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The workshops with the (V) next to them are taking place virtually on the Hopin Platform.  Those with a (H) means that it will be happening in a hybrid format. In-person registration comes with virtual access.  To sign up just for the virtual classes, you can REGISTER HERE.

12 Steps to Sexy Aging – Starting Now! w/ Joan Price (V)

What are the secrets to staying sexually vibrant through the decades ahead? What can you do now to make sure you keep sex alive as you age? Learn what you can do starting now, whether you’re 25 or 55 or any age at all, to invest in your future sexuality. You’ll learn practical tips, communication skills, and attitude adjustments to enrich your sex life lifelong -- partnered or solo -– despite what the aging process throws your way.


Africentric Sexuality and Embodied Erotic Power w/ Estee Nena Dillard

This workshop will be structure as half lecture and half practical healing space. Participants will learn how to name their embodied experiences with greater clarity, discover the connections of africentric sexuality to practical sexual healing and be able to articulate ancient african practice[s] that support erotic power.


Afternoon TEAse w/ London Bridges

A workshop dedicated chakra healing and tapping into your inner child. During our two hours together we will be playing dress up, attending a tea party, meditating, and participating in yoni breathing. We will round out our time together with sensual movement that will further our healing and chakra cleansing, as well as assist us with deepening the connection with our inner child. Tea and clothing are provided.

Altar-ing thru Blaq Trap & Flow w/ MoMo Ward

The Femme Divine is about the reclaimation of power through sexual energy. This workshop is about bending the binaries through divine intimate intention setting. You will be guided through how to create an authentic healing space for your adult self and inner child. Think what does it mean to worship yourself on an altar while lavishing yourself with erotic offerings? Ending with an unapologetic connection to our bodies through trap yoga.

(POC/Queer/Trans Folks ONLY)

Are you a Porn Genre or are You Privileged? w/ Justine Ang Fonte, M.Ed, MPH (V)

The prevalence and access to mainstream pornography informs us of how to understand our bodies, behaviors, and beliefs about intimacy but mainstream porn is often racist, violent, and dehumanizing. So, how do we promote sex-positivity when pornography is the default sex ed for most people? How do we get to a point where porn can be appreciated for the fantasy that it was intended to be and celebrate the powerful representation it brings to diverse desires and bodies? This session will interrogate its positive and negative impacts through an intersectional lens and make a case for pornography literacy to be a part of a school's health education programming.

The Art of Dirty Talk w/ Marla Renee Stewart, MA

Are you a little shy when it comes to expressing yourself in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re good in bed, but you want to bring your sexual life to new level? Whatever it is, this workshop will help you to speak up in bed, as well as get you and your partner to a more sexually arousing state. Practicing words, power, intonation and intention, we will help you to magnify your sexual potential. We will use our creative imaginations to guide us in imagery that enhances our sexual energy and also learn ways to stimulate our hormones to achieve our sexual goals. Get ready to experience just how dirty you can get!

The Art of Ownership w/ Sinclair Sexsmith & rife (V)

"I'm yours." "You're mine." Ownership has a powerful pull for some of us. Many desire to fully possess someone, or give ourselves over to another—maybe for one scene, maybe for absolutely everything. How does one have personal agency and explore owner/property dynamics? How can we reconcile the reality of non-consensual slavery with our fantasies? How can we queer the prevalent images of kinky authority exchange relationships? Is it even possible to play without limits? And here's the big question: What is it about this that gets you hot? Explore the full spectrum of owner/property fantasies, from scene-only dirty talk to collared pups to 24/7 Master/slave relationships, and find a style that works for you!

Better Sex & Relationships: A Guide for Men Over 40 w/ Hans (V)

At some point I realized that something was wrong; my sex life was getting less exciting which led to my relationship becoming less intimate. I wanted to get more out of my sexlife and by doing so create a better life. This presentation will talk about all the things I did, that worked to turn around this vicious cycle and make it a virtuous one. In essence: I am presenting you with the shortcuts to a better (sex) life.

BDSM and the Law w/ Lady Steele

People participate in Bondage, Discipline, and Sadism/Masochism, all the time not knowing the potential legal pitfalls. The simple truth is, legal issues abound when it comes to participating in BDSM and always have. How can you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele presents BDSM and the Law.

Building New Realities: Our Sex, Our Communities, Our Peace w/ Cheyanda Onuoha, MPH; Trilce Ortiz (V)

Our workshop will focus on advocating for the sexual health, reproductive justice, and sexual liberation of Black and Latinx communities in a predominantly white-led sexual and reproductive health (SRH) organization, including the wins, challenges, and tips. Through a reckoning of the past and present impact white-led organizations have had on the reproductive and sexual freedom of Black and Latinx communities, we intend to use this workshop as an opportunity to analyze and deconstruct risk-centric myths around sexuality and sexual health often placed on Black and Latinx folks while providing tips on navigating the non-profit industrial complex of white-led SRH organizations and open a safe, healing space for reflection and support.

Butch-Femme Identities in a Nonbinary World w/ Justyn Hintze

As we advocate for a less binary world, what does that mean for our identities as femmes and butches? What does a world look like where butch & femme identity is not sidelined, buat are a living part of the present? Often the butch identity gets objectified and the femme identity becomes invisible. How do we support people with those identities and make space for them?

But Wait, There's More! Exploring the Intersections of Race, Class, Ability and MORE with Kink/BDSM w/ Yoseñio V Lewis (V)

Exploring how oppression plays into our kink and whether it’s really possible to be kinky and not political, especially for Kinksters of Color, disabled people, poor people, etc.

Buyer's Remorse: Personal Responsibility & Consent Violations w/ Ms Lola Smiles

We will be covering personal responsibility and consent violations. This is NOT a victim blaming nor finger pointing free for all. It's just the opposite, we will discuss the importance of personal responsibility, knowing your limits, what playing safe entails, and empowering oneself to know they can say NO and that its ok to do so.

Call Out or Call In: Examining Restorative Justice Amongst Sex-Positive Educators w/ Chaneè Jackson Kendall & Cherì Calico Roman

As sex-positive educators and community leaders, we need to examine how we deal with consent violations and accusations of misconduct. How do we create a culture that supports healing & restoration; while also protecting victims? Join PCDA as we have a hard conversation.

(Educators ONLY)

Cock Confidence w/ Sinclair Sexsmith (V)

There are two parts to the strap-on — no, not the harness and the dick! The psychology and the technology — and we'll dive into both in this workshop. We'll talk about ways to increase your confidence when strapping on, ways you can encourage your partner's confidence when they strap on, and we'll go into the technology options — all the silicone, leather, rubber, and DIY that you can imagine. We'll look at prosthetics (hyper-realistic), what best to pack and play with, the best double-ended options, more stimulation, and more. We'll cover the different options and styles so you can confidently shop online or head out to your favorite feminist toy store and find that one desert island ideal that you've been looking for. Show & tell of many, many brands of dildos and harnesses included.

Comprehensive Sex Ed w/ Kontrol Freak

Basic restraints and impact play, how to use at least 3 sex toys, communicating effectively your wants and needs

Conscious Burlesque w/ Mx. Tangerine

Explore your body image, uncover your secret fantasies, and birth your alter ego via your Burlesque character with this taste of Conscious Burlesque. Learn a pre-choreographed Burlesque routine and play with your authentic humor, sass, and seductive power. No experience necessary, and all gender identities are welcome.

Consciously Condomless: Pleasure Without Barrier w/ Justyn Hintze and Teal Dye

As educators, activists, parents, and advocates, many of us have listed (again and again) all of the reasons to use condoms, dental dams, and saran wrap. And then, we don't always practice what we preach. This interactive workshop will be an honest, raw conversation about bodily fluids, pleasure, desire, and how we talk about the grey areas.

The Couple's Philosophy w/ Jessica Ross, LPC, NCC, CCTP, CST (V)

As a couple it is important to be effective and non-violent in your communication. It is equally important to be vulnerable, open, and graceful. So often how we communicate gets lost in the business of the couple rather than using our language as a way to make open love and build towards intimacy, safety, and healthy connection in the relationship.

Creating Amazing Scenes: It’s all in the set up w/ Midori (V)

Let’s all get some hotter, better play! Midori will share with you her tried and tru strategy for maximizing the Wow, and minimizing the Bummers in your scene. Have you felt like you might be missing the mark on full satisfaction? Felt mildly let down or disappointed? Frustrated that you don’t quite understand what other person wants? Do you feel like you’re often hesitating or doubtful during play? Have you felt misunderstood or that you misunderstood them? So much of being confident in play and sex has to do with how we set up the experience, understand what you and your partner really want, and becoming fully present. Come to this class to find out what's between the lines and under the skin. There's so much more to amazing scenes than just knowing how to use the tools. Whether you are a seasoned top, experienced bottom, novice to topping or new to bottoming, this class will share with you what you can do before the scene to maximize scene success and increase confidence. Learn about the essential questions the person topping should ask. Find out the questions the person bottoming should ask to prepare for a great scene. *She will be asking for a volunteer from the attendees for an authentic conversation Bring note-taking material and your questions! For all people of all levels of experiences

Creative Life Narratives: Heaux Tales w/ Gogo Thomas (V)

Heaux Tales are our stories of sexual healing and liberation. In this workshop you will use creative writing strategies to plot a personal essay, memoir, or other creative expression of sexual healing and liberation. We will move through two exercises together the life chart and life and participants will be instructed on how to complete a “exploding the moment” diagram to organize a specific story they want to tell (in any medium.)

Cryptocurrency Basics For Everyone w/ Melissa & Jason Hippie

“Cryptocurrency” is a growing topic on social media and in the news. Celebrities are backing it; memes are being created because of it; and someone you know is profiting from it. But what is it, where did it come from and what gives it its value? In this workshop, we will explain the basics of cryptocurrency as well as the blockchain and discuss the implications it has for the sex industry and the future of all financial transactions. During the workshop, participants will be instructed on how to set up a crypto wallet and how to send and receive crypto.

D/s Scenes & D/s Relationships: What You Need to Know to Get What You Want w/ Midori (V)

This is a new class by Midori created for SDS!
Learn the important foundations and differences of D/s Scenes and Relationships so you can seek out and create what you desire. Even in deeply entrenched BDSM communities, there are important issues that often go unspoken about D/s. These often lead to broken hearts, bad scenes, diminished confidence, sense of isolation and worse. It doesn't have to be like this. Midori will shed light on these. Learn how to deeply understand and communicate you and your partner's desires, to gain sharp focused clearly on your values and objectives. As part of this class we will create each of our own personal D/s Value Wheel - a unique tool of D/s invented by Midori to help in negotiation, protocol, scene themes and decision making.

Date Your Business Model: Building a Career That Thrills You AND Pays The Rent! w/ Reid Mihalko (V)

Lessen the anxiety of being a "broke sex educator" by avoiding the classic mistakes of starting a business that doesn't play to your strengths. If you have dreams of quitting your day job and doing sex and relationship education as a career, or enhancing your current profession as a sex-positive professional, then please join creator of and SexGeekSummerCamp, Reid Mihalko, for a humorous and informative walk you through his personal “Date Your Business Model” system and teach yourself how to see (and seize) your own potential as an expert in our field. Why? Because the world needs amazing and successful sex and relationship educators now more than ever!

(Educators ONLY)

Dating Your Species: Why We Fall In Love with Good People Who Are Horrible Fits and What To Do About It w/ Reid Mihalko (V)

Have you ever fallen in love with a good person who ended up being a horrible fit for you? Done it more than once? Twice? If you've ever met your soulmate only to have it crash and burn, learn why and how that happens and how YOU can shift to create better, healthier relationships with more love and less drama!

“Discover your UNIQUE Pleasure Languages” A Tantric Exploration of your True Needs, Wants and Desires w/ Brion & Karen Craig (V)

We have all heard of the 5 Love Languages. But, did you know you also have INFINITE Pleasure Languages? Your body is craving to be loved, touched and adored in a way that is unique ONLY to you. Join us as we take a deep dive on a tour to discover your unique Pleasure Languages. This workshop is open to everyone regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation.

Electrifying the Senses: The Art of Electroplay w/ Shanae Adams

Come feel the buzz of electricity as the sensation heightens your pleasure. Discover an array electrotoys including a variety of internal and external. Learn to use they charge safely as great voltage requires great responsibility.

Energetic Sex for Pragmatists w/ Reid Mihalko (V)

Do you like science? Do you consider yourself "woo-woo?" Do you go both ways?! Exploring Kundalini, the “Tantric Twitchies,” and vibrational luvin’ can be accessible to everyone... Come laugh, come learn, come twitch! Join sex and relationship geek, Reid Mihalko of, for some frank, fun, and electrifying learning targeted for anyone looking to expand their sexual savvy, ecstatic abilities, and playfulness!

Erotic Slut Shaming: Exploring Sexual Humiliation w/ Princess Kali (V)

Erotic Slut-Shaming describes all the wonderful ways to play with transforming society's disdain for slutty behavior into an erotic and arousing way to play with psychological torment. We’ll discuss a variety of ways to get into (or get your partner into) “slut-space” such as - nudity, sex, masturbation, orgasm control, and so much more!

Exploring 3 Archetypes of See-Sawing Authority Differential Relationships w/ D. Choc Trei & Renee Trei

3 Archetypes - Versatile (Same or Different Partners, Power Struggles (Breaking Cycles of Alignment & Defiance), & Rubber-Band Connections (Stretching & Breaking Limits)

Felyne Fetish Fitness: A Kinky, Full Body Experience w/ Coach Felyne

Felyne Fetish Fitness, created by Coach Felyne, is a kinky ass workout experience that plays [and entertains] on the dynamic relationship that exists between trainer and client. n this interactive workshop, you will engage in basic & inclusive fitness movements - with some kinky motivation to inspire you to greatness. YAS COACH FELYNE!

Fitgasm: Building Sexual Endurance and Orgasmic Potential Through Exercise w/ Shante Daniels

Get ready to feel amazing physically, mentally and sexually! After years of working and consulting with top fitness trainers and tantra experts Sexologist Shante Daniels, has created the most effective program for sexual endurance, enhanced orgasms, tighter pelvic muscles, and a stronger internal core. You do not want o miss the revolutionary method. Learn how to effectively engage the lower abdominals to build strength and increase ecstasy. Breathe "beyond the breath" Eliminate tension through breath and movement. Find your TRUTH

"Fuck The Pain Away": Kink as Chronic Pain Management w/ Caz Killjoy (V)

Why are so many people with chronic pain attracted to kinky play? This workshop uses neuroscience, psychology, medical science, kinesiology, and more to answer this and other questions while providing a heavy emphasis on risk awareness prior, during, and after play. Pre-scene screening questions for potential partners are provided, as are multiple adaptations and accommodations for various types of chronic pain. Join us for an exploration of many of the different ways kink can be used to manage chronic pain.

The future business of sex: decolonizing sex & sexuality through marketplace mobilization w/ DJ Rusheed

The business of sex: decolonizing sex and sexuality through marketplace mobilization explores the social, political, environmental and economic market forces shaping the sex positive marketplace ecosystem. It also explores how the stewards of the sex positive community can harness those forces to ensure greater business sector accountability to the needs and values of the sex-positive community, and greater marketplace participation (translation: greater financial success) for those of us who truly represent the heart and soul and own the creative intellectual property and content of the community. The workshop will use emerging market research to ground the discussion in empirically supported trends around the future of the sex-positive marketplace.

Get Press: Branding, Monetization & More w/ Dr. Jess O'Reilly

In this working session, we’ll explore how to get press and participants will create a press kit for sponsorships, ambassador gigs & other branded monetization channels. We’ll also leave time for a Q&A, so bring all your business and branding related questions and requests.

Grown Woman: Healing From Adultification and Leaving Strong Black Woman Syndrome Behind w/ Kiarra Sylvester

The adultification of Black girls is the foundation for the "Strong Black Woman" prototype -- a label that contributes to the erasure of our lived experiences and trauma. Furthermore, both adultication and SBW syndrome contrinute to poor mental health. Here we will explore our own experiences in Black girlhood, how they grew to shape our sexuality in adulthood (sans healing), and the necessary work to erradicate this phenomenon for future generations of Black girls.


Happy Pelvis, Better Sex w/ LeKeisha Jones, CSC, LMT

This workshop explores the mind/body connection of maintaining a healthy pelvis for a great sex life. While sex starts in the mind and experienced in the body, the pelvis is the bridge between both through it's anatomical makeup that is connected to our psychology of the body. This workshop will explore how emotional and mental health is connected to the functioning and anatomy of the pelvis and how properly taking care of our pelvis may be connected to maintaining our emotional and mental well-being that can enhance and potentially improve a person's sex life. Anxiety, depression, and various sexual dysfunctions will be covered including, but not limited to erectile dysfunction, genito-pelvic pain disorders, anorgasmic disorder, and premature ejaculation.

Heaux Tales Healing Space w/ Dr. Natasha Watson Mack

The album Heaux Tales by Jasmine Sullivan is used as a tool to begin difficult conversations and explore different topics on Black sexuality and relationships. Affirmations are introduced and infused throughout. Special attention is given to individual stories and healing!

Hot & Healthy Erotic Humiliation w/ Sunny Megatron (V)

Are you into humiliation play? Curious about it? Do you wonder why some people enjoy being embarrassed, shamed, and degraded? Many steer clear of humiliation because it seems so extreme and emotionally cruel. While some people are into that style of play, humiliation can also take on many other forms. In this workshop, Sunny Megatron deconstructs the physiological elements of erotic humiliation with the goal of helping you figure out what flavor gets your juices flowing. You’ll learn how to: negotiate this kind of play, gauge intensity levels ranging from playful embarrassment to hard-core degradation, keep the focus on emotional safety, build humiliation scenes with positive outcomes in mind, inject humor into your emotional play, and more. You will also receive a humiliation play mini-workbook plus a general BDSM scene negotiation mini-workbook to use with partners or for self-analysis.


How Do You Sex? w/ Maggie Heatley (V)

For the vast majority of queer/trans individuals, especially in the South, cishet sex and pleasure are still used to determine risk. Sure, there are terms that the community has adopted to define their own experiences like 'top" or "bottom" but when is the last time your medical provider asked about the last time you topped? This presentation will cover the ways that risk can be assessed for non cishet individuals when seeking sexual health testing and treatment.

How To Choke On a Cock w/ Reid Mihalko & Friends (V)

Do you or a loved one find deepthroating and gagging during fellatio hot? Would you like to take your current skills to Jedi-like levels? Wish you could ask those nagging questions and get advanced-level tips and tricks? Want to leave your loved ones stammering, “h-h-How did you do THAT?!” Join us for a frank and humorous workshop full of deep... penetrating... demonstrations designed to fill you up with know-how!

I Feel Feral: Reintegration After COVID w/ Cathy Vartuli, Reid Mihalko, Hema Ganopathy, Dirty Lola (V)

Hungry for human contact again? And feeling somewhat feral with exhaustion and anxiety about meeting folks face to face? Know you are not alone, and fast track your return to closer contact, with tips to relearning skills and approaches you may have forgotten you learned in kindergarten!

Including Trans Bodies and Pleasure in Adult Sex Ed w/ Alex S. Morgan

While trans rights are making huge strides globally, many sexual health and pleasure resources for adults still reference “male” and “female” sexuality in ways that link genitals with gender experience. Transgender men, women, and non-binary individuals—as well as their partners—are often left out of sexuality workshops, in part because educators aren’t sure how to best address their needs without alienating a general audience. Transgender sex educator Alex S. Morgan has crisscrossed North America, testing different approaches and terminology in the name of making adult sex education accessible and relevant for trans, non-binary, and gender-questioning individuals and their partners. From best practices in choosing inclusive language to adapting exercises to reduce the odds of triggering dysphoria, Alex will share what’s worked across North America.

Inner Knowing- How Do You Know Your Want w/ Cathy Vartuli, Heather Elizabeth (V)

Before we can hope to offer real consent to others, we need some level of certainty in ourselves. But after a lifetime in a world that shames, blames, or flat out tells-you-desire-is-not-yours-to-express, how do you gain confidence in your “yes”? What happens when you’re a maybe? Is a maybe always a no?

Introduction to the Erotic Blueprints™ w/ Belinda & Kevin Porter

Have you ever taken a personality test? They can help you understand yourself and others better and help you learn how to interact with people whose personality style may differ from yours. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a personality system for sexuality? Well, there is. The Erotic Blueprint™ system can help you understand what turns you on and what turns others on. Learning another sex technique isn’t going to help you increase sexual satisfaction but understanding the 5 Erotic Blueprint™ types will.

Intro to Tantric Breathing w/ Tyomi Morgan

Breath is the key to life and the foundation of every tantric practice.  Join Certified Authentic Tantra™ Practitioner Tyomi Morgan for an into intro into tantric breathing. Learn 5 different breathing techniques that will assist you in moving your energy and connecting to your body. These breathing techniques are used in several Authentic Tantra™ practices and will set you up for success in your tantric healing. This class is for anyone who desires to begin their journey into tantric practice and anyone who wants to learn how to connect more deeply within intimacy.  All genders and identities welcomed.

Invisible Ink Selfie, “It’s the Nudes for Me!” Workshop w/ Taylor V. Smith and ZeCora Smith

In the song "Body" by Syd, they swoon to us, saying, "The bed is your stage, take it away, put on a show, put on a play..." How often have you wanted to make your bed, chair, countertop, or just being in front of the mirror your stage to express your sensual and sexual self? Taking nudes can be a form of sexual liberation and a way to reimagine your relationship to being in the center of your sexual stage performance.

(Black Womxn and Black Femmes ONLY)

I Touch Myself: Masturbation for all bodies w/ Carly S. (V)

Are you looking to find or expand your orgasm? This workshop will teach you all about pleasure based anatomy for all bodies, how they can vary and how we're all alike. Different touch techniques, and which toys can help you unlock different sensations. There will also be tips to help overcome training your body to orgasm in one way and ways to mix up your sexual self care.

The keys to harnessing sexual energy for magical manifestation w/ Hema (V)

Positive thinking, manifestation and the law of attraction have become widely used buzzwords, particularly since the release of the book “The Secret”. Focusing on positive outcomes and thoughts are not the only keys to manifesting a better reality for yourself. You can harness your sexual energy to unleash powerful manifestation energies that will bring in what you desire for your life.

Leisure & Pleasures | Awakening Self Intimacy w/ LaToya Maria

Leisure & Pleasures | Awakening Self Intimacy is here to support women in deepening into our Divine birthright of experiencing pleasure, leisure and ease WITHOUT guilt or shame. Self intimacy is the act of feeling safe to connect with your true identity. Tap into the ancient wisdom of your body and practice sacred rituals to honor the Divine Feminine within and without. This is a safe space for sensuality, softness, ease and Divine Feminine healing. Breathe, muse and move with the Yoga Enchantress as she gives lessons on Leisure + Pleasures.

(Black Women ONLY)

Liberating the Gender Paradigm w/ Terra Anderson (V)

This educational session transforms the way we think about gender and bodies. We will separate biological sex from gender, and sexual orientation once and for all with the support of cutting edge research, history, medicine and psychology. This session is for people interested in deepening their understanding of gender, fortifying their arguments for LGBTQIA+ rights, and expanding their sense of self. While this is an educational session, please expect to find a piece of your own healing along the way.

Love Thy Body w/ Sky Wind

This class is to help people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds feel more comfortable in the skin they are in prepping them to live a more clothing free lifestyle. It is our hope through this arts activity class people will break free of social stigmas, shift culture conversation around the body and psychological self doubt. This is a nude workshop with 100% participation required for everyone in the room. We invite you to bring water, journals, towel/blanket.

Maintaining Intimacy While Trying To Conceive w/ Candice Stoutamire (V)

This topic will teach how to maintain connection among partners and decrease stress while trying to conceive. The importance of relationships will be stressed. Tips and techniques will also be given.

Making It More Accessible: A Guide for Educators w/ Caz Killjoy (V)

Feel like your Sex Education work should be more accessible to more people? Most of us just don’t know where to begin to provide accommodations during our presentations. We become overwhelmed by all of the conflicting access needs and public calls for better accessibility. Sometimes we shut down or become defensive because we already put in so much work; adding accessibility seems like adding on another job and sometimes we aren’t sure this job is needed -- but it is. Join Caz Killjoy from the Disability and Sexuality Access Network as they share how to make your Sex Education presentations more inclusive of people from many backgrounds and situations.

(Educators ONLY)

The matrix of envy in our social & sexual lives w/ Rahim Thawer (V)

While most people can express their own experience of jealousy, distinguishing it from, and understanding our responses to, envy is more complex. Envy is a feeling that's directed at a person who possesses something desirable that we want. Envy triggers a sense of personal inferiority and can spark ill-will towards others. We engage with this experience by activating a web of affective orientations such as shame, counter-identification, grief, motivation, greed, grandiosity, and/or gratitude. In this presentation, we will 1) explore how early experiences of envy might shape our self-concept; 2) examine the ways envy surfaces in our relationship landscape, including its cultural manifestation in body ideals; and 3) speculate about how a subculture of sexualized drug use might mitigate envy. Finally, we'll consider how aware we are when we're the object of someone else's envy and how we respond.

Mindful Movement & Masturbation w/ Wendy B

Sex and masturbation is a dance. Allowing the body to tell a story of free flowing pleasure. This 2 part workshop allows you to become mindful in how your body moves to your touch and then creating a mindful self-pleasure routine to match.

Naked Yoga For Every Body w/ Anandalila

Stretch your mind and free your body with a gentle, all levels tantric hatha yoga practice for people of all shapes, sizes, and genders. Incorporating a combination of slow, flowing movements and longer holds, this class brings participants to an internal experience of their body. Everyone is welcome, from Absolute Beginners to Those with More Experience. It's a clothing-optional practice, so you can get as naked as you want to be. Bring your yoga mat or beach towel, a towel to sit on, any props you like to use, and a bottle of water.

The Nasty Sting of the Big R-Addressing sexual rejection in couples/long-term relationships w/ Brittanni Young, LMFT, CST

This workshop is seeking to educate individuals on how to identify the feeling of rejection and the various types of rejections. The ways that sexual rejection impact each individual will also be explored. Participants will learn productive and effective ways to turn rejection into intimate moments in a healthy and consenting manner.

Neurodiversity in Kink w/ Lady Steele

It is time. It is time that we open the discussion about what it means to be a neurodiverse person in the kink world. Are you autistic? Depressed? Anxious? Have PTSD? All of the above? Do you have something else going on? This is the class where you can hear about, and speak about if you are willing, what it’s like to be neurodiverse in kink. Lady Steele will discuss how neurodiversity affects safety, negotiations, play, and aftercare through her own experiences.

Non-Binary: Fact or Fallacy? w/ Anna Baxter, LPC

Increasingly more people, especially youth, are coming out and identifying as non-binary genders. Anna will discuss what the difference between binary and non-binary is and whether it's real or fiction. Most importantly, Anna will show parents, loved ones, friends, and peers how you can help non-binary people feel more accepted and safe in a binary world.

People of Color, Polyamory, Parenting, and People Power w/ Manju Rajendran

This participatory fishbowl will center stories by fabulous Black, indigenous, immigrant, refugee people, and people of color who live and organize for social and environmental justice in the US South. We identify as queer, trans, genderqueer, or gendernonconforming, and we are practicing family and/or parenting in polyamorous, nonmonogamous, or ace configurations. Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop and listen and learn. Offering contributions in the storysharing portion of the workshop will be for BIPOC participants only. 

Phone Sex & Beyond! w/ Alicia Ortiz (V)

Pandemic home-life has required much creativity with dating, sex, and intimacy! Whether sending a quick flirty text to a partner across the room while working from home, or scheduling virtual dates with new love interests and/or long-distance lovers - it's no secret that our words (and our phones) are a valuable tool in deepening relationships; including relationship with our own Self! Come explore using phone sex/messaging to navigate all sexy aspects of new and existing connections - including consent, boundaries, and emotional safety. Workshop attendees will get to practice explicit language skills like tone of voice, descriptive language, direct colorful imagery, and creative verbs!

Playing It Safe(r): Technological Security For A Post-FOSTA World w/ Caz Killjoy (V)

Are you a sex toy maker or seller? Kinkster? Sex educator? Harm reduction worker? Nude photographer? User of a dating app? Tantric bodyworker? Sex worker of any sort? Porn studio? Or maybe you just like to consensually send nudes of your of-legal-age self to someone who is also of legal age? Now that FOSTA (States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act), SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act), and CLOUD (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act) have passed, are you doing enough to protect yourself and your data? We’ll be going over better practices for technological safety to help keep you and your data law-abiding and secure when you use phone carrier networks and the internet.

The Pleasures of Anal Sex w/ Machel Hunt

Though not everyone is interested in trying anal sex, we are going to venture to say that most people have had their curiosities. The thing is because anal is still dancing on the oh-so-thin line of taboo (dependant on who you talk to), it’s not something that everyone is comfortable asking questions about; and, in most cases, what feels mysterious or confusing to us can seem scary. The more information and education we have about a particular subject, the more freely we can experience it! In this workshop, participants will gain insight into the physiological aspect of anal intercourse and understand the pain vs pleasure principle from a psychological and sexual perspective. Participants will be able to see graphics and experience a detailed understanding of the anal anatomy.


Plotting Pleasure: the Graphic Sex Project w/ Jennifer Beman (V)

Plotting Pleasure is a 1 hour workshop on how to use this playful and unique approach as a means to more deeply explore your own sexual values and preferences, to explore those values together with a partner, and to open new pathways for communication about sexual topics. The Graphic Sex Project uses math manipulatives (also available as a free online tool) to create tactile, visual representations of sexual scripts for self-reflection and as an aid to enhancing sexual play through better communication.

Polyamory & Parenting w/ Samantha Carwyn (V)

This session will begin with general information, including common terms, relationship structures, and key elements of polyamorous relationships.  I will outline how particular demographics such as gender and sexual orientation relate to polyamorous relationships. A list of considerations for individuals that are new and more experienced in polyamorous relationships will be reviewed. We will explore the things to consider when discussing polyamory with children and age-appropriate conversations.


Polyamory: From Basics to Lived Complexities w/ Intimacy ConAmore, Nick Marzo, & Panel (V)

Sharing the basics to the complexities of polyamory. Panel of poc and/or trans people giving living examples of different queer representations of polyamorous lives. We will succintly define and briefly give lived examples of 10+ crucial topics pertinent to ENM/CNM covering various of nonmonogamy. 

Polyamory Versus Polyfuckery w/ Lady Steele

What is the difference between polyamory (more than two loves) and polyfuckery (non-monogamy)? Does sex have to be a part of polyamory? Does love have to be a part of non-monogamy? What forms do these very broad concepts take? Do these concepts overlap at times? Join Lady Steele as she discusses the differences and confusion surrounding polyamory and non-monogamy.

Porn & Parenting: Sex-Positive Parenting w/ Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire

No matter what age your children are, parenting can make sex seem like one of the more dispensable tasks on your to-do list. Join Sex Positive Parents, Jet Setting Jasmine, and King Noire as they share their experience with talking about sex and maintaining intimacy in a household with children. This seminar will also cover how to safeguard children from sexual inappropriate situations. 

It's Sex Ed all over again, but this time for adults with children or those that work with children.

The Porn Star and the Little Old Lady Walk into Sex Down South: jessica drake and Joan Price Share Sex Secrets for Young and Old (H)

The collaboration of adult star/sex educator Jessica drake and author/senior sex educator Joan Price led to the creation of the award-winning film, “Jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Senior Sex.” It also led to an intense friendship and many discussions as Jessica shared her work speaking to college students, and Joan shared hers speaking to seniors. They discovered that the sexual concerns of young adults and seniors were sometimes drastically different — but sometimes identical. In this lively dialogue, Jessica and Joan reveal what young people and old people really think, question, and need. They also discuss porn, porn literacy, sex ed, and much more.

Pornversation: Deepening Connections With Ourselves and Our Partners By Discussing Porn w/ Melissa & Jason Hippie

In this workshop, we discuss the importance of having a conversation about pornography with our partners and other members of the community. In this fast growing digital world, porn is more accessible than ever. It is one of the top viewed entertainment options and consistently more popular than national news. Despite its popularity with the mainstream, it is a topic that is rarely discussed, which affects intimate relationships. Not talking about it can create myths about sex and porn, contributing to poor sexual knowledge by our society as a whole. Additionally, lack of transparency related to porn preferences in intimate relationships can cause sexual misunderstandings and lead to less satisfying sex lives. This workshop creates a safe space where we can talk about the importance of having pornversations and share tips for helping those conversations go a little less awkwardly.

Positive Pleasure: Navigating Sex & Dating While STI+ w/ Tiffany Lashai Curtis (V)

Traditional, fear-based sexuality education often focuses on the prevention of two things: pregnancy and STIs. But pleasure doesn't stop after you're diagnosed with an STI, because guess what?... STI+ folks still f*ck! This workshop is for people who are living with an incurable STI (HPV, HIV, Herpes), who struggle with navigating sex and dating. In this workshop we will discuss disclosure, safer sex methods + advocating for yourself during STI testing, and ways to engage in non-genital focused/non-sexual intimacy during outbreaks or when partnered sex isn't an option. The last hour of this workshop will be an open and supportive discussion space to discuss stigma, dating, and self-care.

(STI+ Folks & Partners ONLY)

Power and Pelvic Pleasure w/ Heather Edwards, Pelvic PT, & Candace Liger

Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that control how tight your anus and vagina are. They’re also the ones the pulse during orgasm. Power dynamics and enthusiastic consent can dramatically change the way your brain asks your pelvic floor to perform it’s functions during sex. We want to teach you how to use power to your advantage to get you body to open up and squeeze tight... while having a ton of kinky fun.

Primal Pleasure: The Hunger Within w/ Duchess De sade (V)

In my workshop will dive into the education and pleasure centers of primal play , and why it can be such a powerful tool in BDSM. We will also discuss how primal energy can manifest in our physical, erotic and mental spaces that allows us to tap into unleash primordial sexual and potential healing energies in our lives while enriching our relationships.

Psychic Tantric healing w/ Hema (V)

Feeling stuck in your life? Get psychic insights from Hema and experience her healing energy as she helps you to remove what's blocking you so that you can freely live a life full of passion and purpose.

Queer & Polyamory w/ Anna Baxter, LPC

The media portrays polyamory as a primarily heterosexual experience, with a few bisexual women. We will facilitate an open dialog about the marginalization of queer people in the polyamorous community, both in-group marginalization and between-group marginalization.

Race & Kink w/ Luna Matatas & Marla Renee Stewart (V)

This workshop will explore the intersections of race and kink by looking at how race and racism show up in BDSM and kinky play, spaces and fantasies. We'll look at common questions from the Race and Kink Series (created and hosted by Marla Renee Stewart and Luna Matatas) like, is race play ok? How can we create more inclusive kinky spaces? How can we be safer when engaging in kink and BDSM as BIPOC communities?

A Real Hot Girl Movement: Pleasure Activism & Black Women's Sexual Liberation w/ Clarissa "Serenity" Francis, PhD, CSE (V)

This workshop will offer an overview of the presenter's research on Pleasure Activism in Atlanta, GA. The presenter identifies Pleasure Activism work being done towards Black women's sexual liberation is A Real Hot Girl Movement. The presenter identifies leaders in this movement also participating in the Hot Girl Summer movement. Combined these movements include music artists, such as Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo.

Reclaiming Our Sexuality as G.A.W. (Grown Ass Women) w/ Wifey

Does it feel like you are missing something in your sex life? Do you feel the need to level it up? Come and learn some the tricks of the trade from a G.A.W. Leave with some tools to level up your sexual experiences as a grown ass woman.

Rhythm and Bruise w/ Xir Oya, girl Gaia (V)

Elevate your play by developing skill to move and flow rhythmically through your scene. Whether by setting tone or by catching the rhythm to invoke headspace (Dom/sub space); music can make a dramatic difference. We’ll discuss theory and put in some practice so have your favorite tools available (rope, impact, fire....).

Rope Bondage: Sense & Sensuality w/ Midori (V)

Explore ways to wake up your senses through rope bondage. In this short class, Midori will lead you through exercises to explore the feels, emotional textures and sensual potential in rope play. Solos and partnered people welcome. No experience in rope or BDSM necessary. You will need one piece of rope. Suggested length - anywhere from 15’ to 25’ and note taking tools. Wear clothing to allow for plenty of skin exposure. If you’re going to have your camera on, let’s keep below the waist off screen.

Sacred Pleasure w/ Anandalila

You've heard about Tantra and maybe even tried a sex ritual or two, but what is it really? Let's take Tantra out of the bedroom and into all aspects of your life. Using lively discussion and hands-on activities, we will learn how to create a juicy, erotic existence every day - at 'Con and beyond. Please bring your journal and something to write with to this session.

Self-care in Relationships w/ Amanda Ganley

Self- Care in Relationships is a workshop designed for participants to do the work of exploring their unique desires and gifts in life and as partners in relationship. They will form a deeper understanding of their own personal boundaries and how to share these authentic expressions of themselves; and develop clear strategies to care for themselves, experience needs fulfillment and cultivate health and autonomy in their connections

Self Love, Sex, and Shadow Work w/ Britney Jacobs

Self Love, Sex, and Shadow Work dives into the dark spaces of healing. Everyone wants to live in the space of love and light as well as have mind blowing sex but many people do not understand how they are related. This workshop will open you up to a new world of trauma healing, trigger warnings, better sex, and being more present in your life.

Self-Lovin' Out Loud w/ Jennifer Eden

You ain't gotta be silent in your solo satisfaction! Jennifer Eden (she/they) breaks down a 4-part approach to the ideal self-pleasure session. Whether you're looking to relieve some stress, supplement between partnered sex, or manifest your next miracle, there's no downside to expanding your masturbation practice. This workshop will give insight on toys, techniques, sensual self massage, and gettin' kinky all by yourself. The language used in this workshop centers the vulva, but the concepts can be applied to all bodies.

Seasoned All-In Switches & Supporters w/ D. Choc Trei & Renee Trei

Introduction, Explanation of Tactile Switching and Safety Involved, Followed by a Demo, Q & A, and Group Aftercare. *This will be an audience participation class, for those comfortable*

Sex & Personal Power: A Pleasure workshop w/ KJ Schroer (V)

Get to know YOU as your best partner. We’ll discuss how to face our personal challenges with sexuality, build in habits around sexual pleasure & talk about how to discover who we are at our essence. Being a sexually liberated human starts with our own mindset.  Here we’ll look at the beliefs about body shame that hold us back and how to move forward in a radically self loving way.  Tools for working with the energy of arousal and sexual desire will be shared and community built. This workshop will be open to all however centered around queer/trans experiences. 

Sex after Menopause w/ Belinda & Kevin Porter

Don’t buy into the myth that post-menopausal issues such as vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy and painful intercourse are part of aging and you just have to live with it. There are things you can do and people who can help you have great sex for a lifetime.

Sex and Physical Disability: The Art of Creative Positioning w/ Dr. Michelle Fynan (V)

Typically, when the topic of sex is discussed with regard to physical disability, concepts like love and attraction are replaced with queries regarding capacity and limitations. Questions like, “Can you have sex?” and “If so, how?” and “With who?” are typical. This workshop will bust ableist myths about sex and disability, address common sexual concerns noted in the disability community, including low sexual self-esteem, and offer positioning solutions for sex while alone and with others.

Sexcessories! 8 Steamy Add-Ons to Keep your Sex Life on Trend w/ Josephanie V. Smith, MS, APC (V)

Sexcessories: Nothing you really need for great sex, but everything you'd want! This workshop is all about millennial kink and sexploration. Be exposed to what may excite you. Sexcessories introduces 8 fun and sexy add-ons to diversify your sex; ranging from mild, medium to extra hot! Sexcessorize and take your sex to the next level. 

Sexual Health Information Sin Fronteras w/ Leidy Londoño and Trilce Ortiz (V)

During this presentation, we will discuss how Spanish-speaking users are utilizing Planned Parenthood’s: Chatea/Textea allows young people to be connected, via instant message or text, to trained educators who can answer their questions and provide critical information regarding their sexual health. We know that when people migrate to the United States from Latin America or other countries, their reproductive health questions also migrates with them. By removing language and the anxiety that can stem from face-to-face conversations, Chatea/Textea gives users the opportunity to communicate however and wherever they feel most comfortable. Chatea/Textea was intentionally transcreated by Latinx folks and Spanish speakers, and created to reflect the language and cultural nuances. Most of the educators for Chatea/Textea are Latinxs themselves, connecting most users to someone who understands their culture and the myths, taboos, and language without question or judgment.

Sexuality without Sex: Exploring Why Academic Research is Still Afraid of Orgasms and Fucking w/ Keila Taylor

What's the difference between sex and sexuality? Why does it matter? This workshop explores the distinctions between how one chooses to engage in the literal act of fucking vs. how one expresses or communicates their sexuality/sexual orientation. In academic research, these two concepts are often conflated with an overemphasis on sexuality while simultaneously undermining and stigmatizing scholarly work that speak of sex as an embodied pleasurable experience. How can we conduct research that treats the act of fucking and having an orgasm as worthy of academic treatment? More so, why don't we? Throughout this workshop we'll unpack the stigma around how and why sex acts get erased under the guise of sexuality and the emancipatory possibilities when we disrupt this type of academic writing and research. 

Better Sex & Relationships: A Guide for Men Over 40 w/ Hans (V)

At some point I realized that something was wrong; my sex life was getting less exciting which led to my relationship becoming less intimate. I wanted to get more out of my sexlife and by doing so create a better life. This presentation will talk about all the things I did, that worked to turn around this vicious cycle and make it a virtuous one. In essence: I am presenting you with the shortcuts to a better (sex) life.

Slaps, Smacks and Whacks: How to use hands, floggers, paddles and crops and canes to torture, tease and tenderize w/ Master Mastiff and Naughty Girl

Presented by Master Mastiff, we are going to talk terminology, demonstrate technique and spend some time on the do’s, the don’ts and the don’t stops. We will discuss materials such as wood vs. leather, look for the answer to the eternal question of stingy vs. thuddy and of course go over communication before, safety during and aftercare after. We demonstrate the different types of strikes, positions for play and cover basic anatomy and safety. The material is presented through demonstration, lecture and Q&A. Although geared to the novice to intermediate player there is plenty for more advance players to enjoy. We also discuss safe words, negotiation, warm up/cool down, sub space and sub-drop.

Solo Sex for the Solo Lover w/ Alicia Ortiz (V)

​Being healthily and happily single is not only possible, but becoming more and more common to talk about openly! Come explore strategies for fostering a life rich with emotional fulfillment, loving friendships, and hot solo-sex without a romantic partner(s). Anyone interested in developing new creative masturbation techniques is encouraged to attend!

Southern Baptist sex positivity w/ Estee Nena Dillard

In the Black Church there are many structures systems and theological presuppositions that oppose both sex positivity and being queer. This workshop will address biblical interpretations, Womanist theological teachings and sociology-cultural supportive resources for living fully into the identities; black, southern, queer, Christian, sex positive. The workshop will be part lecture part activity and part ritual to engage attendees in the practical spiritual worksheet Christian tradition can offer to facilitate healing and sexual Liberation.

So You Want to Be A Sex Educator... w/ Jennifer Rahner & Sean Rahner, APC (H)

Do you come to Sex Down South and wish you were the one presenting the workshop? If so, a career in Sexuality Education might be for you! Learn from a panel of those working in the field ways to move from audience member to Sexuality Professional. We'll share our personal stories, too.

Staying Grounded w/ Mel Graham (V)

A lot of our wounds of today can be traced back to our childhoods. We have wounds that we have buried so deeply that we have forgotten about them until we encounter them during our daily lives. We become triggered. We ignored them. Then we pushed them back down until another day or time. The goal of this session is to walk away feeling grounded as well as empowered to navigate our daily lives and triggers. During this session, we will discuss self-care plans for ourselves, where and how to see our traumas and triggers easily. Then we will go on a special meditation navigating our pasts, presents, and even our future to cut out things that are holding us back. Supplies for the session: paper, writing utensils, lighter and water as well as be in a safe and quiet space. I look forward to you joining us.

Taking Pleasure to a Higher Level: Mixing Sex and Cannabis w/ Frankie V and Justyn Hintze (V)

Whether you only partake at parties, or you're an avid consumer, this interactive workshop will walk you through the basics of mixing sex and pleasure with cannabis. Finding the right strains and methods of consumption for your body can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Along with stress relief, pain management, and the facilitation of relaxation, cannabis can also enhance sexual experiences and pleasure by increasing sensations and heightening arousal.

Tantra Beyond the Binary: Sacred Sexuality For All w/ Alex S. Morgan

Ready to understand, experience, and play with sexual energy on a deep level that isn’t bound to heteronormative ideas of masculine or feminine? Alex S. Morgan is a genderqueer sacred intimate and Tantric practitioner who is passionate about merging sacred sexuality and queer consciousness. We’ve got two juicy hours to weave together cutting edge practices, meditations, and experientials drawing from deep traditional teachings and contemporary viewpoints. We’ll cover both theory and practice, integrating the powerful histories of Tantra and queer erotic embodiment with energetic experiential exercises that let you experience a non-binary, queered view of this non-dualistic path… tracing gender fluidity in Tantra back to its roots and breaking free of binary gender constructs to fully embrace a modern take on sacred sexuality. Discover the living archetypes of gender-blending sacred sexuality that you can bring into your energetic practice.

(Queer Folks & Trans Folks ONLY)

Tantric Movement: Dancing The Elements w/ Tyomi Morgan

The 5 elements are essential to the elemental practices in Authentic Tantra with each element representing one of the 5 chakras on the central channel. Through moving our bodies in specific ways, each element and its qualities can be enriched within our lives.  Join Certified Authentic Tantra™ practitioner Tyomi Morgan for a class dedicated to cultivating connection and healing through movement.  Learn the position of each element within the body and their qualities before learning the moves that enrich each element.  This class is for able bodies and is for all genders and identities. Please wear clothing you can move freely in.


Tantric Wonders - Unlocking facets of Male Sexuality w/ Machel Hunt

Although often synonymous with sex, tantra is really about connection — whether that’s with yourself or between you and a partner. After all, the word itself — derived from the ancient Sanskrit — means “web” or “to weave energy.” In practice, tantra is about enlightenment: to transcend both the sexual and spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative, spontaneous, and intimate sex. Like yoga, tantra is all about physical and spiritual awareness. When you learn and practice tantra, you become more in-tune with your body, what gives it pleasure, and the way it feels pleasure. This allows you to pay better attention to your body’s wants and needs and make sure they’re fulfilled. Plus, the energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout your body and can intensify your orgasm.

(Men ONLY)

Therapeutic Benefits of Kink w/ Sir Phoenix Black & Slave Virtue 

In this moderator lead class we will discuss the temporary physical and physiological benefits of play. The types of play that may provide temporary relief for anxiety, insomnia and general stress disorders. THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE but rather coping strategies to accompany true medical care.

TICK - Inclusive Consent for BIPOC folks in KINK w/ Candace "Coach Felyne"
Liger; Tamika Carter; Madamme Seduction; Madam Posh

Whips and chains excitement me, but white supremacist ideology does not. BDSM/KINK spaces cannot claim to be inclusive without understanding the historical relevance of the equipment, tools and power dynamics often presented within the lifestyle. TICK was created by black femme/gnc healers & kink practitioners to offer a consent protocol for the BDSM/KINK community which makes considerations for BIPOC folx to navigate potential triggers and trauma responses in the pursuit of pleasure. Join in for an overview of what TICK means, why we need it, and how it relates to our liberation.

Touch me, Tease Me, Please Me w/ Carly S. (V)

Touch is the one of the most important senses when it comes to sex. Learn more about sensory play, sensory deprivation, intimate massage, temperature play, and more! You'll take home communication tips to really help you get those creative juices flowing.

Trauma and Triggers w/ Anna Baxter, LPC

What things should you be aware of when playing with someone who has trauma in their background? Are there special things to consider during negotiations? What does being triggered really mean? (Hint: most people on the net use it to mean something that makes them uncomfortable. That’s not being triggered.) What are ways to handle the situation if the person you’re playing with becomes triggered during a session? Anna Baxter, LPC answers these questions and other sensitive topics surrounding Triggers and Trauma within the lifestyle.

Understanding Ableism: A workshop with Andrew Gurza

This workshop is designed to help participants understand what ableism looks like and feels like. Using real world examples Andrew Gurza will explore the nuances of ableism; from every day to in the bedroom and how that makes people feel.  Andrew will give participants the tools to be anti-ableist in sex positive spaces and beyond. At the end of this session, participants will:


  1. Gain a greater understanding of ableism 

  2. Feel comfortable confronting their own ableism 

  3. Have the tools to call ableism out/in if they need to.

Vampirism Noir w/ Shanae Adams

You won't find vampires that glitter in the sun in this workshop. Vampirism Noir is a sub culture of kink in which participants draw their power from the culture. Sensuality is the way. Seduction paves the path. Step into the dark.

Visualization and Meditations for Connection w/ Tyomi Morgan

Tantric practices use visualization within mediation for healing practices. Join Certified Authentic Tantra™ practitioner Tyomi Morgan for a class in visualizing colors, shapes and sounds needed to complete elemental meditations for connection and self-healing.  Participants will learn color breathing to prepare the energy body for deeper meditation practices and to use as a stand-alone clearing practice. Attendees will also practice using their imagination to visualize colors, shapes, elements and symbols. This class is for people all genders and identities.

When Black Women Gather w/ Shayla Tumbling

This is a space for Black Women to gather. We will explore healing & Black Women.

(Black Women ONLY)

Where The Line Resides: Surviving The Cycle of Sexual Harm w/ Ignacio Rivera & Aredvi Azad (V)

Have you experienced a sexual encounter you can’t quite categorize and are confused about where the line is? Or maybe you don’t identify as a survivor of sexual violence because “it wasn’t really that bad” or “they didn’t mean what they did”? Perhaps, you are wondering if you might have done harm, you want to figure it out but you’re terrified of being labeled a predator/rapist/perp? And what does it say about you if you have ever fantasized about sexual taboos and the very things that perpetuate rape culture? If any of these questions feel familiar or spark curiosity, join us as we discuss “the line”, navigating the sexual abuse culture, and how we can heal as survivors, harm-doers (and often both) without relying on carceral responses. This program is presented by The HEAL Project

Whip Fit! Flogger Based Movement & Light Cardio Class w/ Midori (V)

Midori’s unique flogging based movements and light exercise class.... Fluid elliptical movement. Think air guitar, shadow boxing or spinning poi! No experience necessary. 

You'll need:
- Wear comfortable clothes that's easy to move in. If you like support clothing, such as sport bras or jock straps, it's not a bad idea.
- Space - enough clearance to swing your flogger without causing unintentional spacial rearrangement
- Floggers - Pair or single, either is fine. Many of the movements will be done with one in each hand. Make sure it's the right length for your pace. If you are new to this, go for a lighter weight. If you want a little extra resistance and exercise, use a heavier one.

Don't have a flogger? No problem! Anything you can grip with one hand and a little flexibility will work.
A hand towel, a feather duster, pair of long socks with tennis balls in it, a bouquet of flowers, etc.

Want a more challenging workout? Wear some extra weights on your body. Try a heavier object to swing.

** Special notes about pets such as cats & dogs. Some animals are scared of floggers. Some animals think they're toys to chase. If you have animals, please attend to them as appropriate.

Yes, you Cam! Fierce, Fat, & Finding Your Way in the Digital Sex Work w/ Carly S. (V)

Getting started as a digital sex worker can be overwhelming! Are you looking to be fat, fabulous, fruitful and safe online. You'll learn about finding your niche and building your brand, to knowing where to advertise, to utilizing engagement, to dealing with fatphobia, to reaching the audience that's looking for you, and handling with feedback and redirection. Buckle up, there's a lot to learn!

(Plus Size Folks ONLY)

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