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We work hard and we play harder.

The idea of the Sex Down South Conference was brought into this world by Marla Renee Stewart and Tia Marie Mosley.  After working together on several sexuality-related projects in the past, they decided that they wanted to reach a bigger audience and produce something better than they have ever done in the past.  Sex Down South has become that.  This conference is full of love, excitement, and endless possibilities.  With a call out to possible crew members all around the nation, we now have a solid team that helps to produce the event every year.  Their dedication, passion, and experience working in this field is the glue that holds this conference together each and every event that we hold.  

Without a budget, Tia and Marla manifested this conference into the making in 2015.  Our first annual conference was held at the Sheraton Atlanta Airport hotel and we had just under 250 people in attendance. Our conference has grown exponentially; over 600 people attended our con in 2022 and we expect more in 2023. 

Our team has been holding it down and we're very proud of everything that we have accomplished over the years. We hope that you will join us on this magical journey.


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