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Sex & Kink in Japan & the Dark Side of Shibari


Sex & Kink in Japan and the Dark Side of Shibari w/ Midori Sordid, true tales from the sex and kink underground in Japan! What is sex and kink in Japan like? How is it like and not like North Americans? When is shibari play a celebration or misappropriation of Japanese culture? Told in a storyteller’s way, this is a survey of realities and historical factors shaping contemporary sexuality and kink life in Japan. As we go along, the tale will weave in and out of discussions of the dark side of Japanese rope bondage and realities of global shibari Born and raised in Japan, Midori often returns home to Japan. Whether visiting family and friends or leading customized tour, she always makes time for “cultural research” in BDSM bars, queer spaces, shibari gatherings, etc. As a returning local she’s privy to life hidden from foreign tourists and rope students. Learn about the historical impact and cultural ‘big picture’ shaping sex lives in Japan. Midori combines local knowledge and Eddoko (Tokyo person) access with her work as a sexologist and cultural analyst explainer to bring you this special conversation.

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