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28 Day Sexy Self-Care Workshop w/ Coach Catasha

Lost a little spark during the pandemic? Fumbling through a big life change? Let’s get you back in the saddle with tips and tricks to re-ignite your sexual energy! This workshop will guide you through the process of a self-love that grows your sexual health!

Actually Autistic/ Sexually Autistic w/ Maritza Valle

"Actually Autistic/Sexually Autistic" is a presentation and participation-based learning experience that explores the sexual identities and needs of the neurodivergent and specifically Autistic community. We'll cover what understanding our neurotype does for exploring our sexuality, what we want our Allistic friends to know and understand about Autistic sexuality, and how Autistic traits can be a strength for the kink community. This experience is educational and immersive. It includes a broad range of Autistic, first-person reports to explore, and workshops scenarios that encourage Autistics to take up space while allistics take on ND perspectives.

African Spiritual Sexualities for Embodied Erotic Healing w/ Estee Nena Dillard

This workshop will be structured as half lecture and half practical healing space. There are many ways the evolution of the African body through the Black and/or Queer experience has impacted African sexualities. Healing and connecting these ways of seeing and experiencing the African body both inform and shape the embodied experience. With the incorporation of active healing work, this workshop will move participants towards greater erotic clarity: a place of fully embodied sexualities and spiritual experiences. Also, this workshop will review the influence of the cultural shifts that are barriers against Queer and/or African bodies and embodied African sexualities. There will be 75 minutes of teaching and conversation, integrated with 45 minutes of an experience of embodied connection and healing for African descended people.

*People of Color Only*

BDSM Consent for Black Folx - TICK w/ Coach Felyne & Madam Seduction

It's time we moved beyond SSC and RACK to a BDSM consent philosophy created by black folx for black folx. Trauma Informed Consensual Kink offers a blueprint to navigate potential trauma responses so we can experience more safety, pleasure, and liberation.

*People of Color Only*

Being Seen: Awakening Black Women w/ Shayla Tumbling & Priestess St. Journey Is

A co-created cultivated space for Black Women's healing & restoration. This workshop is designed to spark the mending of a woman’s relationship with vulnerability and sensuality. This session is completely devoted to help you cultivate a deep inner peace with being celebrated while walking in your light.

*Black Women Only*

Beyond Pronouns: Tools for Allyship of Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals w/ Lee Harrington

This course is a chance for people who want to build skills for allyship to learn to do so, without continuing to do seemingly positive things that may accidentally be causing harm. You can do more than call someone by their pronoun (though that is a start). This can include what to do when someone comes out to you, the different types of transitioning, making gender inclusive spaces, building support for families of people transitioning, different types of corporate activism, and of course, a bit about the “bathroom issue.” Let’s do some culture shifting at every level of society while also supporting people one on one. We can work together to make this a better world for everyone.

Black and Pink National Sex Worker Liberation Project w/ Jasmine Tasaki & Kenna Barnes

The Sex Worker Liberation Project (SWLP) is Black and Pink National's new and innovative approach to supporting the national movement around sex work, safety, and harm reduction. This session will discuss strategies, tools, and organizing practices within the sex worker community. This will serve as both a listening session and community sharing platform where we will reflect on best practices for sex worker liberation.

Black Femme Brunch presents Playing with Yourself w/ juh and Zaddi

Black Femme Brunch is back to make them cheeks clap! juh and Zaddi will have all the Black baes and gorgeous gays going crazy with fun, games, and a live DJ set followed by two concurrent workshops. Zaddi will lead a workshop on the essentials of dirty talk and erotic expression while juh leads a playful, improvisational movement practice for Black queer and trans folks to reconnect to their bodies and desires.

*Black queer and transgender people exclusively*

Blown Away: Killer Blow Jobs for All Bodies! w/ Andre Shakti
Contrary to popular belief, one type of blowjob does not fit all! That's why Andre Shakti is here to offer an inclusive, individually tailored approach to giving
Are you looking to level up your current blowjob game but are at a loss for new techniques?
Are you hesitating to talk to a partner about wanting to give or receive a blowjob for the very first time?
Are you starved for blowjob tips for silicone cocks and trans bodies?
Are you or your partner sick of going to blowjob workshops that don't take body size and ability into account?
Are you wondering how to emulate your favorite porn star's deep-throating skills without sending yourself to the ER?
Are you hoping to receive an anatomy refresher course to maximize you and your partner's physical pleasure?
Wherever you're at, Andre Shakti is here to offer an inclusive, individually tailored approach to giving YOUR very best blowjob! Leave your inhibitions and assumptions at home, and get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!

Certification or Nah? Is AASECT Cert right for you? w/ Dr. Lexx Brown-James 
Come and find out about AASECT and see if it's a fit for what you want to do in the sexuality field. Find out pros, cons, and if membership would specifically benefit you. 

Cheesy Dates w/ James Harris
How to maintain the spark and spontaneity in your relationships with your partner(s)

ChemSex: Consent & Safety Under Influence w/ Ignacio Rivera & Aredvi Azad

ChemSex is the intentional use of psychoactive substances during sex. These may include legal substances such as alcohol and marijuana to psychedelics and highly addictive drugs. Join us for a discussion to demystify consent practices and focus on shame-free harm reduction approaches. We will cover a range of topics such as potential short-term and long-term physical and mental health risks, how to create a safety checklist, and set good boundaries that prioritize you and your partner(s) well-being.

Dancing the Elements: An Authentic Tantra Movement Practice w/ Tyomi Morgan

Join Authentic Tantra™ practitioner Tyomi Morgan for an interactive session dedicated to enriching the five elements in your life through movement. Participants will be guided through several core movements set to a sensual soundtrack to deepen mind-to-body connection and increase energy.  Participants are encouraged to dress in clothing that allows free movement.  Each elemental movement will be accompanied with their corresponding colored light to create an immersive experience.

Discussion Circle: Interracial Dating, Relationships, & Love in the South w/ Jamaal Hankey & Debra Mazer

What is your experience like with interracial dating, relationships, and love in the South? Celebrations? Mishaps? Revelations? This is a safe space where all voices are heard and listened to. The intention is expression, healing, and connection. Participants take turns speaking and compassionately listening in this Discussion Circle.

Dream Interpretations w/ Marla Renee Stewart

Learn all about your dreams and what they mean! This session is an active learning and interpreting session, so bring your dreams, notebooks, and let's dive into the subconscious! 

Dynamic Rope Play - Control and Dominance Moves w/ Midori

Learn effective rope moves to enhance and make hot play. Whatever style of bondage or rope play you enjoy, these skills will boost the emotional and psychological intensity. In this hands-on class you’ll practice safe moves that are body-smart for the top side and bottom sides. Whether you enjoy Kinbaku, Shibari, Westen, Predicament, Damsel in Distress, Take-downs or Confrontational play, these techniques will integrate well into your fun!

No experience necessary.

Bring: One or two lengths of rope that you usually play with. If you’re not sure, bring two or three lengths of 20 to 30 feet of ropes. If you don't have rope, there will be some available to borrow

Wear: Comfortable clothing that's easy to move in. We will be moving a lot! 

We’ll all be doing all the exercises in turn. As this is a movement and physical class, please adjust to your physical state, health, and safety.

Electric Love w/ Master Mastiff & Naughty Girl

Master Mastiff is branching out. No longer content to just teach you 50 ways to beat your lover, he wants to share his tricks, tips and techniques for adding a charge to your bedroom and dungeon fun. We will discuss the types of wands and how they work, review basic safety and discuss how they came to be part of our kinky toolbox. Once we have covered that, we will review the different conductors and accessories and then the fun begins with a demonstration. Master Mastiff’s assistant Naughty Girl will join him for this class as well as she offers up her body in the name of kink education followed by a hands-on Q&A session. Whether you are new to electrical play or just want to get more out of the gear you have, this class will help you light up your next wand session.

Erotic Hypnosis w/ Captain Nemo

Ever wondered what is hypnosis? Been curious about how it would feel to play sensually under hypnosis? In this demonstration-based educational workshop, you'll learn what is Erotic Hypnosis. Feel orgasmic states and explore your sensuality through a mind-body connection in a deep trance hypnotic state.

Ethical Nonmongamy: Kitchen Table Style w/ Ms Reemah, Axel, and Lavender

This class is an intro to kitchen table style poly. We will discuss what poly is and isn’t, and address any myths. In no way is this discussion prescriptive. We will give examples of how we do poly. This is an open discussion forum; please bring any questions or challenges you may have and lets discuss.

Ethical Unicorning: A how to guide on seeking and being a unicorn w/ Sally Johnston, Alisha Fisher, & Colleen Schoenfeld
Threesome are at the top of the sexual fantasies of Americans, yet many couples and singles have difficulty accessing them or finding a willing participant(s). With this, many turn to seeking out their majestic unicorn and do so in problematic ways, forgetting that the unicorns too are human beings with feelings, desires, and needs. This workshop explores how to ethically engage in unicorning and unicorn hunting, as well as the basics of consent, boundaries, and sexual autonomy, and how this applies to being, and seeking a unicorn. This workshop applies to all sexualities and gender identities, inclusive of dragons, switches, and solo poly players. Participants will gain a better appreciation for the nuances and best practices in engaging in multiples play.

Expansive Connection: Unlearning Toxic Monogamy w/ Suzannah Weiss

“If you really loved your partner, you wouldn’t be attracted to other people.” "You've got to look good for your husband, or his eyes will wander." Sound familiar? These are messages many of us learn from toxic monogamy culture — a set of beliefs that confine us to a narrow and unhealthy monogamous relationship ideal. This talk will unpack these beliefs and teach participants a non-monogamy-inspired alternative, expansive connection, which allows for autonomy, freedom, and flexibility no matter what your relationship structure looks like.

Face the Fucking w/ Captain Nemo

"Face The Fucking"
After a popular debut at Frolicon 2021, and touring the local dungeon, this workshop & demo comes to "Sex Down South".
Face Fucking. It’s a simple concept, right? The ding dong goes into the mouth and then you pump it. Well, that’s where you’d be wrong. So, come join me and learn 7 different positions for a good face fucking. [These grew to 11 positions at Frolicon. Now to 13 positions. What? Like earnest scientists, we do research.]
The body connects to the mind and the mind to the body. We’ll discuss the psychological aspects of it both from the Dom and the Sub’s perspective. Hopefully, we’ll have a little fun along the way as well ;)

Felyne Fetish Fitness: A Kinky Interactive Workout w/ Coach Felyne

Felyne Fetish Fitness, created by Coach Felyne, is a kinky ass workout experience that plays [and entertains] on the dynamic relationship that exists between trainer and client. Coach will help you engage your body, release tension, and MAYBE work up a sweat all while engaging in the kinky antics to keep you motivated. YAS COACH FELYNE!

Find Your Voice! w/ Alicia Ortiz

There is healing power in music, and the instrument we always carry with us is our voice! (No experience necessary!) Guided by a professional singer, teacher and performer, you will laugh, learn silly vocal warmups, and practice being aware of your breath and body. When we sing, our body vibrates differently and when we hear information in musical form, we remember it deeply. You will have the opportunity to create your own melody for at least one affirming lyric, thus connecting with both your literal and metaphorical voices. Singing can ultimately heighten our confidence and communication skills all around!

Foundations for Rope Bondage w/ Ms. Reemah and Lavender

Beginning your rope journey? Or just want to learn about rope bondage? This is the class for you! Appropriate for newbies and first-timers. This class is also helpful for those who want to troubleshoot any issues and/or just talk about rope. This is a hands on workshop, that will walk you through the basics and safety of rope bondage.

FREE THE PUSSY: Respectability Politics on Sexual Autonomy and Pleasure w/ Dr. Temara J. Holt

Black sexual scripts have historically been used to control sexuality, sexual expression, and how we see ourselves as sexual beings. In particular, Jezebel has been a controlling image used to represent Black female sexuality as hyper-sexualized and deviant. This workshop is a nuanced discussion of Respectability Politics and how these "rules" have not only been used to tame the sexual desires of women, but have impacted the interpersonal relationships and mental health of black women. Interactive dialogue will explore the individual impacts of sexual scripts, culminated with learning practical skills to redefine sexual agency and enhance sexual/mental health.

*People of Color Only*

Free Your Bind! w/ Davey Dswitch

Experience freedom and play in rope bondage experiences that are full of ease, creativity, and connection rather than being anxious about knots or technique. Davey has been tying for about 25 years for bondage, climbing, and circus. Davey loves to make rope and rigging simple, practical, and creative, but also wants to show you how to ease into fulfilling spaces with your partners while using rope for sensation and communication. This is an all levels course, but if you already know a single column tie, you’re ahead of the game. Start to make practical decisions while flowing playfully and creatively with rope rather than copying other forms and ties. This material is useful for bondage on the floor, standing, in bed, and for suspension. Please bring your own rope, but no one turned away.

Freeq Like Me: Sexual Liberation for Black Women w/ Dr. Clarissa Francis

This workshop offers a brief history of Black women’s lived experiences in the US around their bodies, sexualities, pleasure, and expression. The presenter will share excerpts of stories shared by Black women who are Pleasure Activists who primarily focus their work on Black women’s sexual liberation (bodily autonomy, pleasure, and sexual expression). The participants will be invited to share their sexual liberation journeys may it be self-reflection, advice, an/or questions. The purpose of this workshop is to offer tools for healing, sexual liberation and celebrate and decolonialize the freeq in each of us!

*People of Color Only*

From Premature Attachment to SlutSecure w/ Misha Bonaventura
Are you finding yourself in over your head trying to balance this world of relationship, sluttiness, sexy possibility, love chemicals, and secure attachment? You can have all the amazing & yummy things you’re wishing for in your relationships. Have all the sex, have all the friendships, and have all the love with all the ease. Mitigate the hard feelings, the presumptions, the premature attachment woes as you hone and celebrate your sex & intimacy superpowers!

Give Your Orgasm a Voice w/ Debra Shade

How do you restore your sexual health in 2022? Do you have the language to ask for your orgasm formula? We will cover the importance of masturbation in regards to developing your voice to share. Discuss 6 vaginal orgasms that you can learn and begin using your voice with your mate(s) to have them create multiple orgasms. If sex is a goal, we will discover the necessity of sexual fulfillment in a healthy relationship.

Go for Pro: How to be a Dominatrix w/ Vendetta

This session will give basic information on how to get started as a pro-domme, safety, marketing, and logistics

*Everyone, People of Color Only*

Grow Your Sex Education Business On Instagram w/ Ashley Cobb

In the workshop participants will learn the basics of how to grow their sexuality business online. They will learn how to use Instagram and Facebook to build awareness. They will learn the best apps to use to create Youtube videos and how to use TikTok and Reels as a tool. 

Healing Through Self-Seduction: A Sensual Burlesque Initiation w/ Perle Noire

Healing Through Self-Seduction: A Sensual Burlesque Initiation is a workshop/ritual dedicated to women and femmes who are ready to heal themselves through the art of burlesque and self-seduction. Participants will experience a guided Burlesque self-love ritual that will encourage them to honor their ancestors, inner child, and inner diva through the art of tease, self-consent, and connection exercises. In addition, Healing Through Seduction offers an opportunity to experience vulnerability and intimacy without the pressure of giving or receiving an orgasm.

*Women and Femmes only*

Healing Waters: Yoga and Meditation for Sexual Embodiment w/ Natalie Malone & Monyae Kerney

Yoga and Meditation for Sexual Embodiment is a two-hour experiential workshop featuring pleasure-centered yoga and meditation designed for queer womxn and femme self-identifying people of Color. Using pleasure-centered and Black queer feminist principles, participants will be guided through a sacred practice that integrates the mind, body, and spirit. The workshop will conclude with a debrief and Q&A session facilitated by the presenters.

*Queer woman and femme self-identifying people of Color*


How to be Intimate with Chronic Illness w/ TwilaBGoode

This presentation focuses on the challenges of having a chronic illness and being intimate with your partner. Having a chronic illness oftentimes involves mix feelings, emotions, and complications when having sex. However, sex is still possible if you and and your partner are comfortable being creative and caring in the approach towards physical intimacy. This workshop will discuss ways to have a healthy sex life using tantra yoga, sacral chakra meditation/affirmations, and effectively communicating with your partner.

Identifying the Impact of White Supremacy on Sex Education...Again w/ Steph Zapata

Attend to explore the current (read: shallow) state of sex education and the doctrines of white supremacy that uphold it. What keeps (Sex) education siloed from the intersections of race and history? Take space in this vulnerably honest session to find out.

Intimate Moments Academy: Today's Intimacy from Yesterday's Trauma w/ Coach Kay

Intimate moments academy takes a look at how one takes past sexual trauma and turn them into present day intimate relationships. Truly recognizing what has kept you blocked sexually in order to openly express with your current partner. Experiencing sex from a 360 approach, from mind, to mouth, to the genitals. Using your trauma experience in a way that teaches sexual openness by ridding oneself of the traumas from yesterday, in order to enjoy intimacy today!

In Search of Afrocentric Queerness w/ Feminista Jones

While a powerful, liberating theoretical framework, one of the biggest limitations in Afrocentric scholarship is the pervasive queer/transmisia (phobia) and erasure of sexuality scholarship. Africology, as a discipline/field of study, can only function as the liberating scholarship that it is when it is inclusive of ALL people of the African Diaspora. This workshop explores the work being done to pull LGBTQ+ people from the margins and to center sexuality in the Afrocentric paradigm. The conversation will present concrete ideas about how we can enhance Afrocentric education by expanding to include LGBTQ+ and sexuality studies.

Kinky Spa Time w/ Goddess KoCo Meow

Explore a new somatic healing art form Fetish Esthetics by pairing BDSM with your beauty practices. F.E. helps heal body dysmorphia, depression, and maintains the integrity of your integumentary system.

*People of Color Only, Queer Folks Only, Trans Folks Only*

Knuckle Up!: Fisting & Manual Sex (Beginner/Intermediate Vaginal & Anal Fisting) w/ Andre Shakti

Attention All Size Kings and Queens! Fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have only seen it on their computer screens, yet it's one of the most intimately connective, revolutionary sex acts you can engage in. Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers!

Love Thy Body w/ Sky Wind

This class is to help people of all shapes, sizes and genders feel more comfortable in the
skin they are in and preps them to be around people or pose on camera nude.
Through this class people will break free of social stigmas, body issues, and psychological self doubt. Being nude or being nude on camera, in class or
in front of people can be challenging and intimidating. Discover new techniques that help
you be more confident naked and more creative in the process.
(NUDE WORKSHOP!!! ALL attendance require FULL PARTICIPATION. Be on time cuz we're locking the dooor!)

Lowercase "d": Littles can be Dominant too w/ Vendetta

Dispel the white supremist implication that Littles are submissive by default. Lets discuss how to tap into and hone you skills as a Dominant Little, brainstorm and share ideas for scenes, and reimagine what age play can look like.

Mapping your D/s Archetype w/ Midori
        Do you crave D/s relationships? Do you want to improve your current M/s relationship and understand your partner better? How do we create successful and fulfilling D/s and M/s relationships? How do we find the best match and avoid disaster and broken hearts? Can we identify a potentially bad D/s match even with good people? What goes into creating effective protocols? Are all parties really invested in the relationship structure, or does it feel like one of you is being dragged along an unwanted journey?  To answer these questions, first we need a solid foundation on understanding various power exchange dynamics, clearly understanding of our own desires, and D/s goals of our partners. Long before protocols, contracts, expectations, and collars come out, there's important work to be done. It's not easy and it’s not a formula, but to actualize your relationship satisfaction, isn’t it worth it? This unique interactive class is designed to help D/s - M/s individuals, leather families as well as the cautiously curious to discover and discuss their own relationship archetypes. We'll begin to diagram the expectations, boundaries, goals, and priorities for your current and future relationships. Bring note taking tools. This will be interactive with discussions in large and small groups. Be prepared to do some creative and hard work at the start to help reduce heartaches down the road! Open to all experience level, genders, and orientation.  Individuals, couples, and multi-member relationships are all welcome.

Mind Phucked: Couples Sensual Yoga w/ Coach Kay

Sex behind in the mind and the body follows. Mind Phucked is a energy exchange between partners that opens the mind to intimacy beyond sex. Each pair that attends will practice breathing, touching and communicating without their words. Through breath play, sensual touching and concentration, each pair should begin to open themselves to a heightened state of sexual being.

Naked Yoga for Every Body w/ Anandalila

Stretch your mind and free your body with a gentle, all levels Tantric Hatha yoga practice for people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities. This gentle class is a combination of slow, flowing movements and longer holds. Everyone is welcome, from Absolute Beginners to Those with More Experience. It's a clothing-optional practice, so you can get as naked as you want to be. Bring your yoga mat or a beach towel to practice on, and extra towel, and your water bottle.

Neurodiversity & Kink 101 w/ Cate Osborn

This panel is for those, or those who play, with a neurodivergency* like ADHD, Autism or depression. Navigating kink can be challenging, but the specific issues of ND and kink can make the process daunting. This community q&a/discussion will highlight the basics of consent, negotiation and play in conversation with neurodiversity. (We recognize that many, many more mental illnesses and cognitive disorders fall under the ND umbrella, but these will be our primary focus at this panel).

*Please give priority to Neurodivergent individuals*

Nourishing Your Self Pleasure Practice for Trans People w/ Chandler Daily

Trans people hold tremendous gifts in our sexual expansiveness, imaginations and creativity. But sometimes, it can be harder to offer that open-ended attentiveness to ourselves than to our lovers. In this workshop, we will turn inwards for guided reflection and gather new ideas from our community to nurture masturbation as the strongest erotic expression of self love there is. We will also learn how to choose and adapt sex toys for our trans bodies and gather creative ideas for self pleasure. Solo sex can be more than a routine or physical release, it can be a font of inner resource, joy and connection with the wide world.

*Trans Folks Only*

Office Hours w/ Midori

Welcome to office hours with the dean of kink herself. She’s holding a quiet lovely space for SDS.

Stop by and ask questions, have discussions, pick her brain and meet new people. Need advice on how to make the most out of SDS and the kink cultures? Something on your mind?  Are you new to all this? Come to this cozy, safe conversation. Are you a seasoned adventurer? Come share your wisdom or commiserate with Midori.

Or maybe you’d just like a chill, low key place with nice folks. Midori is a full time educator and coach, who works with individuals as well as advise and help therapists to be kink knowledgeable. Drop in any time during office hours - the (metaphorical) door is open for you.

Open Deeply into Consensual Non-monogamy w/ Kate Loree

Consensual non-monogamy (CNM) pokes at unresolved attachment injuries way more than monogamy. When unresolved attachment injuries become triggered, many find themselves operating from an unconscious, reactive place. This workshop explains how you, instead, can have conscious, compassionate open relationships by utilizing my EPIC communication model which blends cutting-edge, neurobiology-informed grounding skills with effective communication skills. Other interwoven topics include; 1) how your attachment style impacts your CNM relationship, 2) how to use my trauma informed model for managing uncomfortable emotions like, jealousy, envy or feeling disrespected and finally 3) the importance of building compassion and self compassion within CNM, along with how to do so.

Our Kinky Ancestors w/ Luna Matatas & Headmistress Shahrazad

How kinky were our ancestors? Dive into the world history of pain, pleasure and erotic practices with Luna Matatas and Headmistress Shahrazad. Learn about the psychological and physical BDSM practices/tools that originated in spiritual, disciplinary and cultural practices around the world.

Pelvic Floor Power: How to Have More Powerful Orgasms and Heal Your Back Pain w/ Dr. Rose Schlaff

Did you know that 95% of people with low back pain have some kind of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction [1] and those with higher levels of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction are significantly more likely to report decreased arousal, infrequent orgasm and increased physical discomfort and pain during penetration [2]? The good news is, there are simple strategies and exercises that can help you connect to your pelvic floor muscles on a daily basis so you can harness the power of your pelvic floor, have more powerful orgasms, create more pleasure during penetration and say goodbye to back pain. Every person with a pelvis needs to know these simple but effective secrets. This workshop will be lecture based with interactive exercises and opportunities for small group discussions.

Playing with Power Dynamics w/ Dr. Rose Schlaff

Nearly 75 percent of people with vulvas will experience pain during penetrative sex at some point in their lives, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Although discomfort with penetration is common there are many simple steps we can take to eliminate pain and amplify pleasure during penetration. There are many factors that can contribute to this pain but pain can often be significantly improved by creating safety and boundaries around sexual activity. After this workshop you will have easy kink-inspired techniques that you can utilize during penetrative sex and pelvic exams to reclaim your power, decrease fear and discomfort and call in more ease and pleasure during all sexual activities. This workshop is perfect for vulvas owners and people who have sex with vulva owners and will be lecture based with small group exercises.

Positive Pleasure: Navigating Sex While STI+ w/ Tiffany Lashai Curtis
This workshop is part presentation and part support space for folks living with STIs, with a specific emphasis on herpes+ individuals. This space will cover communication and disclosure, safer sex methods, self-care, ways to connect with a partner when sex isn't an option or doesn't feel good and ways to begin addressing internal/external stigma and affirming your right to pleasure.

*STI + folks and their partners/friends*

Psyched Up Dating w/ Sean & Jenn Rahner

Tired of not 'matching' with anyone on dating apps? Join our interactive workshop to level up your dating profile. Learn the tips from a relationship and sex therapist to craft an appealing profile and attract the kind of partners who will resonate most with you. Explore how to most effectively express yourself to get potential partners psyched to swipe right on your online dating profile.

Reclaim Your Pussy w/ Angel Silva Jones

It is time to Reclaim Your Pussy. In this Workshop we will discuss navigating sexuality and intimacy issues that arise in our romantic relationships as well as prevent single women from enjoying maximum sexual pleasure. Topics will include: physical types of vaginas and activities and positions that most often generate the most pleasure, sex and menopause/hormone issues, and stigma of feminine pleasure. We will conclude with touch practice both couples and individual.

*Women. Especially women who love other women.*

Recraft your Story: Creative & Compassionate Self Talk for Better Sex w/ Julia Satterlee

Is there an area where you’re feeling stuck, and it’s messing with your sex life? Our self talk- the way we talk to ourselves- and how we describe what’s happening greatly impact how we manage our problems and concerns. Alter your viewpoint, change your narrative, and be kinder to yourself in the process! You’ll learn a mix of research-supported and playful, creative tools and techniques to reflect, reframe, and recraft your sexual story. We’ll explore practices through guided journaling, small group/pair discussions, mindful breathing, art & a dose of silliness, but you’re encouraged to participate with whichever modalities you feel good about.

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond w/ Lee Harrington
In our sensual, sexual, kink, BDSM, and fetish encounters, many of us enter altered states of consciousness without being aware of it! Exploring the eight major routes of Sacred Kink, we will examine how we use the Path of Ritual for tapping our histories, Path of Rhythm for cathartic flogging, Path of Flesh for sensual bondage scenes, and so much more. Come learn how to be conscious of your own sacred and magical connections, how these tools have been used for thousands of years, and how to incorporate new approaches to deepen your energetic connections in the future.

Sacred Pathways to Pleasure for Survivors w/ Free & Ori

Pleasure work is on everyone’s lips these days-but how do you even get started, especially as a survivor? This workshop is designed to support survivors of sexual/reproductive trauma to explore seven pathways to pleasure and discover ways to use self pleasure exploration as a tool for self healing. Delving into accessible practices such as sensual embodied movement, herbal medicine and sacred rituals, we’ll use these tools and more to develop our body awareness and self healing practice. After we’ve walked the 7 pathways, we’ll wrap up with a sensual embodied dance party to keep the fun going! Pleasure doesn’t have to be scary - Join us to learn tools and skills to maximize your pleasure practices and your self healing journey.

*People of Color Only, Survivors Only*

Sassy Submission w/ Lady Steele

Calling all “s” types, or folx on the “right side of the slash”. Have you ever been accused of being “bratty,” “difficult,” “contrary,” or just downright disobedient when that really isn’t your intention at all? If so, then this is the class for you! Join Lady Steele as she shows you how to be sassy with a zing all while honoring the duties and responsibilities of your power exchange relationship(s). She will discuss Alpha personality types on the “right side of the slash” and then show those that are “challenging” how to be so with obedience while not giving up what makes them, them.

Sensual Intelligence w/ Goody Howard

Sensual intelligence is a workshop that was created to draw A-line in the sand between sensuality in sensuality and sexuality. We often use these words interchangeably but they are actually 2 completely different concepts.. Sensuality is experiencing non sexual pleasure through all 6 of the senses. Site, sound, taste, touch, sent, and feel. When we learn to Recognize, experience, and appreciate non sexual pleasure it makes us move through the world with an intentional gratitude. Living more sensually allows you to experience to experience sex through all 6 of the senses, which makes us more receptive to experience the more than 20 different orgasms that the human body has to offer.This workshop will identify non sexual pleasure and provide attendees with actionable items to become more sensual in their daily lives.

Sex, Surrogacy & Erotic Healing for Marginalized Genders w/ Amina Peterson & Janet Trevino

Learn about surrogate partnership and how this work offers an unconventional pathway to sexual healing for people of color and marginalized genders. You will learn what a sex surrogate and a surrogate partner is, define 5 ways a client would work with a surrogate, and learn how marginalized people have been historically left out of the conversation around surrogate partner offerings and ways to bring all bodies to the tables with surrogate activism.

Sexy Chat Skills: Communicating Pleasure Thru Technology w/ Elizabeth Dell

Sexy communication can be hard, especially when mediated by technology. This workshop dives into intimacy and pleasure on our phones, offering a structure for great sexting with lots of delicious tips and tricks. Participants will finish the workshop with a framework for sexual communication, including a breakdown of communication skills and how they relate to digital conversations around sex and pleasure.

SEX.NFT w/ Goddess Amina

Exploring Sex Work in Web 3.0: Crypto, NFT's and Sex Work

Shadow Work, Self Love, and Sex w/ Britney Jacobs

This workshop will go over the intersectionality between shadow work, self love, and sex. Within that realm, we will discuss healing generational sexual stigmas and the stigma around sex magick.

*People of Color Only*


Slaps, Smacks and Whacks w/ Master Mastiff & Naughty Girl

The presentation that has been standing room only in the past is back again to answer your questions. What is the best type of flogger to use on breasts or bottoms? Why is it a good idea to do a “warm-up”? Are riding crops really necessary? Why do I need a paddle when I have my hand? Is sub-space similar to the elusive and mystical g-spot? If you have found yourself asking these or similar questions look no further because this lecture is going to help you find the answers. Presented by Master Mastiff, we are going to talk terminology, demonstrate technique and spend some time on the do’s, the don’ts and the don’t stops. We will discuss materials such as wood vs. leather, look for the answer to the eternal question of stingy vs. thuddy and of course go over communication before, safety during and aftercare after. We demonstrate the different types of strikes, positions for play and cover basic anatomy and safety. The material is presented through demonstration, lecture and Q&A. Although geared to the novice to intermediate player there is plenty for more advance players to enjoy. We also discuss safe words, negotiation, warm up/cool down, sub space and sub-drop.

Solo & Collective Partner Yoga w/ Mozell Ward

Solo Collective Partner Yoga connects solo and partnered polyamory folks to a slow femme embodiment. This sensual space is meant to restore our connection to self, Ancestors, and our creative centers. Come in as little or as much clothes as you like as the intention is on healing.

Solo Sex for the Solo Lover w/ Alicia Ortiz

Whether single or partnered, connecting with ourselves is a crucial part of our health and wellness. Specifically for folks who are single - by choice or by circumstance - deepening our connection with self can be healing and empowering. Come explore strategies for fostering rich emotional connections, loving friendships, and hot solo-sex without a romantic partner(s). Anyone interested in developing new creative masturbation techniques is encouraged to attend!

Somatic movement and sensual awareness for self-healing and relaxation w/ Tyomi Morgan

Learn several somatic movements and breathing techniques to relieve pain in the body and enter into a state of relaxation. Through sensual awareness practice, participants will learn how to tap into their body’s senses to experience the world around them more deeply. This is an interactive workshop.

Stretch Me Out w/ Sky Wind

Stretch me out is a KINKY CLOTHING OPTIONAL yoga based session that will help you loosen those tight muscles and enjoy some naughty voyeuristic fun. Get questions answered for releasing tension in problem areas. While satisfying your inner slut learning new tricks to enhance your sexual play.
Suggested Items To Bring: yoga mat, blanket, straps, bolster/pillow

Strip Like You Mean It (Pole Dancing 101) w/ Andre Shakti

Have you ever been overcome by the desire to straddle an unsuspecting lamppost? Do support beams get you dizzy with excitement? If so, you just might be suffering from an acute case of “stripper envy,” and there’s good news: it’s totally curable! In the “Strip Like You Mean It” series, you’ll finally harness both the confidence and the coordination you need to show that pole who’s boss. Learn basic struts, spins, twirls, inversions, and some fancy stuff, too! In addition to picking up some sexy moves, you’ll get an amazing upper body and abdominal workout. Let’s face it - professional strippers have some of the best bodies around, and it’s not simply coincidental. So grab some friends, and leave your inhibitions at home. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even “make it rain”....

Tantric Breathwork for Healing + Expanding Pleasure w/ Devi Ward

Tantra is an ancient spiritual science that uses the yogic methods of breath, movement, and mindfulness to heal and integrate body, mind, spirit, and sex. This 2-hour workshop will introduce participants to two very specific Tantric

breathing methods designed to relax and support the nervous system, catalyze cellular healing, expand capacity for connective pleasure, and access embodied BLISS. This workshop will also introduce you to the somatic sexual healing practice of “Orgasmic Awareness”. This workshop is based in somatic healing methods from the Hindu and Buddhist

tantric traditions, woven with a modern approach to sex and pleasure. Participants will be encouraged to engage in the Tantric breathwork practices as they are taught. The genital pleasure practice will be demonstrated on rubber

anatomical models for internal (female) and external (male) genital anatomies, and participants will be encouraged to practice this method in the privacy of their own rooms/homes. Taking notes is highly encouraged.

The Happy Pelvis II: Pelvic Healing for Black/African People w/ LeKeisha Jones

This workshop will explore historical factors between Africa and the Diaspora that has contributed to potential sexual dysfunction and trauma among Black/African descent people in the 21st century. The first half of the workshop will explore the historical factors of sexuality, marital customs, and sexual health from ancient Kemet/Africa to colonization and enslavement of the African continent and the Americas and its affects Black/African descended people in the 21st century. We will explore the origins of female genital mutilation, sexual oppression, and sexual trauma among Black/African descended people through history and how it affects the planet today. We will also explore modern atrocities among healthcare and wellness industries that continues to affect Black/African descended people in the United States, Latin America, and in various places on the planet. The second part of the workshop will explore the affects and repercussions of generational and historical trauma on sexual and pelvic health of Black/African descended people of all sexual identities. We will also explore mental health, holistic, and pelvic wellness interventions that can contribute to restoring and healing of Black/African descended people and reestablishing healthy sexuality as a humane and positive human experience.

The Protocol Game w/ The Rooks
Creating, implementing, and enforcing protocol in Ownership dynamics can be hard. But it can be easier. Come create your own Protocol Game and create, implement, and enforce 52 protocols in the next year. In this workshop, you'll learn: how to create a "training wheel" of categories that will drive your protocol, how to implement new protocol so it actually sticks, and how to enforce new protocol with the minimum of effort. And you’ll walk away with your own Protocol Game to play.

The Single Tail Demystifing Whips in BDSM w/ Janus

This workshop is designed to introduce others to the use of whips in bdsm or in vanilla sex. We will cover safety, history, proper negotiation and technique for holding and throwing a whip safely. I will educate the class on how to improve accuracy and how to practice at home.

The Unspoken Transition: A Partner’s Journey w/ Tonya Keith

When the man that is now my husband told me he was going to transition, I knew immediately that I was committed to this path with him. What I couldn’t begin to understand was how his transition would impact us as a couple and me as his cis partner. I couldn’t find a resource that really talked about a partner's experience throughout this process and wasn’t even sure it was ok for me to talk about. So, this is it. This is the emotional, vulnerable authentic discussion I wish I could have found. We will discuss the things you might not have thought of, the things you think you can’t ask, the things that are scary, and resources for support along your journey.

To be Young, Black, & Submissive w/ Queen Jaae

This is a speak-based, engagement-encouraged presentation. It's educational but also discussion-based to listen to and evaluate perspectives and experiences.

Top Notch Heaux w/ Bleu Pearl

Top Notch Heaux: Everything About Burlesque You Need to Know is a liberatory practice that allows for self exploration through burlesque and its history. This workshop covers topics that include antibody terriorism, tease, sensuality, self reflection, and protection. From deep stretches, historical reviews, act creation, and mirror work rituals participants will experience first hand the freedom of self discovery through burlesque.

Trans Pleasure: Getting out of your head and into your body w/ Nick Marzo, MS LPC, CST
In this workshop Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Nick Marzo (he/him/Sir) and Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern Daniel Edwards (he/him/his) will focus on the cognitive barriers that many trans/non-binary/gender expansive folks experience which create barriers to sexual embodiment, pleasure and intimacy. We will explore reprogramming cis centric messaging placed on our bodies, communication methods for sharing experiences with partners, riding the rollercoaster that brings us towards gender congruence, changes in interest, desire and arousal patterns, and more.

*Trans/non-binary/gender expansive people only*

"WAM" (Wet & Messy): The Art of Food Play w/ Monet Magnolia

Sploshing: the sexual kink of playing with food in this case desserts. Do you like to get dirty? Do you have a sweet tooth? Hi everyone are you ready to have fun and have more excitement in your life...
Ok well this workshop would be for you come and participate in this amazing workshop.

You are Enough, Love: Interrogating Your Narrative w/ Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

​Recognizing ourselves as worthy of good things, including pleasure, orgasms, and healthy loving relationships, can be a challenge for anyone. For those on the margins, it becomes that much more important to find supportive and loving communities that don’t reinforce ideas about not being _____ (queer, trans, Latine/x, thin, etc.) enough. Unfortunately, whether due to direct exclusion by those around us, messaging from media representations that don't feel like they include our experiences, or structural issues of oppression, the negative can overpower us.
This workshop is for those who feel disconnected, like they don't belong, or who question their worth/deservingness. Participants will learn a narrative method they can continue to use on their own for years to come.

Your Values Impact On The Work w/ Sam Carwyn

Develop a better understanding of your biases and values based on your experiences. Utilize that information to recognize how you can build or have prevented connection. Discuss relevant values and how to focus on understanding the spectrum of beliefs. Participants will implement what has been learned to determine how best to address various scenarios that may arise.

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