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  • Where is the conference taking place?
    Hilton Downtown Atlanta 255 Courtland St NE Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Do you have a hotel room block?
    Yes! 2024 Conference will be held at The Hilton Downtown, book your rooms HERE. Things to remember when booking: - LOL Film Fete (SDS film festival) is from 9/3-4 - SDS Conference is from 9/5-7 - Most attendees fly in the day before. -
  • What are your disability accessibility policies? Other accessibility policies?
    When you register for the conference, we ask about your accessibility needs. This is where you let us know what we need to get in order for you to be fully present at the conference. We have the following so far: The hotel is ADA compliant and our stages always have ramps. We discourage folks from wearing scents for folks who are scent-sensitive (including one of our co-founders) We have extra large chairs for folks up to 1000 lbs. American Sign Language interpreters upon request. Other accessibility things: Foreign Language interpreters upon request. Childcare upon request. Every room is equipped with microphone and speaker If you have any questions about your particular needs, please feel free to contact us!
  • What do I wear?
    Wear whatever you like or not! You are free to be nude in our space, if you like. However, you must be considerate of the residents in the hotel and make sure that you are covered up in the main areas of the hotel. If you are going to be nude, we ask you to bring a towel to sit on. Some workshops ask that you be comfortable because you'll be doing movement, so you make sure that you take a look at the workshop description to ensure that you meet the requirements of the workshop.
  • I want to attend, but I need help. What are my options?
    We have created a lot of ways for you to financially access the conference. Please take the time to figure out which option would be best for you. Scholarships - we offer many conference scholarships. Depending on your need, you may get your registration covered, a hotel room, and/or travel covered. You need to apply HERE. Volunteer - You can work for a discounted ticket. You can offer 10 hours for a half price ticket or 20 hours for a complimentary ticket. We are looking for service-oriented people who like and enjoy serving. If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer application and add to your safe sender domain list. Payment Plans - Need to pay for your ticket over time? We got you! We can cover your registration, hotel room, and even your travel! You decide what you need covered and we can set up a custom payment plan for you. Remember, there are no refunds, so if you don't finish your payments, your monies will go towards giving others scholarships. Email to set it up. Got Talent? Presenters, performers, entertainers, healers, meetup leaders, etc., get complimentary registration if you are working in some capacity at/for the conference. Please sign up for our email list if you are interested in any of these positions or check our applications page.
  • How much are tickets at the door?
    Our ticket prices go up over time, so it's best to get your ticket (or solidify your payment plan) sooner rather than later. We stop online ticket sales a week before the conference and the last tier of our online ticket is $429. Full Conference Registration Tickets at the door will be $479 and Day Pass Tickets will be $249.
  • I would like to partner with SDS. What do I do?
    Many companies have benefitted from partnering with us. Let us showcase your company to an amazing group of sex positive people ready to learn about your products or services. Email to get started!
  • I want to vend my product. How do I get a vendor table?
    We only have space for 30 vendors, so it's imperative that you put in your application as soon as possible. Email or wait until the applications open 1/1/24.
  • I have an idea that I'd like to bring to the conference! How do I go about doing that?
    We absolutely love to do fun and unique things, so please bring your ideas. You can submit your ideas HERE.
  • What is your photo policy?
    Any attendee is allowed to be photographed/videorecorded in our public space. If you want to take a picture of someone, please respect them by asking them if they want to be photographed. If they don’t want to have their picture taken, please respect their wishes. ​ For those folks who do not want to be photographed, we have purple mardi gras beads for you to wear around your necks. This will let others know that you do not want your picture taken and/or that your photo should be edited out of the picture.
  • I want to present at SDS. How do I go about doing that?
    Make sure that you are on our email list. The Call For Proposals opens up in January and ends April 1st. Presenters are notified in April/May.
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