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What is Sex On Lean? 

Sex On Lean is a unique one-day pop-up event in Houston, TX, on July 13th, 2024.  


Join renowned sexologists, therapists, educators, and healing artists for a day of workshops, a naturist keynote, and entertainment.


We'll dive into diverse topics from sexual health to pleasure advocacy and spirituality. This pop up aims to expand knowledge, foster connections, and promote personal growth in a welcoming environment.


Don't miss the chance to engage in workshops, panel discussions, and performances while mingling with like-minded individuals. Be part of this informative and interactive event that celebrates human sensuality and promotes sexual enlightenment! 

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10:00a | Door Open / Registration 
10:15a-10:25a | Welcome w/ Marla & Tia 
ROOM1: Chem Sex First Aid and Harm Reduction 
ROOM 2: Designing Your Best & Hottest Sex
11:45a-12p | Vendor Break
ROOM 1: Shapeshifters
ROOM 2: Write it Right: Using Erotic Writing to Work Through Sexual Trauma
1:15p-1:30p | Break
1:30p - 2:30p | Lunch Break (On Your Own)
2:45p - 4p
ROOM 1: Felyne Fetish Fitness: Training for Kinky Play
ROOM 2: Poly Possibilities: Embracing Diversity in Relationship Structures*
4p - 4:15p | Break
4:15pm - 5pm | Keynote: Pussy Church w/ Goddess Jessi*
5p - 7p | Dinner Break (On Your Own)
7p | Doors Open
8p - 9:30p | xoafterglow Screening, Bayou Bang Performances & Dungeon Play Party

*ASL Interpretation with these workshops.


Check out our 2024 Line-up!

Workshop Descriptions

Chem Sex First Aid and Harm Reduction w/ Mx. Amber Kincade

This presentation will address sexual health of the LGBTQ community as it pertains to Chem Sex (sex while using substances). I will be presenting on First Aid for Chem Sex including responding to various drug induced symptoms as well as overall Harm Reduction as it pertains to sexual health and drug use. Learners will also learn how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose using Naloxone.

Designing Your Best & Hottest Sex w/ Natalia Chen

Have you ever wondered what your best sexual experience could look like? Do you want to learn how to achieve and communicate that? This workshop will guide you from self exploration to self reflection with all the yummy details in between. You will leave knowing what you want, how you want it, and have the tools to get it.

Poly Possibilities: Embracing Diversity in Relationship Structures w/ Alex Porter

Welcome to our workshop on non-monogamy! Here, we'll unpack its depth, dispel myths, and tackle challenges while understanding the varied dynamics it encompasses. Join us for insightful discussions, gaining clarity and confidence in navigating diverse relationship structures. Let's embrace understanding and foster healthier connections together.

Felyne Fetish Fitness: Training for Kinky Play

A lil sweat for the culture :) Felyne Fetish Fitness is a kinky workout experience designed to support your strength, endurance, and flexibility as you engage in play. Using a dynamic blend of authoritative education and playfulness,  Coach Felyne will guide you through exercises aimed at incorporating more of your body into scenes, offering various warm-up/cool down techniques, and enhancing some of your favorite kinky activities like flogging, bondage, pegging, and spanking. This is an inclusive workshop suitable for all bodies and fitness levels (movement variations will be offered) Note: Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a few toys, and a water bottle. YASSSSS Coach!

Write it Right: Using Erotic Writing to Work Through Sexual Trauma w/ Karmel Poet

This workshop will give attendees the tools to use erotic writing to work through their sexual trauma and other issues they may have with sex based on societal expectations.

Shapeshifters w/ Coyote Jack & Coyote Girl

A presentation by adult theme entertainers Coyote Jack & Coyote Girl on the subject of "Shapeshifting". Discover how to tap into your inner primal being and how it can play into your intimate moments. Learn how to properly use torture equipment as well and how to select toys for play.

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