Undressing Purity Culture: Finding Sexual & Spiritual Healing through Neuroscience, Trauma Recovery, & Embodied InterSpirituality w/ Rachel Halder

This workshop is based of a Master's level thesis, positing that human sexuality is a positive life force energy often suppressed by the teachings of the Christian church. The suppression of sexuality in individual lives and the culture at large, as absorbed and learned through modern Christian ethics focused
on “purity,” is a form of spiritual trauma, damaging people’s innate sense of self and autonomy, inhibiting the full human expression of God’s gifts, and fracturing one’s relationship with the Divine. Such suppression not only creates a culture of victim-blaming and slut-shaming, but also perpetuates abuse in all forms: emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, and psychological. Neuroscience enlightens how these layers of trauma can be healed and restored through cognitive and somatic practices that encourage people to engage with their sexual selves. Through the lens of interspirituality and practices of mystical traditions, including Tantra and Taoism, practitioners can rekindle a loving and supportive relationship with the Divine both within and out. Those who suffer shame, fear, and sexual humiliation can shed the Christian purity culture paradigm, and this workshop explains how this can be done in an embodied way that paves a path to wholeness. 

The Uses of the Erotic in the Time of Resistance w/ M'kali-Hashiki 

Forty years ago, Audre Lorde told us that the perpetuation of oppression requires the suppression of the erotic. The logical end road of this belief is that the elevation of the erotic in our lives can interrupt oppression’s continuity.  At this particular time, one in which our freedoms (and our very lives) are under attack, it’s important to remember that the forces behind these attacks are the same historical forces that foster a society-wide disconnection from our bodies & our pleasures. This is not accidental, as this disconnection leads to a separation from the erotic. The Erotic is the fuel that feeds the work that we do in the world. It is the renewable fuel that keeps us from burning out. The erotic is also our connection to joy. When we live under strengthened repression & marginalization, it becomes harder & harder to make space in our lives to experience joy. Without joy, without passion we simply become cogs in the machine that grinds us down every day. Being connected to The Erotic is a tool of resistance. In this workshop attendees will learn breathing techniques that will allow them to access their erotic energy & circulate it throughout their body. They will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of how the erotic permeates our lives & how it can be used to support our ongoing work for Justice. 

Using An Integrative Wellness Approach to Modify the Narrative Around Healing Sexual Trauma w/ Stephanie Elise

Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Each year nearly 300,000 people experience some form of sexual trauma. This session will explore using an integrative wellness approach to modify the narrative around healing sexual trauma. Participants will explore the benefits of applying the theories of naturopathy, nutrition, coaching, and the Six Dimensions of Wellness during the journey to healing.

Using Your 5 Senses to Create an Erotic Scene w/ Carly S.

The five senses are an excellent tool to help heighten sexual tension in your erotic scene. The words sensuality, and sensation come from the same root word, sense, meaning the mechanism of perception. When people are attracted to one another, their senses are heightened and they will notice more details about each other. The five senses are, of course, sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Let’s look at each sense individually and see how they can be used to create sexual tension or make it stronger.  *This is a Pleasure Chest lunch and learn mini-workshop*

When Your Tools Aren't Enough: Building Communication Strategies for Overwhelming Times & Beyond w/ Aida Manduley & Heather Elizabeth

Two of the ingredients to make our lives joyful and our movements sustainable are guiding values and a strong communication toolkit. But what happens when the tools we have aren’t enough? What do we do when our best attempts to engage with each other seem to fail, activating the toughest and most tender parts of ourselves and others? Much mainstream anti-oppression discourse gives us formulaic mandates that don’t account for the ways our histories can affect how we share feelings and information. In this workshop, Aida and Heather will A) help attendees clarify their core values in communication at various levels, B) identify some of the ways mental health—with special attention to trauma and attachment—can impact our dialogues, and C) dig into practical strategies for addressing those impacts in ways that help us meet our values.

Write Fucking Now: Erotic Writing as a Healing Force w/ Natalie Sharp & Monica Prince

Do you have a vivid sexual imagination but struggle when it comes to putting your visions on the page? Have you wondered how you can use your writing to create stories that sizzle and squirt with sexual agency? Then this is the workshop for you! We will explore how to tap into our erotic power on the page, utilizing both presenter-created and outside content for examples of steamy poetry and prose. We will then get the chance to flex our (pelvic) muscles and craft/share (if desired) our own erotic writing. *PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY*

You Let Her Do What? Examinations on Polyamory & Masculinity w/ Kevin Patterson, Bex Caputo, & Christopher Smith

Since the 1960s, many of us have adopted a modern take on polyamory with female-driven resources and ideologies at the forefront. So, how does this mesh with some of the traditional ideas of masculinity that we’ve been socialized to believe. If we’re determined to shed default setting relationship-models, what parts of masculine conditioning do we also need to let go of? What parts do we need to keep? In this workshop, we’ll explore ideas common to polyamory and masculinity and how we intend to rewrite our own scripts to reflect a positive narrative for our communities, our partners, and ourselves. Bring your stories!

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