Workshops 20
Confronting Whiteness and Racism in Sex Ed and Beyond w/ Tristan Taormino


Are you a white person who’s ready to get their shit together but doesn’t know where to begin? Come to this workshop on individual and systemic anti-racist work. We will examine concepts like microaggressions, white fragility, colorblindness and how racist norms intersect with gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, and other identity markers. Let’s identify the big and small ways that we do harm to people of color and reinforce white supremacist values (regardless of intention). We will support one another as we look inward to explore where racism shows up in our lives, how we acknowledge our privilege, and what we can do when we are called in/out. We must develop tools to shift out of a place of defensiveness and shame and into one where we can be thoughtful, self-aware, resilient allies and co-conspirators with people of color. Note: this will be an all-white space—not to further segregate, but to allow white people to take on the labor of educating ourselves and each other. It’s a space where we can ask “stupid” questions, make mistakes, and support each other to learn and grow. This workshop utilizes the White Anti-Racist Culture Building Toolkit created by Alliance of Anti-Racists Everywhere LA (AWARE-LA), an affiliate of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

Group Sex GPS w/ Andre Shakti

Sex is complicated enough without adding multiple partners into the mix, so where does someone interested in group sex even begin? Welcome to Group Sex GPS! Throughout this course Andre Shakti will demystify group sex - turning it from fantasy into accessible reality - as well as empower you to take charge of your desires. We’ll cover:

Initiation: Finding compatible group sex partners

Cultivating an intuition and an emotional intelligence that are group sex-specific

Risk awareness, consent communication and safety consciousness

Navigating both private and public group sex environments

Navigating kink and/or power dynamics within group sex

Group sex self care: Before, During & After

Identifying red flags in a potential group sex situation, & MORE!

How to Plan A Gang Bang w/ Tristan Taormino

Let’s reclaim and redefine the gang bang and create something even better that includes all genders, all bodies, all identities, and all styles of sex and play. Come learn about how to develop, organize, and execute a group sex scene that revolves around one (lucky) person. We’ll talk about expectations, participants, boundaries, etiquette/best practices, power dynamics, and more. There will be nuts and bolts organizing and managing skills, how to develop your vision and ideas, and examples of different types of group sex scenes.

Knuckle Up!: Vaginal and Anal Fisting w/ Andre Shakti

Attention All Size Kings and Queens! Fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have only seen it on their computer screens, yet it's one of the most intimately connective, revolutionary sex acts you can engage in! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers!

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