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Sexual Liberation, Art, & Education

SLAE is a project aimed at educating audiences about sexual liberation through the arts and community forums.  Co-founded by the Sex Down South Conference organizers, Marla Renee Stewart and Tia Marie Mosley, SLAE was created out of the need to bridge the gaps amongst various sexual liberation movements.  SLAE desires to give marginalized and vulnerable communities outlets to get educated, induce creativity, and inspire multifarious innovative collaborations.  



SLAE’s mission is to produce sexual liberation engagements that unite diverse communities that are affected by shame, stigma, trauma, or intolerance.  Prided on the notion of enthusiastic consent, SLAE strives to provide the tools needed to restore, resurrect, and rekindle people’s sexual dignity.  



SLAE looks to enhance local, national, and international dialogue through the magic of the senses and help people to foster innovative ways to connect, conspire, and cultivate multifaceted sexual landscapes through art, entertainment, and education.  


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