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Untaming and Reclaiming: Building Body Love In a System Set Up Against Us, w/ Luna Matatas

Body love isn’t a destination. It’s a practice of reclaiming body freedom, erotic creativity and sensual living. Patriarchy and white supremacy demands obedience to gender binaries, beauty standards and diet culture. But, what if we surrendered to infinite pleasure possibilities instead? What if we learned to come into relationship with this body from a place of empathy and adoration?  What if we owned our gaze, felt peace in these bodies and soaked up sensuality? There’s no shortage of inspiration to make you feel not good enough. Not only does this dim our light, it creates self-doubt and distance from our authentic desires. We learn to take up less space. Now, let’s build a community that takes up more space and inspires each other’s unique journey towards body love. Cultivating body love is a practice of unlearning and re-creating in our own gaze and with our own gut. In this keynote with Luna Matatas, Sex and Pleasure Educator, we’ll be untaming patriarchy and white supremacy’s conditioning of our desires, attraction and sexuality out of our skin and making space for more body love and erotic freedom. Body freedom is possible, even in a system that is set up against us.

Audacious Goals and Total Unknowns: Embracing the Terrifying and Exciting w/ Rae McDaniel

Many folks shrink their goals for fear of the unknown and fear of showing up as their full selves in the world. But when we embrace what’s terrifying (within a safe-ish container), that’s when we unleash our full potential. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and start taking bold steps towards living your most audacious and unapologetic life-both in and out of the bedroom. In this talk, you'll learn how to shift the conversation around body love and living authentically to one that includes play, pleasure, and possibility. Audiences will discover how to upgrade their boundaries, embrace the unknown, and have the sheer audacity to live life on their terms.

How To Awaken Your Sensual Self: Combating Sexual Shame and Reconnecting to the Body Through Erotic Movement w/ Temptress

Step into a transformative journey of somatic wellness with "Awakening Your Sensual Self: Combating Sexual Shame and Reconnecting to the Body Through Erotic Movement." We invite you to embark on a profound exploration of the impact of sexual shame on intimacy and the body. Through the power of sensual movement, we delve into the intricate connection between the nervous system, trauma, and sensual expression. Together, we create a sacred space where you can reconnect with your body, tap into your innate sensuality, and cultivate a deep sense of confidence and self-awareness. Join me in this transformative journey and embrace the path to sensual liberation and holistic well-being. Secure your spot today and embark on a truly empowering experience. Lecture Notes and Workbook PDF will be available for purchase for all attendees.





Haylin Belay - Becoming A Trusted Adult

Haylin Belay is a comprehensive sex educator, psychosocial wellness professional, trauma-informed bodyworker, and practicing pleasure witch. Her diverse offerings fall under the umbrella of her personal and professional manifesto: "All people deserve an integrated life and the healthy pursuit of pleasure.

Chris & Callie Sparrow - Unconventional Intimacy: An Interabled Sensate Focus Experience

Callie & Chris Sparrow met in 2018 when they were asked to speak about their journey with their disabilities; her epilepsy, his spinal cord injury. They have become the “Interabled Love Birds” and are passionate about their relationship, better educating people about sex and disabilities and encouraging sex education for people with disabilities.  

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