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July 8, 2023

Wilzig Erotic Art Museum; Miami Beach, FL 

Introducing Sex On the Beach, the one-day conference that's popping up in Miami this summer! Are you a sexually liberated individual looking for a safe haven to learn and socialize with like-minded people? Then you should join us. At Sex On the Beach, we believe that sex positivity and education are the keys to a fulfilling and healthy life. That's why we're are doing a pop up in Miami and curating a lineup of talks and workshops designed to educate and empower attendees on a variety of topics.  After a day full of workshops and catered lunch, we will have a live performance by Miami's hottest burlesque troupe, poetry, and a DJ spinning all your favorite songs.  


So come join us on the sunny shores of Miami for a day of education, socializing, and fun at Sex On the Beach.   

Dr. Sonjia, a proud Miami Beach resident, is the best-selling author of Sex in South Beach, a certified sexologist, a professor of medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and founder of the CHAMP HIV prevention program.  She received her bachelor’s degree from UCLA and earned two master’s degrees along with her doctorate from Columbia University in New York.  

Dr. Sonjia was recruited to the University of Miami (UM) School of Medicine in 2008 to develop programs addressing HIV in Miami-Dade County, which has one of the highest rates of new HIV infections in America. Since arriving to Miami, the South Florida community has consistently supported Dr. Sonjia in her mission to improve sexual health and romantic relationships.  In addition to spreading sexual health through her research at UM, Dr. Sonjia frequently educates the public through speaking events, social gatherings, and social media, including her podcast Sex in South Beach.

Dr. Sonjia is also the founder of Dignified Health Solutions, a company that offers education programs and develops natural products, including her signature fragrance, Sense Aromatherapy Body Oil. She has also been a certified yoga instructor for over a decade, and in 2017 she used her expertise to create the Yoga for Better Sex series, helping learners of every skill level nurture their physical and sexual well-being.  

Dr. Sonjia’s work has also received numerous honors and she is frequently featured in national and international media.  She is a recipient of the Florida Blue Foundation Sapphire Award for her commitment to health equity. She was also recognized by the Miami Herald as “Woman of the Year” for Health & Human Services, and recently featured on the cover of Legacy Magazine as the “Top Black Educator for 2023”. To connect with Dr. Sonjia, visit or follow her on TikTok (@drsonjia) and Instagram (@drsonjia).

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Black BDSM & Spirituality- The Altar & The Offering w/ Samantha Odoyalè McCoy 

A high level overview on BDSM and Spirituality for BIPOC. From African traditional religion, Hoodoo to Christianity this seminar hits different! BDSM/Kink and spirituality are not binary and in this seminar we discuss the alignment & Divine connection between the Black BDSM and our spiritual journey. It’s time to normalize spirituality & BDSM specifically for people of color. From Primal play to impact play, kneeling and Sex Magick, this seminar enlightens the duality and alchemy of Black BDSM/Kink and Black spirituality. 

Dancing Towards Sexual Liberation: An Embodied Exploration of Socio/Cultural Impact on Sexual Identity w/ Susana Garcia

In this workshop we will explore how aspects of sexuality (gender, preference, relationship dynamics and desire) are impacted by socio/cultural experiences. This exploration will be facilitated via body-based mindfulness practices, (such as the Erotic Bodyfulness Practice and Erotic Mapping), cognitive integration (journaling and worksheets) and group discussion. By the end of this workshop you will have an embodied understanding of your sexual identity and create your own sexual liberation dance!

Creating your Erotic Garden: Key ingredients to a vibrant sex life w/ Paola Andrea Rodriguez

Paola Andrea Rodriguez is a Sex Therapist and a Miami Local. She will be taking you on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Through thought provoking discussions, interactive exercises and insightful demonstrations, you will gain valuable information and insight into what makes sex a truly pleasurable experience. This is an experiential workshop that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to enhance pleasure, intimacy, and connection. This talk is for anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of sex. Paola works at providing a sex positive and a nonjudgmental space where everyone feels welcome. This is an opportunity to create your erotic garden and plant new seeds that will flourish into novelty and adventure.

Setting The Scene: Becoming an Intentional Dom(me) w/ Mx. Sizzle & Steph Zapata

This session will offer space for theory/information and practical application in real time. Join Naomi Ardjomand-Kermani aka Mx. Sizzle & Steph Zapata for their intentional approach where participants can expect to own/embrace the great power and therefore great responsibility of Dom/Domme-ing. We’ll dispel common myths/misinformation about scenes & topping, learn the importance and application of trust/vulnerability in play, and spend time crafting intentional language that supports subs and Doms/Dommes alike. Through a decolonial trauma-informed framework, we will dive into the very real experience of healing (and affirming identities) through kink. Participants will be given the space and tools to personalize their style of dominating, and, not only set, but run the scene themselves.

BDSM and Kink Safety During Pregnancy and Postpartum w/ Sadia Arshad

BDSM and kink safety during pregnancy?! Now, everyone's got a few words to say. Yet, BDSM and kink safety during pregnancy is often overlooked in health care settings and in kinky spaces because of lack of education, discomfort, cultural nuances, and more. In this presentation, I will go over BDSM and kink myths, pregnancy facts, and tips for ensuring that people can have safe fun during their pregnancy and postpartum. 

Empowering the Pussy: Embracing Self-Pleasure for Overall Health and Well-being w/ Breanna Lewis

This workshop is designed to explore the importance of prioritizing pleasure for overall health and well-being. Participants will explore the benefits of pleasure and how pleasure impacts physical, emotional, and mental health.


10:00a | Door Open / Registration 

10:15a-10:25a | Welcome 


ROOM1: Black BDSM & Spirituality 

ROOM 2: Dancing Towards Sexual Liberation 

11:45a-12p | Break


ROOM 1: Creating Your Erotic Garden

ROOM 2: Setting The Scene: Becoming an Intentional Dom(me)

1:15p-1:30p | Break

1:30p - 2:30p | Lunch Break

2:45p - 4p

ROOM 1: BDSM & Kink Safety During Pregnancy & Postpartum

ROOM 2: Empowering The Pussy 

4p - 4:15p | Break

4:15pm - 5pm | Keynote w/ Dr. Sonjia Kenya

5p - 7p | Dinner Break (On Your Own)

7p - 9:30p | Beach Bang Performances & Dance Party 

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