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Other Events

Rideology w/ Goody Howard

Sex skill building workshop designed to put the power & pleasure in the partner on top.


Art of Feminine Dominance w/ Midori

Elegance, power, and confidence...
Do you want to know how to be dominant without being a bad cliche?
How do you find a sexy style of erotic dominance that's authentic to you?

Using a special technique she developed, Midori will help you to find your inner power femme archetypes, allowing you to pursue erotic fulfillment of sensual power play. Not your typical how-to class, you'll discover the difference between constructive and destructive desires and point you towards ways of bringing satisfaction in play for both you and your partner. This class is not limited to a gender, but for all who harbor the powerful feminine within! Something for everyone from the novice to the experienced player.

Partners attendance welcomed and very much encouraged.

This is an excellent foundation for the ForteFemme Women’s Dominance Intensive. 

Ask The Sexual Liberation Collective

Do you have questions?  We've got answers?  Join Sexual Liberation Collective Members Supa Suga Snatch, Aredvi Azad, and Asha Leong for a panel discussion where we answer all of your questions!  We love to talk sex acts, fantasies, how to throw a play party and more!

The Baddies Guide to Building Confidence w/ Catasha Gordon, CHSE

Many people are navigating new relationships, bodies, and boundaries after the last few impactful years. Those changes can affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. This workshop is designed to jumpstart the process of loving yourself, wherever you are and making pleasure a priority.

Becoming a Trusted Adult w/ Haylin Belay

Sex-positive parenting is tough - especially during adolescence, when youth are the least likely to turn to their parents with questions or problems. That's what makes the trusted adult such an important figure. Whether you're an older relative, coach/club leader, babysitter, or just a friend-of-a-friend, this workshop will prepare you with the basic 101 sex ed you need to be a safe and effective trusted adult to the youths in your life.

Bellydance for EveryBODY w/ Luci

Join Luci for a belly dance fusion flow for all genders, ages, and experience levels. Belly dance is a challenging brain teaser that promotes mind-body connection while also being gentle on the joints. This class is an opportunity to drop into the moment while you warm up and wake up your body through dance - giving you an enlivening, joyful way to prepare for other physical activity throughout SDS! We'll stretch, shimmy, and explore step combinations that feel good inside and out.

Be Sexcessful! Diversifying Your Income Streams w/ Marla Renee Stewart & Jessica O'Reilly

From writing books to hosting workshops to signing brand deals, Marla & Jess will share their experience to help you build diversified (but focused!) streams of income in the sexuality space. This will include insights on subscription programs, speaking, book deals, private sessions, brand partnerships, workshops & events, sponsorships & ambassadorships, products, video courses, and more! Come learn how to grow your business and expand your financial resources so that you can live the life you want!

Blown Away: Killer Blow Jobs for All Bodies! w/ Andre Shakti

Contrary to popular belief, one type of blowjob does not fit all! That's why Andre Shakti is here to offer an inclusive, individually tailored approach to giving.
● Are you looking to level up your current blowjob game but are at a loss for new techniques?
● Are you hesitating to talk to a partner about wanting to give or receive a blowjob for the very first
● Are you starved for blowjob tips for silicone cocks and trans bodies?
● Are you or your partner sick of going to blowjob workshops that don't take body size and ability
into account?
● Are you wondering how to emulate your favorite porn star's deep-throating skills without sending
yourself to the ER?
● Are you hoping to receive an anatomy refresher course to maximize you and your partner's
physical pleasure?
Wherever you're at, Andre Shakti is here to offer an inclusive, individually tailored approach to giving
YOUR very best blowjob! Leave your inhibitions and assumptions at home, and get ready to be BLOWN

BodyLove: Vulva Exploration Intro w/ Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

Vulvas come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures but we often don’t get to see the beautiful diversity that exists. This can lead us to believing that there is something wrong with the one we have -- especially since racism, colorism, sexism, ableism, transphobia/cisnormativity, and more impact which vulvas are seen as “normal” and worthy of representation.  In this workshop, which is open to anyone with a vulva, we will explore some of that diversity through some artwork followed by a vulva show and tell (inspired by an activity by Betty Dodson). In this activity, we will take a look at the vulvas in the room (yes, our own), one by one, naming the parts in ways that feel affirming to each individual as we push against societal impositions of meaning.  Please note: Because this workshop involves nudity of the participants and facilitators, the door will be locked early on (people will be able to leave at will but not come in late). Please bring a towel to sit on.

Body Love for Survivors w/ Briq House 

Much like Sexuality and Gender, our individual sexual encounters and experiences exist on a very wide spectrum. Over time, the impacts from these internal and/or external influxes and encounters starts to shape the way we see ourselves and others. Your intuitive guide Goddess Briq House will aid you in harnessing the healing power of mindfulness, righteous anger, touch, grief, and erotic dance to address the emotional and physical places within your body that are in need of attention, care, and reconciliation. This sacred space is open to humans of all genders, sexualities, and identities. 

Instructor Suggested things to bring: 

*Personal Water Bottle 

*Notepad and pen or other note taking instruments 

*Comfy clothes and shoes you feel sexy/confident in, no shoes is fine too

*Knee pads, back pillows, canes, or other support items for your accessibility needs.

*A comfort item- exp: stuffed animal, blanket, fidget spinner

*Yoga mat, towels, or other items you can lay on, coats are fine too

*Facial Tissue

*Layers that can easily be stripped off, ie: scarves, robes, jackets or sweaters that zip, loose fitting or stretchy pants with wide bottoms, skirts, loose dresses, etc.

*Open Mindedness, and a willingness to be vulnerable with your classmates

Boudoir Burlesque w/ Zara Estelle

Learn slow and sultry burlesque with a twist on classic choreography. This class specifically will teach you the fundamentals of burlesque and have you leaving class loving your body and ready to show off your new moves to someone special.

Booty Freedom w/ Nargis

Booty Freedom is a QTBIPOC centred space to enjoy your hotness, practice your confidence and find out what your version of sexy is. As a group, we set intentions to co-create a supportive space to allow everyone to feel supported to be their authentic selves.  Dancing and getting sexy completely on the floor, we will practice Floorwork to slower seductive music. We’ll move like honey as we focusing on sensuality, seduction and transitions.  While we dance together, we practice ownership of our own bodies and learn how we enjoy moving. An hour to focus, love and honour the body that you have. Together, we learn a 45 sec to 1 minute suggested choreography where you are welcome to change or add any movements that suit you. No past dance training experience necessary.

Building Belly Peace w/ Luna Matatas

Many of us have a complicated relationship with our bellies. We may not like the way our belly looks or feels. We might have challenges ‘trusting our gut’. We might struggle with diet culture. We may even hold ourselves back because of our belly. Who taught you how to feel about your belly? What messages did you receive that no longer serve you? How would you like to feel about your belly? Begin building peace with your belly through practice and community. Bring your belly and your desire to get curious about what a different relationship to your belly might feel like. This workshop will include group discussion, ideas for a sensual belly practice, and a writing reflection exercise. Join Sex and Pleasure Educator, Luna Matatas, for this gentle workshop on building belly peace.

*Church Girl, Don't Hurt Nobody: Exploring how to dismantle bad theology and be Black and Sexy Christian Women w/ De-Andrea Blaylock-Solar, LCSW-S, CST

Are you a Church Girl whose twerk was animated when you heard Beyonce's song of the same title? If so, you may have been presented with an opportunity to examine your own ideas about your sexual theology and identity. If those questions linger, then this space may be for you. In this workshop, participants will examine Christianity's influence on Black women's identity and sexuality as well as learn ways to incorporate spiritual practices into sexuality in an affirming way. Church Girl, don't hurt nobody!



LO: Participants will evaluate Christianity's influence on Black women's sexuality and learn ways to incorporate spirituality into sexual practices by creating rituals for sexual exploration.


1 Credit Hour

Consent Unblurred: Hands On(Off)! w/ Dr. Tre Michael & Marc El

Consent, though a simple concept, can get blurry in sex-affirming, liberated spaces and events, yet through community-informed dialogue and hands-on practice, we can clear things up! Participants in this fun, hands-on session will learn about consent principles, and through role play, practice effective consent behaviors. We will begin the session with some background on consent principles, give an overview of ongoing community work, and facilitate your learning of effective consent behavior through hands-on (hands-off!) practice. Join us in doing your part to reduce consent violations in our communities!

*Cuff It: How Anti-Southern Sentiment, Respectability Politics, and Anti-Abortion Views Make Freedom Impossible w/ Tyler Barbarin and Chasity Wilson

Abortion access is the hot button topic that we have hyperfixated on to the detriment of the larger reproductive justice movement. When we zoom in too narrowly in our organizing, we lose sight of the ways in which larger systems come together to oppress. The reality is that policing of reproductive choices is just a symptom of a larger anti-Black, ableist, anti-poor system in which we are all trapped. This session aims to help folks connect the dots from abortion access, the decoupling of morality and sex, the deconstruction of respectability politics, and the larger movement for anti-capitalism and reproductive justice.


LO: 1) Distinguish between reproductive health, right and justice organizing frameworks. 2) Analyze how choice is limited by morality and policing (informal and formal).


2 Credit Hours

*Cultivating Connection Through Mutually Respectful Communication Skills w/ Sander T. Jones

From the book Cultivating Connection, this lecture teaches the essentials of mutually respectful communication, collaborative conflict resolution, and the most important factors in creating and maintaining deep emotional bonds. We'll look at how we balance that with keeping a clear individual identity, strong self-respect and self-esteem. We'll also discuss how interpersonal power is always present in relationships, how it's best to openly acknowledge it, learn it's positive uses, how it can be abused, and some skills for protecting ourselves. After the Q&A, you'll leave with handouts and concrete skills for keeping your relationships healthy, happy, and mutually respectful.


LO: 1) By the end of this lecture participants will be able to recognize and respond to interpersonal power in ways that are ethical and respectful to themselves and others. 2) By the end of this lecture participants will be able to list two important relationship communication techniques.


2 Credit Hours

Delightful Delicacies: Erotic Writing Meets Food Play w/ Mystkue Woods & Dakota Ramppen

This workshop combines erotic writing essentials and food play. Mystkue Woods leads participants through a sneak peak into the essentials of her erotic writing workshops while Dakota Ramppen incorporates elements of food play to enhance our fantasies and reality. This will provide participants with the skills to combine erotic writing and food play to take their fantasies and desires to the next level. This is for anyone who has or has not participated in erotic writing or food play. Expect some writing, role play, sweet treats, and a lot of fun!

Designing Your Kink Persona w/ Shanae "HonestlyNae" Adams

Developing a kink persona is the act of weaving aspects of your personality into kink play and releasing the ideas of what roles you can and can't fulfil. Understanding your kink persona amplifies the kink experience and aids liberation and self advocacy. This workshop will allow participants to explore their personality traits and develop kink personas authentic to their whole selves. 

*Diving Deep into Muffing w/ Lucie Fielding

Muffing is a sexual activity that involves penetrating the inguinal canals of folks with external gonads (basically, fingerbanging someone with external gonads from the front). The term “muffing” was coined by Mira Bellwether in her foundational zine Fucking Trans Women (2010) and since then articles and zines have described this activity. But this is the first workshop of its kind—an intensive, hands-on exploration of muffing. For folks with external gonads and for those who have sex with folks with external gonads, muffing can be a way of queering up sex, circumventing tremendously limiting culturally proscribed/prescribed understandings of the erotic, and opening a potential universe of pleasure!


LO: By the end of this workshop participants will be able to: 1) define and describe the sexual practice of "muffing"; 2) identify the anatomy and physiology that is involved in the practice of "muffing"; and 3) define the concept of "gender-pleasure" and identify at least 3 ways "gender-pleasure" can show up for trans, non-binary, and gender expansive folks.

CKA:  D, E, G, and M

2 Credit Hours

Doing It On the Floor: Meeting + Educating Pleasure Product Customers Where They're At w/ Dirty Lola, Jessica VonDyke, Goddess Cecilia

With nearly 20 years of experience each in adult retail and sex ed, Dirty Lola, Jessica VonDyke, and Goddess Cecilia will impart their experiences and wisdom. From sex toy newbies to their sexuality colleagues, they’ve provided advice and assistance that centers the individual while providing affirming, inclusive, and myth-busting education. These three are excited to share what they know, and hope to create a better adult retail experience for both customers and staff.

Dungeon Ethics & Etiquette w/ Syre & MsK
The dungeon is an adult playroom with unlimited possibilities and unintended risk/harm. Ethics and etiquette help ensure respect, safety, consent, and pleasure. While every dungeon and play space is different, this workshop will provide a foundation for navigating your next dungeon/play party experience. 

Explore your Spiritual Kinks: Candle Magic & Wax Play Party Workshop w/ Goddess Jessi, Goddess Lizz, BK Singleton

Discover a way to connect your kinky pleasures to spirituality, using candles, oils & the alchemy of herbs. I will teach you how to use candle magic to setting intentions and use our bodies as a canvas to connect & manifest the life you desire. You don't want to miss the candle magic wax play party! Hands-on learning experience!

The Exquisite Whip: Hands-on Flogging Training w/ Midori

Improve your flogging skills! Whether you’re a total novice or already confident with the whip, there’s plenty for you in this unique and very active class.  
Practice technique drills to deliver sensations confidently without top-fatigue. Sharpen your finesse and precision to create the desired sensual, sexual, and emotional effects. 
You’ll learn how to select the best flogger for your style and body type. Additionally, you will witness a live flogging scene.

What you’ll need
•    Bring your floggers. More the merrier! If you don’t have any, there may be a few to try out. 
•    Wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in
•    If you want to learn to flog in high heels, or other specialized footwear, bring them. 
•    No need to bring a target person or a practice partner.

Finding Our Voice: The Link Between Legitimacy and Liberation w/ Jamila Aisha

We cannot be liberated as a community if we are still placing shackles on ourselves. And I don’t mean in the sexy, kinky, BDSM way. From the confines of sex work whorearchy, to pay-for-play or lifestyle debates and illegal or legitimate practices, our demand for liberation must first be communally defined. In this workshop, I throw the debate back to the audience to openly discuss the good, bad, and ugly reasons why we haven’t moved past the ideals of legitimacy in spite of our own liberation. 

Gender Magic: Embracing Your Most Lit-up, Audacious Self w/ Rae McDaniel
Learn how to explore gender freedom with joy, curiosity, and pleasure-for transgender and non-binary individuals, gender explorers, and those who love them. In this workshop, audiences will learn how to experience gender in new, expansive ways by exploring practical tools for self-discovery and self-love. You will discover how to move from anxiety, self-doubt, and fear to a confident, proactive state of mind, and how to navigate discomfort and celebrate your inherent worth. You will also learn how to design relationships, community, and a sex life that lights you up, and practical tools to align your gender identity and expression with your most authentic self through play, pleasure, and possibility. This exciting talk will mobilize audiences to embrace their most lit-up, audacious selves, and imagine a life beyond gender binaries. This presentation is for you if you yearn to step into your fullest self, tap into your magic, and support others in doing the same. 

Getting to 5th Base: The Art and Practice of Anal Sex w/ Maurice Appling and Lani Auset

Join us for an interactive learning session as we explore techniques and different positions to use during anal sex. We will share tips on how to prepare and access pleasure. Learn to enjoy, not just endure!

Good Grief! The Pleasure in Moving the Grieving Body w/ Shar'Nyce Henderson

Have you ever thought about the connection between grief, movement, & sensual pleasure? In this two part workshop consisting of a community discussion and movement exploration, participants will learn how to connect to their bodies while processing loss. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn how grief impacts sexuality, make space for individual and collective reflection, and create personal movement narratives paying homage to their own grief journeys. Here, your grief is sensual and therefore good grief! 

Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Business w/ Alex Sebastian Morgan

Your boundaries define your business. This is for you if you love your work in sexuality so much you can't imagine doing anything else, and this is for you if you remember that passion and want to end frustration, irritation, and a lack of focus or motivation.

Hands-on and hands-off sexuality professionals alike will learn ways to move out of burn-out into sustainability. Through a mix of lecture, small group exercises, and brainstorming prompts, you'll begin to create boundaries that will help you, your clients, and your work thrive.

*Hoes Need Help, Too: Improving Access to Mental Healthcare for Sex Workers w/ Danielle Simpson-Baker, MA, MFTI

Sex workers are one of the most quietly lauded and heavily imitated groups in our society while also being constantly ostracized and vilified. Stigma & violence have long added to this treatment of sex workers and affected us in virtually all areas in society, including that of mental health. This lecture will look at how stigma & violence against sw's have served as barriers to mental healthcare in particular, as well as how to diminish the effects of stigma & violence in mental health spaces so that sw's can seek unbiased care.


LO: Identify at least 3 ways in which stigma & violence may impact SW’s access to mental healthcare

CKA: A, C, F, H

1 Credit Hour

*Hot & Bothered: Impact & Sexual Changes during Perimenopause & Menopause w/ Michelle Evans

Regular sexual activity can be of great mental and physical importance.  However, the stages of perimenopause and menopause can have an impact on Sex during these changes that are felt in our bodies, brains and within our sexual relationships.  As we learn more about the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, we can begin our journey of sexual empowerment and sexual healing to have great sex at all stages.  Our Sexual Journeys belong to us, and we must be intentional about learning more and what lies ahead.


LO:  During this session participants will learn the definition and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and the effects/impact it has on their sex life.  


1 Credit Hour

Honoring the Fat, Loving, Sensual Body and treating it like a temple! w/ MsK

As Fat people, we deal with external and internal fatphobia that does not allow us to see our bodies are not sacred, or sensual and should not be honored. Each Fat person, we deserve, yearn for, and needs a space to start that journey into honoring our bodies. Through this workshop each participant will be asked to let go and give themselves graces for being Fat, develop affirmations to set the tone to honoring their Fat body, small movements to open up their body to feel their sensual vibe, and treat their beautiful fat body as a sacred temple.

*How deep is your love? Increase your pleasure through self-seduction w/ Robin Denise, MPH

Self-seduction is a gateway to connect to one’s embodied self, purpose, and higher consciousness. In this workshop you will gain tips and tools to create /refine your mindful masturbation ritual. You will learn some simple yet dynamic self-seduction techniques including hearing your body's consent (solo-consent), and relaxation and self touch techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to practice merging the two elements together after a Self-Seduction Mindful Masturbation live demo. You will leave knowing how to seduce yourself which will increase your pleasure and connection to self.


LO: By the end of this class, you will be able to: 1) Utilize 2 body assessment techniques to recognize when the body is ready for self-touch and self-pleasure. 2) Employ 3 different self-seduction techniques that can help increase pleasure.  3) Design your own unique mindful masturbation ritual that will deepen your self-love practice.

3 Credit Hours

How to Pick Your Correct Vibrator w/ Nsenga 

This workshop we give everyone a quiz that explains what type of dildo/vibrator will work for them. We explain the different types of dildos/vibrators and what they do how do use them. We also go over different sex positions positions that are best for plus size people, tall people, short people, penis length, etc.

How to Worship a Black Man's Body w/ Ms.Mangoluv

This interactive session will focus on practicing radical body worship with black male identifying bodies at the center. The session will be an experiential learning workshop where attendees will put the objectives into practice while learning. Workshop participants will learn the meaning of creating safe and pleasurable spaces for black men in order to break down the barriers to pleasure, sex, and emotional vulnerability.  Attendees will practice initiating liberating dialogue about the body and pleasure. Black male identifying participants will have an opportunity to share some of their personal barriers to expressing and experiencing pleasure with partners. Participants will unpack stigmatizing dialogue, and learn and practice strategies to cultivate decolonized conversations when talking to black men. Participants will learn to identify ways trauma shows in the black male body and how it affects them sexually through live demonstration and personal accounts. Attendees will learn how to recognize stress and trauma in the body and practice sensual and healing touch techniques to reduce trauma responses. Attendees will practice body worship through sensual touch and communication. Participants will have the opportunity to practice on each other during the session. This session will provide a transformative experience through liberating conversation, sensual touch, and body worship as a form of healing. 

*HPV and HSV: Let's Not Make a Rash Decision w/ Rodrick Stewart, DO

HSV (The virus that causes herpes) and HPV (The virus that causes warts and cervical cancer) have a lot of stigma attached to them, much of it unwarranted. I would like to address some of the stigma, as well as some myths attached to both families of viruses. I would also like to educate the audience on proper testing, as well as interpretation of tests and how medical professionals approach the two viral families.


LO: By the end of this session participants will be able to identify myths and stigmas associated with HSV/HPV and have informed conversations with their healthcare providers about these topics.


1 Credit Hour

Including Trans Bodies and Pleasure in Adult Sex Ed w/ Alex Sebastian Morgan

While trans people have made huge strides, many sexual health and pleasure resources for adults still reference “male” and “female” sexuality in ways that link genitals with gender experience. Trans, non-binary, and gender-questioning individuals—as well as their partners—are often left out of sexuality workshops, in part because educators aren’t sure how to best meet their needs while addressing a general audience. From best practices in choosing inclusive language to adapting exercises to reduce the odds of triggering dysphoria, we'll share what’s worked and get familiar with the diverse realities of trans bodies and pleasure.

Jesus is a Power Bottom?! Re/imagining God through Power Play in Erotic Narrative w/ Reverend Sex

Queering the image of the Divine is a revolutionary act of healing for those of us who have been oppressed and repressed by white Christian Supremacist ideologies. Join Reverend Sex in indecent literary acts of undressing our internalized colonized God and reclaiming an image of the Divine for ourselves that makes you truly yearn to go deeper …and deeper… and deeper…

Knuckle Up!: Vaginal & Anal Fisting w/ Andre Shakti

Attention All Size Kings and Queens! Fisting often reads as wildly inaccessible to folks who have
only seen it on their computer screens, yet it's one of the most intimately connective, revolutionary sex acts you can engage in. Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
● Define WHO fists, and WHY!
● Care for their bodies in a such a way that it works towards the goal of fisting
● Confidently and effectively communicate their fisting desires to their partner(s)
● Troubleshoot the challenges inherent in fisting
● Execute a multitude of fisting variations and techniques, & more!

Learning to Listen to Your Body w/ Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez

Throughout our lives, starting as children, we are trained to ignore our bodies. You are often woken up before your body is ready to get to school, then forced to sit still for prolonged periods, eat at specifically designated times, and ask permission to go to the bathroom, sometimes having those needs denied. This conditioning can often continue into the workplace and impacts our relationship not only with our bodily cues but also our eroticism and even relationships with others. In this workshop, we will (1) begin to explore practices that can help you learn to get back in touch with how your body is communicating, and (2) learn some erotic based embodiment exercises you can use to increase your erotic bodily awareness and capacity for pleasure.

*Liberating Your Silver Tongue: Reframing Dirty Talk w/ Steph Zapata

In this session Steph will offer their framework for dissecting and coming to awareness of our identities, needs, and desires at the intersection of affirming as fu*ck dirty talk. There may be discomfort, but fear not, the Shame Wizard plays a role in our liberated tongues. Whether you are new to the dialogue or a seasoned dirty talker, this workshop will offer space and time to explore our sensual relationship to words both written and oral.


LO: 1) Participants will be able to discuss dirty talk as a helpful communication tool, and nervous system healing modality. 2) Participants will be able map their personal arousal process through word play, creating personalized scripts for a liberated tongue."

CKA: C, E, F, M

2 Credit Hours

Love Thy Body: Shamanic Transformation Edition w/ Sky Wind

The legendary Love Thy Body workshop that birthed the infamous naked parade has returned with a new twist. In this experience attendees will become more confident and comfortable in their nude bodies through a series of fun and engaging group exercises. This is a mandatory full participation experience that requires attendance from start to finish. All bodies included. Suggested items to bring would be a yoga mat, blanket and/or towel. 

Manifestation Through Movement w/ Zara Estelle

This class is designed to connect the mind, body and soul. Bring in and create good energy, set your intentions, visualize what you want to manifest for yourself and let go of any negativity you have pent up. Learn slow and sultry burlesque with a twist on classic choreography. This class specifically will teach you the fundamentals of burlesque and have you leaving class loving your body and ready to show off your new moves and take on whatever life throws at you. This class is great for self care and is a positive motivator.

*Melanated Mama Erotic Embodiment: Sensual Glow Slow Flow Sessions w/ Joy B.

The Melanated Mama Meditation experience will guide you through practices for sensual healing and self-loving energy. In our session you will be educated on the Chakra System, breathwork and other tools that align you to your sensual self-acceptance and personal freedom. 
Our session begins with discussion around cultural requests for us to be small as women of color and to set aside our authentic sensual desires. We will explore what it is to be erotically embodied, practice being present, meditate to the state of wholeness and emerge mare in tune with the erotic goddess you are. Our slow flow yoga is curated to help drop you into your body and prepare you for your sensual meditation and sound bath.



LO: By the end of our session, participants will know how to utilize movement and meditaiton to activate their sensual selves

CKA: C, F, M

1 Credit Hour

Messy Movement: Coming Back Home To The Body w/ Temptress
Messy Movement is a sensual dance class designed to help feminine-spectrum people feel stronger in the body, decrease stress and increase confidence embodying the sacred energy of the erotic self through movement. This practice was developed by Temptress, Rashida K. Miller in Chicago,IL 2007 (FKA ERUPTIONS).

Mind Phucked: Couples Sensual Touch "Yoga" w/ Coach Kay

Sex begins in the mind, and the body follows. Mind Phucked is an energy exchange between partners that opens the mind to intimacy beyond sex. Each pair that attends will practice breathing, touching and communicating without their words. Through breath play, sensual touching and concentration, each pair should begin to open themselves to a heightened state of sexual being.

Mirror Work: Seeing and Feeling Into Connection and Pleasure w/ Kiana Lewis

Many of us are seeking pleasure, but due to the world we live in, live disconnected lives. In this intimate space, enthusiasts will discover many different types of mirrors and how to use them to not just witness, but see ourselves in others and the things around us. We will engage in solo exercises such as journaling, mirror work, and meditation, partnered exercises such as co-breathing and regulating, and group discussions. Folks will leave with endless ideas of how to create connections with every part of the world in daily life. 

My Rope and Me w/ Knotty Lotus & Plush Bunnie

The art of Shibari can be a healing and holistic practice. When you turn inward with that practice, self-tying can be used as a form of meditation, experimentation or to simply connect to your own body. You will be in the driver seat of your own learning and pleasure during this hands-on workshop. Bring at least 3 30ft hanks of rope, safety scissors, a blanket/yoga mat, and an open-mind.

Navigating Neurovariance in the BDSM Life w/ Lady Steele

Lady Steele is a Femme Lesbian Alpha Leather slave who is Autistic and has been formally diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. She was inspired by her own experiences to bring forward the discussion about what it means to have variations in the human brain and cognition (for instance in sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions) when you are a member of the BDSM life. When do neurovariances need to be discussed, if at all? In this class you will hear about what it is like to be a person in the BDSM life that has neurovariances and how those variances affect her BDSM life. Other topics that will be covered will include how neurovariances can affect safety, negotiations, play, and aftercare. Lady Steele will give practical ""how to's"" in these areas through sharing her own personal experiences.

Navigating Sex Positive Spaces as a Neurodivergent Adult: Accessibility, Flirting, Communicating & Consent w/ KJ Hawk
A class to help neurodivergent & socially reserved adults practice connecting with others in sex positive spaces.  We’ll dive into non verbal connection with ourselves and then into    articulating feelings and needs in our own way.  Through some gentle activities we’ll  practice exercising boundaries & traverse navigating rejection sensitivity dysphoria together. There’ll be art, movement, mindfulness, self regulation time and connection. Are you a highly sensitive, socially awkward &/or neurodivergent adult? You are not alone.  Let’s connect over our uniqueness and discover our strengths when it comes to kink. 

Non-binary Mental Health in Kink w/ Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D., Ariyanna White, LMSW, Heather-Leigh Owens Nies, LMSW, Emma Hickey, LMSW

Let’s talk managing mental health needs in a challenging world, in relationships, and in kink.  This space is specifically set aside to center and amplify the voices of those who identify in any way other than cisgender, regardless of presentation. We will also center experiences of neurodivergence and mental illness/challenges. The presenter/facilitators include a genderqueer femme therapist.

*Non-Cis People ONLY* 

Phone Sex & Beyond! w/ Alicia V. Ortiz

Sexy selfies, adventurous fantasies, shy desires and explicit boundaries are all right at our fingertips - through our phones! Words and images are valuable tools in deepening relationships; including with Self. Naming our desires, wants/needs, and seeing ourselves through our own sexy gaze can empower us to feel more confident in our bodies and ask for exactly what we want and deserve.

Come explore using phone sex/messaging to navigate all sexy aspects of new and existing connections - including consent, boundaries, and emotional safety. Workshop attendees will get to practice explicit language skills like tone of voice, descriptive language, creative selfie photo techniques, and colorful verbs!

*Pleasure Mapping For Every Damn Body w/ Andrea Richardson

Pleasure mapping is an intentional act of “mapping” what parts of the body love very specific pleasure through touch/sensations. It’s a skill to help us explore our pleasure through touch. Let's calm & accept our bodies while we learn to prioritize pleasure in our everyday lives!


LO: By the end of this sessions, participants will be able to describe what Pleasure Mapping is & its benefits


1 Credit Hour

Quién Soy en Este Cuerpo? All-Spanish Somatic-Cultural Experiential Consideration w/ Janet Trevino, M.A.
Mi cuerpo existe en un mundo de habla inglés pero qué pasa con mi cuerpo y mi experiencia con mi cuerpo cuando hablo en Español? Hay una diferencia? En esta sesión, exploraremos lenguaje y la experience corporal en comunidad acercándonos a nosotrxs mismxs. 

*Spanish Speakers ONLY*

Relaxation Techniques for Embodied Pleasure w/ Tyomi Morgan

Join Authentic Tantra Practitioner and Pleasure Coach Tyomi Morgan to learn several techniques that will help you tap into the ability to relax into pleasure and regulate stress through Vagus nerve stimulation. Through the use of guided meditation, breathing, sound vibration and somatic movement, participants will gain the ability to tap into rest and digest response whenever relaxation is needed to be completely present with sensuality and all of life's pleasures.  

*Resolving Dysphoria isn’t the Point!: Nurturing Gender-Pleasure w/ Lucie Fielding

When trans erotic embodiment is considered or discussed, a focus is often placed on the resolution or alleviation of "gender dysphoria." To be sure, gender dysphoria is a phenomenon that affects many trans and non-binary folks. But when the focus is placed on dysphoria, we limit our horizons. To extend an axiom suggested by Emily Nagoski, pleasure, and not the absence of distress, should be the measure of embodied erotic wellbeing. This workshop focuses on gender-pleasure, defined as the pleasure one can feel in one's embodied experience of gender, whether that’s feeling affirmed in one's gender within social, sexual, or intimate contexts—or just feeling yummy in one's body at a given moment. Participants will come away with tools and strategies for finding gender-pleasure in their bodies.


LO: By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to describe the history of the concept of “gender dysphoria” and develop increased awareness of how a focus on gender dysphoria can limit trans and non-binary erotic horizons


1 Credit Hour


Returning Home: A Conversation on Creating Your Sexual Home In Your Body After Major Life Changes w/ Taylor V. Smith

How do we feel at home in our bodies while navigating significant life changes? How do we feel at home when we may not recognize it anymore? Navigating body changes (STI diagnosis, chronic illness, childbirth/creation, etc.), grief, career transition, and other stability shifts can majorly affect our relationship to intimacy and sensuality. Through a guided community conversation, participants will leave the space with 2-3 additions to their own Sexual Home Toolkit with activities and resources that can promote sexual healing mentally, spiritually, and physically.

The Rise of Polyamory Among African Americans w/ Feminista Jones

There has been an uptick in people identifying as “non-monogamous” or “polyamorous” and this growth is especially noticeable among African Americans. What are the implications of this shift in embracing plural love for people who have been historically oppressed and denied access to bodily autonomy? This workshop builds on academic research about the wave in African Americans embracing polyamory as a lovestyle. 

Sacred Seductress: The Art of Tantric Dance w/ Kissa Jo

Sacred Seductress is an interactive dance workshop to unleash your inner tantric Goddess and tap into life changing power! Who would you be if no one told you who you shouldn’t? How would you move, dance, dress, play, make love, FUCK!? Come to class and find out! Get out of your mind and into your body by releasing shame and blockages to let passion flow in.

Science and Hormones: How to Create a Safe Culturally Appropriate Plan for Optimal Sexual Health w/ Renaldo Wilson

This workshop will be on how to use science with the knowledge that has historically been used with a racist and harming way in the past, in order to determine how to optimize hormone levels. Hormonal, nutrition and exercise balance will be discussed. In additional we will cover how to make it appropriate based on meeting you where you are. Stigmas will also be addressed, and we will determine opportunities to dismantle them.

Setting The Scene: Becoming an Intentional Dom(me) w/ Mx. Sizzle & Steph Zapata

This 2 hour session will offer space for theory/information and practical application in real time. Join Naomi Ardjomand-Kermani aka Mx. Sizzle & Steph Zapata for their intentional approach where participants can expect to own/embrace the great power and therefore great responsibility of Dom/Domme-ing. We’ll dispel common myths/misinformation about scenes & topping, learn the importance and application of trust/vulnerability in play, and spend time crafting intentional language that supports subs and Doms/Dommes alike. Through a decolonial trauma-informed framework, we will dive into the very real experience of healing (and affirming identities) through kink. Participants will be given the space and tools to personalize their style of dominating, and, not only set, but run the scene themselves.

Sex & Kink in Japan and the Dark Side of Shibari w/ Midori

Sordid, true tales from the sex and kink underground in Japan! What is sex and kink in Japan like?  How is it like and not like North Americans? When is shibari play a celebration or misappropriation of Japanese culture? Told in a storyteller’s way, this is a survey of realities and historical factors shaping contemporary sexuality and kink life in Japan. As we go along, the tale will weave in and out of discussions of the dark side of Japanese rope bondage and realities of global shibari Born and raised in Japan, Midori often returns home to Japan. Whether visiting family and friends or leading customized tour, she always makes time for “cultural research” in BDSM bars, queer spaces, shibari gatherings, etc. As a returning local she’s privy to life hidden from foreign tourists and rope students.    Learn about the historical impact and cultural ‘big picture’ shaping sex lives in Japan. Midori combines local knowledge and Eddoko (Tokyo person) access with her work as a sexologist and cultural analyst explainer to bring you this special conversation.

Sex as 3ibada w/ Elias Bouderdaben and Alesia Venese

In this session, we will engage in different creative prompts to expand our concept of worship and the divine, as well as plan ways to feel and honour our most authentic divine selves during sex. This session is based on my personal understanding of Islam and is geared towards a Muslim audience, but people of all faiths are welcome to join. Participants will leave with ideas to incorporate worship into their pleasure practices.

Sex Magic for Survivors w/ Ashton Young

Sex Magic for Survivors teaches participants how to use sex magic as a guide to pleasure a body affected by sexual trauma. This workshop will explore altar building, divination, mindful masturbation and affirmation meditation as tools to connect mind, body and spirit. 

*Survivors Only*

*Sexual Healing Through Divestment from Diet Culture w/ Hoodoo Hussy

The desire to enjoy food or have sex has been historically seen as overly indulgent or sinful in the Western cultural context. Both are deeply sensual pleasures and synonymous with the human experience and they should never be denied or repressed. Chronic dieting and restriction can have physiological, psychological and spiritual effects. In this workshop, we will discuss the impact of diet culture on sexuality and how we can improve our relationship with our bodies and tap into our desire using embodied practices and nourishing ritual.


LO: By the end of this session, participants will be able to identify 3 practices or exercises for restoration and nourishment of the body and the sexual self.


1 Credit Hour

Somatic Kink: Sensation play for Authentic Embodiment w/ Silas

Using the four foundations of Somatics, (breath, movement, touch and mindfulness), we will bust open the doors of perception, creating a deeper connection to yourselves, your partners, and to life by learning to feel, process and navigate all sensations. You will expand your awareness, vocabulary, and your capacity to know and ask for your 100% fuck yes and voice your 100% fuck no. You will understand your own sensation-based boundaries. Good boundaries keep everyone safe and happy. Building on sensation-based (Somatic) awareness, we will also explore and map your pleasure zones using a variety of tools and toys to help expand your sensate vocabulary.  So bring your favorite toys - floggers, pinwheels, feathers, brushes, etc. - and let’s play while we learn some deeply satisfying skills. (Some toys will be available)

*Somatics, Sex, & Substances w/ Annie J Boheler

Sex and substances are often explored simultaneously and can both be considered mind altering experiences in and of themselves. Please join me for a trauma informed presentation and conversation around the taboo subjects squared. We will be centered around consent & harm reduction in the name of pleasure optimization. Please be prepared to practice an embodied boundaries exercise with yourself as well a general consent conversation with another person. 


LO: By the end of this interactive workshop participants will be able to: 1) apply embodiment skills to their relationship with consent  2) utilize consent conversations at the intersection of substances and sex for harm reduction"


2 Credit Hours

Something Positive for Positive People - Disclosing Herpes Status w/ Courtney W. Brame

This workshop offers a framework for sexual health discussions. Herpes stigma is the core motivator for this talk, as those are the experiences this presentation was birthed from. Audience members will have the opportunity to share personal stories and ask "what do I do if..." questions as well. If time allows, there will be a roleplay scenario for people to see practice this framework with one another.

Stiff Boundaries w/ Goddess Avecti Cutthroat

A trauma informed discussion around how standing in boundaries can sometimes effect your sex work, and how to navigate when it does. 

Successful Sex in the Age of FOSTA and SESTA w/ Lady Steele

In the age of FOSTA and SESTA sex work has become more challenging. Its regulations have forced many to make compromising and dangerous choices so that they may continue to provide for themselves. Lady Steele will talk about the impact of FOSTA and SESTA and how to navigate our new world post-law. Issues discussed will include where to go to find work successfully, how to network, what to do if you are arrested or harassed by law enforcement, and when to retain a lawyer.

Tantra Erotism - Unlocking facets of Male Sexuality w/ Machel Hunt
Although often synonymous with sex, tantra is really about connection — whether that’s with yourself or between you and a partner. After all, the word itself — derived from the ancient Sanskrit — means “web” or “to weave energy.” In practice, tantra is about enlightenment: to transcend both the sexual and spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative, spontaneous, and intimate sex. Like yoga, tantra is all about physical and spiritual awareness. When you learn and practice tantra, you become more in-tune with your body, what gives it pleasure, and the way it feels pleasure. This allows you to pay better attention to your body’s wants and needs and make sure they’re fulfilled. Plus, the energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout your body and can intensify your orgasm.
Machel’s Tantric sessions are curated specifically to engage the male psyche, to be more open, to be more in tuned and to elevate men’s sexuality. Be prepared to experience sensuality like never before!  

*Men Only*

This Ain't the Love Boat: Transformative Relationships for Abolitionists w/ Aredvi Azad and Ignacio Rivera

Are you an abolitionist wondering how to restructure your relationships to reflect your values? Our sexual, romantic, and platonic relationships are bound by rigid moral, cultural, and legal structures that dictate what types of sex, love, and care practices deserve recognition and legitimization, leaving behind anyone who doesn’t play along. We examine the divide between legitimate vs. scrutinized relationships, and how you can craft connections that are anti-capitalist and anti-carceral. Challenging mainstream narratives in relationships, we evaluate how harmful relational constructs show up in all of our relationships, and explore the interpersonal skills that are necessary to build transformative relationships. This is an advanced workshop asking participants to reflect on their personal lives and cross-evaluate abolitionist practices.

*Tips for Kinky, Queer, or Non-Monogamous Therapists w/ Dr. Liz Powell

For many queer, trans, kinky, and non-monogamous therapists, we experience some degree of conflict between our personal gender, sexual, and relationship exploration and our (generally conservative) training and guidelines. How do you practice ethically when you’re part of the small population that you work with? How can you balance your own needs with those of clients and with the consequences that can come from licensing boards and other professional entities? In this class, we will explore at length using your own sexual identity and expression as a tool for creating safety, aligning with your client, and creating new paradigms of healing and relating to others. We will also look at balancing multiple roles in community settings, marketing, and creating clear ethical boundaries while maximizing your effectiveness with these unique populations.


LO: Through discussion, 1) participants will utilize boundary setting, asserting their personal rights to pleasure, and exploring ways to be authentic in different settings. 2) Participants will employ skills for working with diverse clients and using their own identity to facilitate increased effectiveness


2 Credit Hours

Titty Church™ w/ Roula Roulette

It's a discussion style class that incorporates movement and focuses on connecting you to yourself, to others and to providing you with the tools and vocabulary you need to build a supportive community. In this class we will delve into the uncomfortable habits, thought patterns, and belief systems that keep you blocking true connection to yourself and others.

This class is open to all, no movement experience required. 

Top Frenzy (aka When to Slow Down and Not Get Burned Out) w/ MsK

We are all familiar with Sub Frenzy in the kink world and recognize the tell-tell signs of it when it happens.  It’s usually hard to watch when it happens, especially when a new person is trying to discover where they fit and how they are. This can also apply to Tops, new ones, and seasoned ones too. We need to acknowledge that Tops can go into Top Frenzy as well. In this workshop, we will go over how a Top gets into this frenzy mode, the signs of it, and how to keep you from crashing due to burnout from Top Frenzy. 

Treating Fat Bodies with Love, Care, and Acceptance w/ Nicole D. Avant, Pharm, BCACP

The roots of fat antagonism are found in the transatlantic slave trade and construction of race. This system of fat hostility was constructed and is contemporarily maintained to reinforce race, gender, and class hierarchies. While fat antagonism impacts everyone, Black women are disproportionately impacted as they navigate racism, sexism, and other systems of power. They face a significant burden of discrimination, shame, and unfairness. The complexity of enduring multiple marginalized identities contributes to their cumulative stress. Part of realizing individual and collective liberation of fat Black women involves radical acceptance of body, reducing stress, and enhancing pleasure.

*Fat People Only*

Twerk & Release Goddess Circle w/ Dr. Clarissa Francis

This session will encourage participants to identify S.H.I.T. (Shame, fear of Harm, Internalized oppression, and Trauma bonds) they want to release in their personal lives (i.e., toxic relationships, jobs, limiting beliefs, etc.) to tap into their H.O.T. (Healing Over Time) Girl-Goddess-Divine Feminine energy! The attendees will form a circle as each person takes a turn being surrounded by the Goddess circle symbolically releasing the S.H.I.T. that no longer serves them into the circle. Attendees will be encouraged to twerk (or move their body) and release S.H.I.T. as the others celebrate and support them. This session will stimulate the sacral and root chakras which represents our sense of security, finances, sexual desires, sensuality, creativity, emotions, womb, and yoni. This session promotes unapologetic, radical love among all body types to twerk, pop, gyrate, and other movements that feels good and incite the “orgasmic yes” in each of us!

*Women and Femmes of Color Only*

Unconventional Intimacy: An Interabled Sensate Focus Experience w/ Chris & Callie Sparrow

Chris & Callie Sparrow navigate and maintain both a healthy sex life as well as both of their disabilities; his spinal cord injury and her epilepsy. Have a first hand look at how they discovered unconventional intimacy and peak pleasure. 

Vulva/Body Crafts w/ Goddess Cecilia

Join Goddess Cecilia and Voula the Vulva for a guided arts and crafts activity that centers pleasure and learning. Together, we will spend some time cutting, using glue or sewing kits, and bedazzling pleasure points. You can make a vulva, nipples, anuses, abstract representations of sensations, or anything you want! All materials will be provided, including magnets and safety pins so that you can treasure your pleasure always. To learn more, visit

*Who's On Top: Power Dynamics in Polyamory w/ Dr. Liz Powell and Kevin A. Patterson, M.Ed.

While there’s recently been more effort to be mindful of how privilege and interpersonal power dynamics play out in relationships, understanding who has power and access to power within non-monogamous relationship constellations can be complicated. In this talk, Kevin A. Patterson, author of Love’s Not Colorblind, and Dr. Liz Powell, author of Building Open Relationships, will help you explore how to examine power dynamics, discuss them, and work to increase the empowerment and agency of all the people involved in the relationships. 


LO: Participants will be able to 1) Identify at least 3 factors that influence access to interpersonal power, and 2) Describe at least 3 strategies to address interpersonal power imbalances"


2 Credit Hours

Yes, You Cam! w/ Carly S.

It is called “sex work” because it is work. There are a lot of things to consider if you do it, but knowledge is power. Information about safe and consensual sex work has been hard to find online, especially for plus-size people and anyone who doesn’t fit into “conventional beauty norms”. This workshop will help you to explore and demystify topics like mental and physical safety and security, how to market and brand yourself online, the current state of legislation that affects sex work, how to create and produce content, and body confidence and digital boundaries.

AASECT Continuing Education Credits

Velvet Lips Sex Ed will provide AASECT Continuing Education Credits for the Sex Down South Conference.


The price is $20 per CE credit hour. 


The asterisk(*) next to a workshop means that it qualifies for AASECT CE credit(s). You will be required to sign in and out, fill out the evaluation, and pay, and then you will receive your CE certificate after the conference. The programs with the asterisk meet the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and are approved for CE credits.

These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification.

Some of the workshops may have or require touching and/or nudity. Please make sure that you read the description before entering into the class.


Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further information please contact

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  1. Please contact Marla Renee Stewart ( or 401-365-4448) or Bianca Laureano ( to try to informally resolve the grievance. This issue can be in regards to the delivery of the training, the evaluation method, or a technological issue.

  2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the informal route, please put your grievance in writing and send it to Marla Renee Stewart and Bianca Laureano.

  3. Within 14 days of the grievance, Marla will hire an outside event consultant, Tia Mosley (, to find the fair methods of resolving the conflict. This mediation can be done with all parties involved and if legal representation is also needed, it is welcome. 

  4. If there is an impasse, and the solutions are not adequate, you will then be directed to put your grievance in writing and contact AASECT personnel at or the state in which the training took place.

  5. The AASECT CE Providers Marla Renee Stewart and Bianca Laureano will abide by any of the decisions regarding the resolution of the grievance.

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